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Documenting the Journey, the good, bad and ugly

August 3rd, 2014 at 05:16 pm

Hi all,


I ,in general, (although trying very hard) have been doing very bad, crying, hard to sleep, ANGRY, just bad... out of control.

Updates... just the facts..

1. Main house refinance.. no real news... several more back and forth faxing documents episodes.. board did approve the loan and we are waiting for the appraisal to be ordered.. nailbiting times waiting for it.. broker says he has 2 more possibles if this one falls through but both higher rate and higher fees. Until the appraisal comes through I will not know for sure IF they can do the loan and how much my fees/contribution is. Hard to wait. Should hear from the appraiser this week.
2. Job.. Nightmare. New policy. NO WORK AT HOME for 3 months! I cried in the car after that conversation. Job is not hard. In fact I have little to do. How do I find these jobs where I have nothing to do? Days drag. I will ask for more work next week. Speech has taken a MAJOR HIt w the stress I am under. Drive continues to be an hour and half stop and go each way. With my deductions changed and no 401k I am bringing home almost the same making $65/hr as making $55/hr (last job). Thsi is with putting $1100 a month in savings. the amount I was putting w the 401k. Accountant will check deductions this week. Gas costs are SUPER INCREASED. I am actively searching for jobs but none yet locally.. LOTS downtown and out where my current job is.
3. 6 homes/house I am turning over--.. the house I was so excited to see last week? I got there and it felt like nothing was done. I was so upset, stressed and disappointed. and UPSET. Current update. House is commplete (except for fridge, washer/dryer. I will buy if I have to but renter may have his/her own). House for rent at $1250 (old rent under s8 was $925). It just went up YESTERDAY!!!!!!! a month to get it fixed up and on the market. INSANE! Anyway.. 6 calls the first day and showings today. Neighbor next door has a nephew she wants to recommend. This is the 3 bedroom w the MASSIVE garage (3 car w office/workshop). A section 8 person called w a voucher for $1300 who wants to see it. I want it filled iwht someone LONG TERM who is going to treat this and maintain it like their home. I am proud of how it turned out and the response (from neighbors even!)
4. 6 homes/house not paying rent--I am still very frustrated w this and how the new PM is handling this. We had a very clear conversation last week that I do not feel she is handling it and I need to have her get a handle on things. I said I feel I am running things and I do not havve the time to do so. She said she is used to being in control and I need to step OUT. I said I would not feel the need to step IN if there was not such a void of leaving voice mail messages and never actually getting in touch w the tenant. Either she can pay or not.. not 'well I left voice mails'. ANyway...$$ summary .. with this month.. she owes over $2000. I gave new PM until Wednesday and then will either handle it myself or turn this house over to someone else. We got $520 last week and she said she applied for help and is trying to make up the rent (she said that to ME. when I stopped by ) but the new PM has no new updates. I do not want her sitting there while she is trying to find a place not paying rent. Renter seems sincere when I talked to her but I have no money in hand... so words do not really matter. I reclaimed her security deposit already to help w cash flow and can pay it back if she pays. This house (based on the reaction next door) looks like we could fix it up and get rent increase too. currently charging $1000.
5. Other section 8 house. havving s8 adminstrative issues.. new PM says she will straighten out but another thing hanging over me and may make the tenant lose her section8. I can not afford another turn over right now.
6. 3 units continue to flow easily along. nothing to report. These are the ones the new PM has run for years.
7. new Property Manager. Mixed feelings. Higher priced help but things are getting fixed right. But realistically if I was more involved w the homes w the old PM (and I see the need to be upfront to learn the homes etc) wouldn't that be happening anyway? VERY VERY UPSET w lack of urgency, slow turnover of homes, and this passive 'I called, left voice mails' stance and NOT stopping by the house and lack of progress on the s8 issue above and the house not paying rent. Whatever deficiencies the old PM had.. I sincerely doubt I would have this situation going on. New PM is a 'by the book' manager and her solution to the renter not paying is to 'send her a letter, serve her now w a 30 day notice and then wait for court'... NEVER actually speaking to her face to face or dropping by to ' work something out' or get the scoop. I can not do that.

