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Loan approved!!

August 29th, 2014 at 02:13 am

Loan approved now we head into the appraisal to be set next week. Mortgage company is trying to wrap their costs into the loan. To totally do that I need an appraisal of $525k.. anything less (if they stick at 60 loan to value) I start contributing in addition to the 2 points to the broker.

Fingers crosssed.

Rate 5.5 % 5 year arm.. 30 year am

Very tired..

I need a NEW job like NOW!!

6 homes updates

August 28th, 2014 at 12:18 am

HI all

NO LOAN news.. NO job news.. holiday week?? a little discouraged/

Anyway.. rents have gone way up in town.. had Property manager (PM) do a rent survey.. 4 bedrooms, of which I have one are going for $1300+.. 3 bedrooms.. $11-1200.. for the most part my renters (except for these 2 homes I am turning over) are long term folks who I do not want to get rid of right now. but they are paying $900-975 for a 3 bedroom and $1025 for a 4 bedroom. S8 says they pay $1248 for a 3 bedroom!

Excting to think that rents in general have gone up but still nose to the grindstone renting out this vacant house I have and SETTLING THINGS DOWN.. current PM has had it now for 10 days??..the showing today blew off PM and we went down on rent from $1225 to $1185.. the response to ads/signs continues to be slower (due to season).. the house next door should take a week to fix up . hopefully she is still leaving at the end of this week and then we will look to put it up for $1050-$1100..but realistically I am more than willing to deal to get someone IN there this time of year.. each week that goes by it gets harder to rent until Marchish.

We DID reach the short term insurance lady (house burned down) she needs 9 months and will pay a premium.. this puts us in a super sweet spot to rent..PM is tryig to show her the house tomorrow

And we are also going to have s8 value the house too..

Need to really screen renters for LONGETIVITY etc and ability to weeather a personal storm. do not want this excessive turnover.

still sowing, but no seedlings yet, 6 homes, job, loan update

August 26th, 2014 at 01:31 am

Just diarying again

VERY tired..

1. no loan news.. hopoing to hear soon
2. no news on jobs but got wind of a PERFECT fit (project manager liaison between a major bank and my old company) only issue is it is downtown but looking at it anyway.. maybe it is only 1 day downtown .. they say I may travel between 3 offices. one of which is in Naperville. i am redoing my resume right now to fit this perfectly but this would be a dream job, fun, have contacts, and I know I can be a success and pays the same or more than where I am at $65/hr. I iwll not make the same mistake though of taking it if it is too far.. there are jobs out here in or near Naperville or work at home.
3. 6 homes.. positive feelings and news but no results yet. I want results and to REST.. having all this in the air makes me tired, hard to sleep etc and constantly doing job search/loan stuff at night..Talked to property manager.. he is setting up a few showings for this week (showings this weekned did not turn out.. ) also he got a call from someone who wants a short term rental.. some insurance case (fire at his house) and is looking at 6 months.. maybe more. He can pay a premium and since living in a hotel can move in right away.. a 6-9 month lease would put me in a MUCH BETTER time of year to rerent so we are considering it..PM is following up for details..ALSO got news on the non paying renter.. she is moving out this weekend, plans to pay a few hundred on move out day and we will try to sign her up for a payment plan. these are all words right but sound good. PM already has folks lined up for next week to do a quick fix up of that house and then will immediately look to rent it. As house next door is vacant now too we really want to fill that so the two do not compete against each other.

About it.

Praying for good news and closure on something.. (good closure)..

Customizing my resume for thsi job and then off to bed to read to relax.

Main home refinance, jobs, homes updates

August 23rd, 2014 at 03:41 pm

Hi all

Just diarying at this point.

Paid the bills for this month (down 2 rents) but paid. I am saving my $3900 for now (the $ required to catch up on the 6 homes loan from last months non payment of principal). I will send it to him once the homes are filled or I know costs.. I did one roof so far this year.. trying to do 1 more.. jsut need things CALMED DOWN.

