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Property Manager transition (back)-update

August 16th, 2014 at 01:40 pm

HI all

Today I meet w the other property manager.. the one I switched from and now switching back. His name is Matt.

The good thing w the previous switch . I am better organized.. have some goals. knowledge and confidence.

He has ALREADY been out to the non paying renter house and apparenlty found out she is leaving. I will get more details and we can form a plan today.

Also will want him to list the vacant house today..e tc etc.

I feel good positive and looking forward.

So much so I put $453 into savings.

Have not contributed to savings since June! w all the stress.

I HAVE the $3900 principal payment (that I delayed last month on the 6 homes).. I have that now but am going to hold that until I speak w Matt, get a plan and start seeing movement towards filling these homes. I need rent and certainty.

not looking forward to turning over YET another house (non paying renter) but determined to do it right this time..

LOAN UPDATE.. loan was NOT submitted yet.. gets submitted Monday.. apparently it was a larger package than expected so some assistant had to spend a day or two clarifying it etc to type into their computer or forms or whatever

and the job in Naperville.. they are 'making a short list' of folks to call in by Wednesday next week.. so hopeful.. I met a guy at work who used to consult w/ them so as soon as I have the interviewer name or contact. I will ask if he knows anyone and can put in a good word

looking at Camry's 2011 today.. or evaluate costs/features/etc vs the Genesis.. then will see how much Genesis is really worth.

My genesis has blue tooth (phone comes through speakers) which I JUST set up and it makes the drive a lot easier.. and funner.. if I swap cars I want to see if they have this feature too.. Hyundai just came out a w anew Genesis which looks really nice (not looking at it just commenting)

Onward. hoping property manager transition w my new focus and knowledge will go well.

My plan hinges on these homes and I need to get a SYSTEM in place so they run smoothly. I also need to smooth things down so I can stsrt saving again. not saving recently... .just struggling w this insanity..

Old property manager is getting snippy with me (she still runs the 3 units) and it is unclear if she told 'her contractors' who have done work on the 6 homes not to call me or something. I called one yesterday and NO call back. That is so immature if she did that and makes me concerned w leaving her the 3 units.. Maybe she will get over it and the 3 units run fine so far. I will call the guy again today.

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  1. Rachael777 Says:

    Just came from getting the keys and talking to matt.. he has already contacted the approved people for the 3 bedroom he just rented.. so he may show it tonight to an approved contractor guy (ideal w massive garage) and will list it/sign up tonight. He is also stopping by the white house next door (2nd time in 2 days) to get clarity on when she is mvoing out and see if we can set up a payment plan for what is due. If no damage (and do not think there will be but possibly she may 'leave' things in the unit which may cost to dispose of).. my loss with a mve out date of 8/21 would be $1056.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like things are coming together!

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