So in general.. very rough and I am stressed. I am coping by doing my treadmill before and after work and trying to tire myself out so I do not think about this stuff (or throw stuff at the wall). I am trying to be clear w new PM and set timelimits, boundaries and investigate other options before moving on. I am trying to give her a fair chance and be reasonable. I need someone though who can go out to the homes as needed and help me w contractors etc and can deal w non paying tenants in creative ways.

For now I am hanging in there money wise but have used up $15k of my rental emergency fund (have $1300 of that $15k left) and that is WITHOUT paying the 6 homes principal payment last month. I need to come up w $3900 to be on track w the loan. Seller is ok if I come up w that in payments next year. I want to come up w it THIS month so I am on track so take full deeded ownership of hte house I fixed up next month.

I need this lack of rent situation resolved, this house filled and this s8 issue figured out ASAP.

I know she does a great job w the 3 units. but those are simpler, smaller etc.. She says she came into alot of issues which is true but this wanting to handle it all via phone just does not work and lack of urgency does not work.

Gave her til Wednesday to update me on the 'lack of rent lady'

Side effect of all this treadmill walking and getting my anger out is I am toning up nicely. This week I am cooking all my food for the week today so I can eat well. I thankfully lose weight easily so if I keep this up I can lose some quick weight and fit into my size 8 clothes easily. They are tight now and I got some new slacks in size 10 at Goodwill so I do not have that added stress (of tight pants) but it would be nice to lose 5-10 lbs and have them fit again. 10 are loose but more comfortable than tight size 8's.. so right between.

About it for now. I need to check in more often.. it helps me to vent too.

So for this month. I am NOT adding to savings. I am instead trying to pay taht $3900 payment from last month to the 6 homes seller (provided I feel secure Wednesday that the s8 issue and the non paying tenants are under control)

Coincidentally the house w the s8 tenant (admin issue) has very low rent too (but has not been updated) do not want to turn it over now.

THANKS to all here on this board who suggested I increase my rental emergency fund and encourage me. I would NOT be surviving without your suggestions and support.


Continuing to believe in these homes and just focusing on 'SURVIVING' right now.. even if it means holding off on savings in the short term. They are small, incredibly easy to rent, solid, and should be good long term and allow me lots of options once paid off (3 years 8 months) to keep/save/invest the cash flow.. or swap the homes out for other/differnt/better ones. I would not be stressed at all. if the non paying renter was 'stabilized or w a plan, move out or pay" and I did not have this vague s8 issue AND I did n ot have this main home refinance where I do not know how much money I need to come up with hanging over me

Thanks for reading

6 Responses to “Documenting the Journey, the good, bad and ugly”

  1. laura Says:

    Sometimes to survive is all that we can do. I'm clinging dearly to my life raft right now, though sometimes it feels that I am wear deflating water wings. Frown

  2. Bluebird Says:

    I hope you hear some news on all of your pending issues soon! One by one they will get resolved or at least you'll know where you stand.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Try to be patient, not everything can happen overnight. It is a process and a journey to get where you are going...try to enjoy the ride!

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    I hear you, I'm trying to hang in without thinking too much about how I feel right this moment and knowing that if I hang in long enough, the future looks bright. It's a dangerous thing to only live for the future, but I feel like it's such a limited timeline (6 months or so) that it makes sense to do it this time.

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I went back to read and understand the financing of the rentals. Were you only able to manage everything because you didn't have a mortgage payment due to foreclosure/repossession? And you had income from a rental you weren't paying on the one in foreclosure with ex?

    Now that you have a mortgage payment again and $1800 less rental income, is it still feasible to carry everything? Were you aware of these potential decrease income and increase in income when you bought? Were the sellers?

  6. rachael777 Says:

    To Livingalmostlarge. I was rereading old posts. Anyway you hit it on the HEAD. The primary reason I am struggling so much now is because I DID NOT anticipate adding a mortgage payment until 2016ish ( I did not think I could buy back my house at all). Instead, I added a $3000 mortgage payment 1/2014. I did this after signing the 6 homes deal and that deal is pretty strict . either you make the payments or he gets the homes back . so basically my goal is to (1) survive (2) save if I can but at all costs I must make the mortgage payments on these 6 homes. I HAD factored in the loss of the rental income just not hte gain of the mortgage. Very adept reading. Smile

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