May put another $500 towards savings or more likely save it for the rental emergency fund. We are a week from the 1st w no renters on tap yet and one renter not paying. Just hanging in . Got some showings thsi weekend but overall response has been slower than normal w kids going back to school. Hoping to get the homes smoothed out soon. still very much believe in them long term and knew this would be an uphill battle upfront.. all in all not so bad.. I am only down $1000+ (rents) across both homes but what was difficult was the HIGH fix up bills etc... most necessary or immprovements (which I want) but think I could have shved a few thousand off maybe? I did not anticipate them taking so long or having another home not paying rent. Really thinking about it, I would not be stressed at all. if we had rent coming in..never had it take so long to turn over a house.. wish I did not have those weeks of playing around w the old PM and nothing getting done w renting the place, the non paying renter and my having to basically run the rehab. New property manager though has done more in this one week then old PM had in weeks so feeling positive but tough right now. I sooth myself by writing up the worst case scenario (short term and long term potential costs, issues etc) and being ok w that and thinking the deal is still good and thinking about the prize. basically 5/2018. I will have $3600 a month coming in and 5/2019 $5900 a month (more if I can raise these rents).. from the rentals.. and w flex jobs (see below) I am confident i can find a work at home job then or even now..

Anyway..onward.. figuring worst case for NOW another tough month and then filling both w good people. and RENT and stabilizing for the winter.

heard on the main home refinance. They are now down to 5.5% WOW!! 30 year term, 5 year arm (not term). which means if need be I can keep the loan long term. first change not until 5 years.Depends on lots of things.. maybe I will just sell this house before then.. not sure. House still in very good shape. No approval yet. hoping for approval next week and then appraisal. they went down to only doing 1 appraisal (good sign) and loan papers were targeting the 10th to close. rthat will be a HUGE weight off my mind. Not approved.. still need prayers.

No movement on cars .. waiting ..

No movement on jobs. got in for one more local one. no news on the first 3 local ones. .and joined (100% remote jobs and some highpaying)

I applied to one job thru flex jobs and will work this weekend to do more

Commute is still bad but more tolerable as I am used to it and know what to expect and have the bluetooth set up so my phone goes thru the speakers.. (neat feature). gas costs averaging $88 a week!!

Good to read everyone else's post. Keep it up guys.


I may be on the upswing.. main home refinance news

August 20th, 2014 at 12:50 pm

HI all

I am TRYING not to get too excited but it really appears my loan is going to be approved for the main home refinance.. which will basically take me out of the this 12% hard money loan and allow me to comfortably live in this house and settle (even if I sell it later).. house is worth $500k+.. maybe at some point I can downsize to have a lesser house (and yard) and get my front porch..I can get a home downtown (older, hardwood floors w front porch for less).. and lesser yard. I like the older homes w charm and lots are in real good shape for $400k.. so shave $100k off the mortgage up front. I will have about $180-200k equity to put down. Of course I am thinking WAY too far ahead but it is neat just to contemplate options.. I really want things to smooth out w the homes and my LIFE

I suddenly feel I have options and HOPE.

HOPE this loan works out and the 6 homes smooth out and I find work nearer to home more questions (easy ones though) and forms to fill out and docs to send but loan company (per the broker) is already setting up escrow accounts and asked Me for the contact information to get the payoff

Hoping for full approval this week (subject to appraisal)

Prayers please..

Decision on car and 6 homes updates.

August 19th, 2014 at 11:45 am

Hi guys.. still feeling good w Matt the property manager.. showings today.

Anyway. I think I made a decision on the car. I will sell the tahoe.. keep the genesis and get winter performance tires ($1300 for tire wheel package). I expect to hear on the loan so will hold off to sell and payoff Genesis until then.

I DID drive the 2011 Camry and though it was very nice the saving was not enough for me to want to switch. $17500 for a Camry Le.. without sunroof, bluetooth, heated seats.. all the stuff I like and my car works, is in good shape and is large.. so staying. I did not like the leather look in the XLE and really alot of the things I wanted were extra or not avail.I think I got spoiled w this Genesis.

I will find out this week what I owe on the Genesis but likely also selling back the warranties etc.. so if I do that it may be $15k..

talked to a performance driving instructor I know and he said winter tires will be fine and that actually rear wheel drive cars steer and brake better.. so he says weight in back and winter tires on all 4. He will show me when there is snow out how to drive (so months away)

Good to MAKE a decision.

Praying for continued movement from the 6 homes.

