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Main home refinance, jobs, homes updates

August 23rd, 2014 at 03:41 pm

Hi all

Just diarying at this point.

Paid the bills for this month (down 2 rents) but paid. I am saving my $3900 for now (the $ required to catch up on the 6 homes loan from last months non payment of principal). I will send it to him once the homes are filled or I know costs.. I did one roof so far this year.. trying to do 1 more.. jsut need things CALMED DOWN.

May put another $500 towards savings or more likely save it for the rental emergency fund. We are a week from the 1st w no renters on tap yet and one renter not paying. Just hanging in . Got some showings thsi weekend but overall response has been slower than normal w kids going back to school. Hoping to get the homes smoothed out soon. still very much believe in them long term and knew this would be an uphill battle upfront.. all in all not so bad.. I am only down $1000+ (rents) across both homes but what was difficult was the HIGH fix up bills etc... most necessary or immprovements (which I want) but think I could have shved a few thousand off maybe? I did not anticipate them taking so long or having another home not paying rent. Really thinking about it, I would not be stressed at all. if we had rent coming in..never had it take so long to turn over a house.. wish I did not have those weeks of playing around w the old PM and nothing getting done w renting the place, the non paying renter and my having to basically run the rehab. New property manager though has done more in this one week then old PM had in weeks so feeling positive but tough right now. I sooth myself by writing up the worst case scenario (short term and long term potential costs, issues etc) and being ok w that and thinking the deal is still good and thinking about the prize. basically 5/2018. I will have $3600 a month coming in and 5/2019 $5900 a month (more if I can raise these rents).. from the rentals.. and w flex jobs (see below) I am confident i can find a work at home job then or even now..

Anyway..onward.. figuring worst case for NOW another tough month and then filling both w good people. and RENT and stabilizing for the winter.

heard on the main home refinance. They are now down to 5.5% WOW!! 30 year term, 5 year arm (not term). which means if need be I can keep the loan long term. first change not until 5 years.Depends on lots of things.. maybe I will just sell this house before then.. not sure. House still in very good shape. No approval yet. hoping for approval next week and then appraisal. they went down to only doing 1 appraisal (good sign) and loan papers were targeting the 10th to close. rthat will be a HUGE weight off my mind. Not approved.. still need prayers.

No movement on cars .. waiting ..

No movement on jobs. got in for one more local one. no news on the first 3 local ones. .and joined (100% remote jobs and some highpaying)

I applied to one job thru flex jobs and will work this weekend to do more

Commute is still bad but more tolerable as I am used to it and know what to expect and have the bluetooth set up so my phone goes thru the speakers.. (neat feature). gas costs averaging $88 a week!!

Good to read everyone else's post. Keep it up guys.


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