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Building vacation fund

January 26th, 2015 at 09:59 pm

Hi all

I work on contract so get no paid vacation through work. This will change if I go full time with this new job. In any case, I decided to build a vaation fund with this extra week of work so put $1900 in this fund today. This is enough income to take off approx a week and a half of work but does not pay for travel vacation expenses. I can afford onesies twosies day offs just on watching my budget each month. Either way it is nice to have as I never had this fund before AND it really helps me see how much 'paid vacation' is worth.

Here is to hoping the new job works out,that they have full time openings and that those full time openings pay at least $110k salary so I can officially end hte job search.

If the new job works out I will discontinue the need (goal) of 4 months emergency fund and instead settle at 3 months which I have already.

Still expecting $500-700 shortfall next month (4 weeks without a paycheck). That assumes not pulling from any current funds I have listed on the side. I am going to still try to cover that by 'pulling something out of a hat'


My notice date-old job

January 21st, 2015 at 04:37 pm

Hi all,

My notice date.I went to work and said I could give 2 weeks notice.. they were thrilled and said they need that etc etc..They also said that my original PO is up THIS FRIDAY but an extension was in the works and I should assume I was worknig for 2 more weeks. They were going to do the right paperwork etc.

Much back and forth and updates occurred and basically they are not able to reach the person ( the final signer) who was to sign the work order so are just going to have me leave Friday.

That was what I originally wanted but upon thinking on it was going to work the extra week and bank that towards a vacation fund. I do not have time to list all the back and forth but how this was handled is very disappointing and shocking and makes me think that had I NOT given notice I would have been dropped anyway with no notice due to lack of the final signature.

Shocking .. demotivating and upsetting

I work at home today and will wrap things up for an end date of Friday.

The project sponsor is all upset and is trying to see if they can override the decision and keep me for a week but not feeling too confident.

tight month next month but onward!

3 units status and plan.

January 20th, 2015 at 06:04 pm

Hi all

Quick note here. I got the PC.. $477 (with data transfer and they were able to recover all my data) I feel good. and WOW.. fast.. more efficient all of that.

3 unit status

goal- raise rents this year across the board at the 3 units so my negative cash flow is reduced by $400 a month
goal-raise laundry income or pull out laundry coin op

1. 4 rents are in in full
2. 1 rent is $10 short and is on a payment plan for $766 back rent
3. one guy has not paid at all. coincidently it is that guy the old property manager put in last month with the long delay to move in, upset, angry calls etc. I am contacting her about breach of duty. this guy denies filling out the application (which means SHE filled it out which I suspected) and his financial situation has not changed yet he has not paid the rent and is unable too. Clearly no due diligence was done and just lies and lies. I called to confront her on other stuff last Friday the conversation got heated and she eventually hung up. I will contact her again today. she is refusing to provide receipts and I believe stole supplies. This lady is like 65 year old.. crazy!!very upsetting. In addition the lease is in the name of the old property manager so it is hard for my new property manager to do the court paperwork for me. I like to avoid court though anyway.
5. currently late fees are not being charged at all
6. rents average around $570
7. all units are the same, large light and bright one bedrooms

1. notify everyone late fees start Feb 1
2. have new PM evaluate laundry usage thru March to either raise prices or close and sell equipment (does not pay for itself now)
3. get person with a rent backlog on a written payment plan-encourage her to move out
4. make contact with non paying guy. get whatever we can from him and encourage him to move out
5. let everyone else know all rent renewals will be at $630 and new move-ins at $650. Advise if they want to move out early before lease end date there will be no penalty if we get 30 days notice and can show while they are in there.. otherwise we take full security

new tenants will put down 1.5 months security.. $975 so we are better protected or maybe $800

A little rough sailing ahead but onward

Soliciting ideas or thoughts-notice date

January 19th, 2015 at 02:37 am

Hi all

I have mixed feelings. I give notice tomorrow.

I can either give notice for 1 week or 2 or a week and some days. I start the new job 2/2.

If I give notice of one week I was going to take off one week for just ME.. no specific plans. just low stress.. have fun

or I can give notice to end sometime the week of 1/26-30.. taking either part of that week off or working for he entire week (which means I start my new job with no break between)

I work contract so have not really had a break as of late. I did take some days off for the holidays but I was doing family/holiday stuff so it was not necessarily a relaxing break

Can I afford it?

I am $500 short for February if I give 1 week notice and take off a week (I( can probably find $500 somewhere and not use up savings). remember I will not have a check until the end of February w the paycheck cycle.. so Feb will be very tight either way. But for some reason I seem to do well with 'making due in a crunch'. I will have very little savings this month with the job transition or next month with no paychecks coming in at all.

If I work the extra week I will save that towards a time off fund so will still be $500 short for next month but I still think I can find this $500 somewhere. I can also just use it towards costs and not be short. this $500 short assumes no savings at all in Jan or Feb and a certain amount from the not for profit.

Just mixed.. I so much want some time off to RELAX. Maybe I work til the 28th or 29th? I will not have an opportunity to have time off for at least a few months with a new job.

I am currently thinking of workig til the 1/28 so get 3 days in


Finally!!! I got a new job! Wowzer

January 17th, 2015 at 02:25 pm

Hi all

I have been quiet here as I have been in major job search mode and after so many disappointments did not want to share news until I had something. I DO.