Matt, Pm, said his maintenance guy saw 2 of the tenants 2-3 weeks ago and they were out LOOKING for another place to live because they did not like the property manager I just switched from. (would have been nice if he told me then!) Wow. Crazy. They were his first call telling tenants about the transition and apparently are not looking anymore. My homes are sortof in 'groups' except for 1 outlyer. so these two people represents TWO homes.. really maybe dodged a bullet there..

REALLY need to get these 6 homes back under control and rented.. If we save everyone else from leaving (not sure anyone is thinking of leaving!).. fill this vacant house (expect to soon) get rid of this non paying person and fill that. I should at least be getting major increase in rent but at this point i just need ANY RENT and to stop the hemorrhaging.

I meet with Matt , property manager, tomorrow to go over things, givve him keys to the rest of the homes, set NEW expectations etc..

Excited to move it forward.

My accountant says I should think of switching the 3 units at some point....3 units run smoothly now.. I will not transfer..too much volatility already.

"nothing is up but the rent' at this point. Smile

Onward..praying for calmer seas soon.

3 years 9 months of this accelerated payoff left for the 6 homes..

Property Manager transition (back)-update

August 16th, 2014 at 01:40 pm

HI all

Today I meet w the other property manager.. the one I switched from and now switching back. His name is Matt.

The good thing w the previous switch . I am better organized.. have some goals. knowledge and confidence.

He has ALREADY been out to the non paying renter house and apparenlty found out she is leaving. I will get more details and we can form a plan today.

Also will want him to list the vacant house today..e tc etc.

I feel good positive and looking forward.

So much so I put $453 into savings.

Have not contributed to savings since June! w all the stress.

I HAVE the $3900 principal payment (that I delayed last month on the 6 homes).. I have that now but am going to hold that until I speak w Matt, get a plan and start seeing movement towards filling these homes. I need rent and certainty.

not looking forward to turning over YET another house (non paying renter) but determined to do it right this time..

LOAN UPDATE.. loan was NOT submitted yet.. gets submitted Monday.. apparently it was a larger package than expected so some assistant had to spend a day or two clarifying it etc to type into their computer or forms or whatever

and the job in Naperville.. they are 'making a short list' of folks to call in by Wednesday next week.. so hopeful.. I met a guy at work who used to consult w/ them so as soon as I have the interviewer name or contact. I will ask if he knows anyone and can put in a good word

looking at Camry's 2011 today.. or evaluate costs/features/etc vs the Genesis.. then will see how much Genesis is really worth.

My genesis has blue tooth (phone comes through speakers) which I JUST set up and it makes the drive a lot easier.. and funner.. if I swap cars I want to see if they have this feature too.. Hyundai just came out a w anew Genesis which looks really nice (not looking at it just commenting)

Onward. hoping property manager transition w my new focus and knowledge will go well.

My plan hinges on these homes and I need to get a SYSTEM in place so they run smoothly. I also need to smooth things down so I can stsrt saving again. not saving recently... .just struggling w this insanity..

Old property manager is getting snippy with me (she still runs the 3 units) and it is unclear if she told 'her contractors' who have done work on the 6 homes not to call me or something. I called one yesterday and NO call back. That is so immature if she did that and makes me concerned w leaving her the 3 units.. Maybe she will get over it and the 3 units run fine so far. I will call the guy again today.

Movement! for better or worse, hopefully BETTER

August 15th, 2014 at 12:41 am

HI guys.

Been really struggling as of late.. but finally getting some progress and movement.

1. Loan submittal IN.. now we wait 72 hours for approval (hopefully).. 6% rate, 30 year am, 5 year term. PERFECT.. any approval will be contingent on the appraisal.. final loan package was over 120 pages long of forms and documents.. insane!!! SO thankful I had my accountant help and he is savvy. Lot of my stress went away w just "sending this off'. Please send prayers..

2. Job.. I am submmitted for 2 jobs in Naperville and going to be in for one in Westchester.. getting lots of clls for jobs downtown and far North burbs (where I am at) .. turning them all current job is crazy.. 85% of the workforce are contractors and they let people go at 2 years (no matter whwat they are in the middle of) ... my boss is a contractor and he is 'outahere' in 3 months... hard to listen to him. Folks talk about this all the time.. 'oh how much time do you have left?" Still looking full force.. gas costs insane and driving WAS better but today was an hour forty comnig home..the head of the program I am on is at the end of her 2 years and leaves next week (in the middle of the program)... it then gets passed to my boss who leaves 3 months after. hey maybe then I will run the program.. (insane)... how do they run things like that.. morale is not super high..

3. 6 homes.. I will write a longer post on this but I switched the 6 homes back to the old Property Manager today. new one was ineffective in renting, slow, ddi not want to go out to the homes and was not able to deal creatively w non paying tenants. This guy is going to make filling that house and getting that non rent payign situation clarified. Old Pm had no showings set for this weekend, nothing in the works and I just found out this week that all the time she said she had ads in the paper/craigs list .. she did not..

very bad

Anyway the rest of my stress went away w the 6 homes transition (back)

It reminds me of Eddie Murphy Raw (I think that is the movie) w that real funny line.. he asked his girlfriend what is up and she says in an angry voice 'Ain't nothing up but the rent.."

That is the truth!! I can fix and work w a lot of things but I can not work with anything without rent coming in

Whether the old pm is my lifelong PM. I do not know. but guaranteed he will get the rent flowing again. he said he just rented another 3 bedroom and had folks left out who wanted to rent..

I will work w him on higher standards for the homes, follow up receipts.. all of which we talked about tday... my involvement in evaluating homes for rehab will help too and my contractors I trust.

these homes need someone who can Be there, has an interest and is down to earth enough to work w tenants or cut your losses and has more tools in their tool box then court (with an attorney she insists). Old PM was and is good w the 2 3 units but those are side by side.. smaller. simpler and take much less time..

Stay tuned

I am SUPER tired lately (all the stress.) but feel good with getting this loan stuff and 6 homes switch (I left her the 3 units) and job stuff in the works

thanks for the support

Car update, 6 homes, job, and main home refinance

August 9th, 2014 at 07:49 pm

Hi all,

Car update. I can get a 2013 Camry Le (30-40k miles) for $15500 OR LESS (plus tax etc) and can get a 2009 (80k miles) for approx 11k. can do a 2007-2008b w near 100 miles for $8-10k

I owe $18k on the Genesis (2011) front wheel drive.. that has $33k miles now..

Next step is to actually drive a Camry. I drove one before and liked it but want to drive again.

expecting 20-25k from Tahoe and genesis should be worth $21k..


Main home refinance. Slogging away.. SO glad I have an accountant friend. I would; not get through these loans without. We hit a possible snag.. lender is wanting all info on 6 homes, 2 3 units.. submitting on Monday then news in 72 hours

I have to assemble all leases, and taxes to submit. Tiring. stressful but this loan is good.

The 8% I saw was the QUALIFYING rate. the loan is still being offered at 6% which would be awesome.

Just hanging in there and trying to stay on task. Will be so happy once it is submitted (though they may have more questions) the bulk w ill be done by Monday.

Stressed by 6 homes transition. not going super well. speaking to new PM and giving her a chance etc but researching others in the meantime. including the last guy I was with.

New property manager has some good points. but 'If I do not get rent, nothing else really matters' and she has been real ineffectual w that and does not like to go out to the homes. which is anohter thing I need.. upsettting. but working through it. I understand that there will be issues w rent from time to time which is fine but they need to be handled.. and they are not being handled..and disappointed w her method to rent out the vacant house out .. sign out front is cheap/home made and her 'Craiglist' add has pulled noone so far.

Still believe in homes but upset and stressed w this insanity..

I want t hings to smooth out so I can be moving forward again.

I have $1800 of the $3913 I need to catch up on the 6 homes from last month.. should; ahve the rest in a week or so.. that means I get a home next month.

I have NEVER had such an issue w these homes and so much stress as w this new PM

talked to my accountant I can NOt raise my exemptions any more than I have.. estimated tax return next year between $5-10k based on his forecast..

main Home refinance

August 6th, 2014 at 11:55 am

HI all

Main home refinance update.

They decided NOT to do the appraisal until they did a FULL underwrite. back to filling out forms again

AND the 'forms packet' I was sent is at 8% NOT hte 6% I was told by my broker. upsetting. calling him in an hour.

Off to work.

PRAYING fr a new job and for all thsi stuff to smooth out and GO WELL

Input into car decision- asking for thoughts.