$57 hour plus INSTANT vested 3% match.. at my old company. either work at home or in Lisle (10 minutes away tops). Contract for at least 1 year but they are already talking full time. This is the largest financial services (to banks direct) company in the world so a great place to land full time if the pay is right. I am going in as a senior project manager working directly for the office of the CIO. I give notice Monday. Job is for a senior PM so have to look at payrates etc.. but either way.. GREAT NEWS! also JEANS when I go to work. all good!!

6 homes going great
3 unit transition going great. feel really good with the property manager I have and we are working so well together. this year the goal is to raise rents across all the 3 units by $4-500 a month. this will completely close the negative cash flow gap! PM has already talked with all tenants and we have 3 that look bad or iffy but it is in the plan to turn over 3 units. HE is getting better rent collection though on these 'iffy' tenants then the old PM.

He sees the apartments as I do.. very nice easy to rent and can definitely see the increased rent potential. We are looking for $630 for existing folks and $650 or more for anyone we turn over.

feeling really good. speech is coming back.. less stressed.. real nice day out. all is good..

other stuff. need a new pc.. $350-450? Frown.. old one crashed
new job pays the 15th and lsat day of the month which means my first paycheck from them will not be until the END of February. I currently get paid every week. the last check from my existing company will be Jan 30th so I have essentially 4 weeks with no paycheck. I need to figure out how to do that and not draw from savings etc

I feel energized and alive with the new job opportunity. 401k option again with match and being on track w the 6 homes and 3 units..

April 2015 marks 2 full years of the 6 homes. only 3 left after that on the current pay schedule but looking to move that up

Goal now is to pay off the 6 homes by 2/2018 or 3/2018 vs May, 2018 or with my newly gained more free time (with the new job) exploring options to get a larger lump sum and pay them off years early

I now can make decisions on the Tahoe soon too with the lack of a 100 mile roundtrip drive every day

Life is good. onward

getting new PC today hopefully

the month of no paychecks is likely to impact my savings for this month and next month.. trying to minimize that impact

Checking in to keep on trackp-General updates on all

January 6th, 2015 at 02:56 am

Checking in.. Clarifying goals for the 'not for profit, personal goals and financial goals tomorrow. I work at home tomorrow.

Still at that job but kicking up job search again thsi week. I am in for 2 jobs. fingers crossed. Got word on another work at home last week.. called.. submitted and then put on hold. Crazy!

6 homes property manager officially took over the 3 units on the 1st. VERY excited w him and encouraged but Very disappointed with old 3 unit manager.. apathetic towards rents, costs way overbudget, dishonesty.. etcv


She put in a problem tenant that she gave $20 off too (without asking) and that tenant is now not paying rent and owes $746 + late fees + this month rent. We are doing a 5 day notice tomorrow am and my guy has dropped by 3x. Upsetting but 'part of the business' and 'part of smoothing' things out. I forecasted turniing over 3 of the 6 units this year due to raising rents so this is not 'out of the budget' totally.. .though the back rent is.

I find out tomorrow which rents are inm at the 6 homes and 3 units. One thing I like w this guy is that I have certainty w rents and information.

I am also thrilled that I am managing him and the costs better.. Feeling very good.

Work is 'ok'.. my speech has taken a major hit w the stress at work. tyring to get it back. If I was not so threatened at work I could stand it a few more months. even the 2 year term (but likely only have work thru June) just every day is SUCH a nightmare right now w layoffs, and so high stress and hostility.

I will petition to work 5 extra hours a week again starting next week.

Not for profit cat rescue is coming together too.. setting goals and managing people and finances better. Tough 'health' month.. Lost 3 kittens..FIP, lost 1 adult..liver/anemia issues .. and 2 kittens have ringworm. Crazy days but nothing we have not seen before. BIG #s this year and lots of volunteer engagement. I have our annual party this Sunday with all (most) of the volunteers.

Other rescue who wants our cage bank (we have 3) says they will have the $ in 3 weeks. Fingers crossed.

Have not sold the Tahoe or really tried too. Hard for me to list the Tahoe when a snow storm (like today) could crop up any second and my job depends on driving 100+ miles a day.

I will either hold off on selling until March or see if I can figure otu another 4 wheel drive option for snow days.. I can get an older SUV for $7k.. still in good shape...and the rescue is primarily who needs it so can kick in something. I WIll be selling that Tahoe at some point soon.

My boyfriend grew up on a farm and is one of those crazy handy types and an engineer. He is also 'more practical' then warm(?) with his gifts.. He got me that snow blower for Christmas but then what was super nice. I am Christian. he got me this super nice house thing from a Christian store and (drum roll please). I had just lost that adult cat (very sad upsetting case.. I only foster the tough cases so I lose more than most) and he built me a kitchen in my 'back-back room' in the basement. I have a 3/4 finished basement and 1/4 unfinished.. The unfinished side is 30x 17 space unfinished (its own room). he carved out 10 x 17 of that. installed cabinets, sink, mini fridge, microwave, lights, counter top.. very nice. I am going to paint that tomorrow or something. This will make it much easier for the next hard case so I do not have to run up and down the steps to the fridge, microwave, blender. I can just hang the sub q fluids. Easier to clean, isolate all sorts of stuff.

Made the first payment on the new home mortgage!

Onward. I so enjoy reading everyone else's info and updates.