August 5th, 2014 at 02:42 am

HI all

Been trying to figure out the car situation. been hard since I am feeling frozen with all this stuff in the air.

ANyway I own 2 cars (and only need and want to afford one)

2008 Tahoe LTZ- worth $20-25k
2011 Genesis (rear wheel drive)- worth $22k

I owe approx $17k on the Genesis. Tahoe is free and clear.

I am so far ahead on the genesis that I do not have to mmake payments for a year

I see two options.

1. sell both (GROSS $44k), payoff genesis ( $17k).. have $27k and buy a cheap but good car to last me 3-5 years.. 2007 Camry or similar Nissan Altima $10,000 or less..

RESULT, $15k extra savings, no debt and paid off car that will last for 3-5 years.. get a higher quality used car then..(homes paid off etc)

2. sell Tahoe ($22k), keep Genesis but pay it off..

RESULT- 2011 car and $5k to savings?



I LIKE my cars and like driving a nice car, but can foresake that for a few years
Even though it seems like forever now, I am sure I will find a job in or near Naperville (less driivng)
Genesis is rear wheel drive so does not do well in deep snow... how much deep snow am I goign to be drving in? I already decided I am NOT driving to Lincolnshire in deep snow (some other employees gave me support on this)
Tahoe guzzles gas but is fun, does well in snow and I love it
If I can not get the car I want . I want to spend the LEAST amount I can for a car that will just least 3-5 years and save/invest to make the sacrifice worth my while
I am feeling strained w these cars and the 6 homes and loan up in the air
the 6 homes and loan is likely to resolve and smooth out in a few months
Any car I get will be FRONT wheel drive.

I can get a Camry w between $85-100k miles for $7-10k

1. sell now, both? one?
2. wait to sell tahoe for winter time
3. wait on all to see how job situation clears up?

Documenting the Journey, the good, bad and ugly

August 3rd, 2014 at 05:16 pm

Hi all,


I ,in general, (although trying very hard) have been doing very bad, crying, hard to sleep, ANGRY, just bad... out of control.

Updates... just the facts..

1. Main house refinance.. no real news... several more back and forth faxing documents episodes.. board did approve the loan and we are waiting for the appraisal to be ordered.. nailbiting times waiting for it.. broker says he has 2 more possibles if this one falls through but both higher rate and higher fees. Until the appraisal comes through I will not know for sure IF they can do the loan and how much my fees/contribution is. Hard to wait. Should hear from the appraiser this week.
2. Job.. Nightmare. New policy. NO WORK AT HOME for 3 months! I cried in the car after that conversation. Job is not hard. In fact I have little to do. How do I find these jobs where I have nothing to do? Days drag. I will ask for more work next week. Speech has taken a MAJOR HIt w the stress I am under. Drive continues to be an hour and half stop and go each way. With my deductions changed and no 401k I am bringing home almost the same making $65/hr as making $55/hr (last job). Thsi is with putting $1100 a month in savings. the amount I was putting w the 401k. Accountant will check deductions this week. Gas costs are SUPER INCREASED. I am actively searching for jobs but none yet locally.. LOTS downtown and out where my current job is.
3. 6 homes/house I am turning over--.. the house I was so excited to see last week? I got there and it felt like nothing was done. I was so upset, stressed and disappointed. and UPSET. Current update. House is commplete (except for fridge, washer/dryer. I will buy if I have to but renter may have his/her own). House for rent at $1250 (old rent under s8 was $925). It just went up YESTERDAY!!!!!!! a month to get it fixed up and on the market. INSANE! Anyway.. 6 calls the first day and showings today. Neighbor next door has a nephew she wants to recommend. This is the 3 bedroom w the MASSIVE garage (3 car w office/workshop). A section 8 person called w a voucher for $1300 who wants to see it. I want it filled iwht someone LONG TERM who is going to treat this and maintain it like their home. I am proud of how it turned out and the response (from neighbors even!)
4. 6 homes/house not paying rent--I am still very frustrated w this and how the new PM is handling this. We had a very clear conversation last week that I do not feel she is handling it and I need to have her get a handle on things. I said I feel I am running things and I do not havve the time to do so. She said she is used to being in control and I need to step OUT. I said I would not feel the need to step IN if there was not such a void of leaving voice mail messages and never actually getting in touch w the tenant. Either she can pay or not.. not 'well I left voice mails'. ANyway...$$ summary .. with this month.. she owes over $2000. I gave new PM until Wednesday and then will either handle it myself or turn this house over to someone else. We got $520 last week and she said she applied for help and is trying to make up the rent (she said that to ME. when I stopped by ) but the new PM has no new updates. I do not want her sitting there while she is trying to find a place not paying rent. Renter seems sincere when I talked to her but I have no money in hand... so words do not really matter. I reclaimed her security deposit already to help w cash flow and can pay it back if she pays. This house (based on the reaction next door) looks like we could fix it up and get rent increase too. currently charging $1000.
5. Other section 8 house. havving s8 adminstrative issues.. new PM says she will straighten out but another thing hanging over me and may make the tenant lose her section8. I can not afford another turn over right now.
6. 3 units continue to flow easily along. nothing to report. These are the ones the new PM has run for years.
7. new Property Manager. Mixed feelings. Higher priced help but things are getting fixed right. But realistically if I was more involved w the homes w the old PM (and I see the need to be upfront to learn the homes etc) wouldn't that be happening anyway? VERY VERY UPSET w lack of urgency, slow turnover of homes, and this passive 'I called, left voice mails' stance and NOT stopping by the house and lack of progress on the s8 issue above and the house not paying rent. Whatever deficiencies the old PM had.. I sincerely doubt I would have this situation going on. New PM is a 'by the book' manager and her solution to the renter not paying is to 'send her a letter, serve her now w a 30 day notice and then wait for court'... NEVER actually speaking to her face to face or dropping by to ' work something out' or get the scoop. I can not do that.

So in general.. very rough and I am stressed. I am coping by doing my treadmill before and after work and trying to tire myself out so I do not think about this stuff (or throw stuff at the wall). I am trying to be clear w new PM and set timelimits, boundaries and investigate other options before moving on. I am trying to give her a fair chance and be reasonable. I need someone though who can go out to the homes as needed and help me w contractors etc and can deal w non paying tenants in creative ways.

For now I am hanging in there money wise but have used up $15k of my rental emergency fund (have $1300 of that $15k left) and that is WITHOUT paying the 6 homes principal payment last month. I need to come up w $3900 to be on track w the loan. Seller is ok if I come up w that in payments next year. I want to come up w it THIS month so I am on track so take full deeded ownership of hte house I fixed up next month.

I need this lack of rent situation resolved, this house filled and this s8 issue figured out ASAP.

I know she does a great job w the 3 units. but those are simpler, smaller etc.. She says she came into alot of issues which is true but this wanting to handle it all via phone just does not work and lack of urgency does not work.

Gave her til Wednesday to update me on the 'lack of rent lady'

Side effect of all this treadmill walking and getting my anger out is I am toning up nicely. This week I am cooking all my food for the week today so I can eat well. I thankfully lose weight easily so if I keep this up I can lose some quick weight and fit into my size 8 clothes easily. They are tight now and I got some new slacks in size 10 at Goodwill so I do not have that added stress (of tight pants) but it would be nice to lose 5-10 lbs and have them fit again. 10 are loose but more comfortable than tight size 8's.. so right between.

About it for now. I need to check in more often.. it helps me to vent too.

So for this month. I am NOT adding to savings. I am instead trying to pay taht $3900 payment from last month to the 6 homes seller (provided I feel secure Wednesday that the s8 issue and the non paying tenants are under control)

Coincidentally the house w the s8 tenant (admin issue) has very low rent too (but has not been updated) do not want to turn it over now.

THANKS to all here on this board who suggested I increase my rental emergency fund and encourage me. I would NOT be surviving without your suggestions and support.


Continuing to believe in these homes and just focusing on 'SURVIVING' right now.. even if it means holding off on savings in the short term. They are small, incredibly easy to rent, solid, and should be good long term and allow me lots of options once paid off (3 years 8 months) to keep/save/invest the cash flow.. or swap the homes out for other/differnt/better ones. I would not be stressed at all. if the non paying renter was 'stabilized or w a plan, move out or pay" and I did not have this vague s8 issue AND I did n ot have this main home refinance where I do not know how much money I need to come up with hanging over me

Thanks for reading