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updates on 2 flat, school, rentals and me

October 27th, 2017 at 07:08 pm

Hi all

Just a quick update

IF the rentals were paid off (they are not.. but 5 months barring no issues they will be) I can expect to pull some $7000+ a month from them. I am straining for that day

the 2 flat purchase was a mistake and I am seeing the consequences of that every day.I really just want it to end. Electric done and passed. Framing done and passed. Insulation is pending. Contractor has another death in the family. Never know if to believe him or not

Taking Tony Robbins words 'what is good about this (bad situation) that you are not seeing right now.

I certainly have learned a lot. Have gained some contractor contacts, learned about the permit process and inspections. Learned the hard way about what to look for.. just crazy

Anyway I am continuing to plod ahead. Currently forecasting a total fix up cost of $44-45000. May be more. May be less. Just want it done. My hope was to have it finished next week. Now may go into the week after with all these delays. It is what is it and I am going to try to make as much lemonade out of lemons as I can. Bad time to rent but again it is what it is.. just doing the best I an with what I have. Takes a lot of time though and stress. Most time intensive property. Most stress.

Other rentals going well.

I feel very strongly I will sell it in the Spring but we will see. Projected costs puts me at a cap rate of 10.6 right now.

I continue to put all I can towards the current mortgages on the 3 units and this 2 flat property costs

Hoping to fully restore the rental emergency fund this month.

School started last week. I started with 3 courses but dropped one. I am in Intro to Theological Research (hard!) and Hermeneutics (less hard). Both are VERY challenging and LOTS of work. I am struggling to find a routine to fit it all in

Work picked up slightly. I will be billing 50+ hours this week and last

About all for now

Health insurance is likely to go up.I pay $485 now just for me.. $6000 deductible then insurance pays 100%. It appears they may be able to sell some scaled down plans this year for less costs .I am not on meds or have any special needs.. We will see.

Onward but wanting to get off this treadmill of always having to pay something off

End of March and selling this 2 flat can not come soon enough!


Very quick post-mortgage refinance

October 23rd, 2017 at 06:53 pm

Hi all

Still struggling to get my mortgage refinance.. still doing paperwork but STILL very glad I am doing it

I will post more later.. VERY swamped with work and school. will share later

interesting quote I read just now..this is NOT my quote. This was in response to a retiree asking if they should go down to a 15 year mortgage

"With the stock market averaging 7% after inflation and deductible mortgage interest at 3.6% equivalent to 2% I would not consider putting a spare dollar into and early mortgage payment.
That 140,000 more for the 30 year mortgage isn't going to be worth even half of that in the dollars you will be paying in 30 years.
The longer you have the mortgage the cheaper it is to pay it off. 100,000 after taxes in a 401k is earning 7000/year. 100,000 in home equity is saving 3600/year. "

Crazy idea- 2 flat

October 9th, 2017 at 09:12 pm

Hi all

Work is REALLY slow so I called a realtor to get on those MLS listing services to look at homes in downtown area of where I live and 2 flats. My house is nice but is slightly out of downtown and a 'differnt crowd'.. suburbia.. snootier etc.. I never liked that and have been thinking for months about moving but it never made financial sense but I would eat in downtown and walk past all the small cute homes (and large ones) and feel envious of people living in downtown.

Anyway, my goal was to see if I could move to the downtown area for LESS that my home now.

Turns out there is a shortage of mid priced homes in downtown .. most are $800k and up. I am trying to downsize in cost.

They had 3 2 flats though.. 2 over $875k and one . a duplex for $560k right downtown near the train. I looked at it today.

These are side by side units.. with 3 bedrooms/3 bath each (crazy).. the 3rd bedroom is small and the whole unit is about 1600 sq feet. attached 2 car garage for one and separate 2 car garage for the other and then a FIFTH garage space to rent to a train commuter... currently rented for $125 which is Low. I rented an OUTDOOR space in my drivveway 15 years ago for $100. . There is also an efficiency over the garage (not rented) that was rented for $650 before.

I took a look at it today (like i said slow day at work) and it gave me some ideas.

I have approx $200k in my house.. if I put that down and took out a mortgage my mortgage would be approx $2700 (30 year) and the rents are currently $1950 (already rented) and $125 (garage) and if I rent the efficiency ($600) minus lets say $500 (utilities for the 2 rentals) pretty much pays for the mortgage.

I could live almost rent free, live downtown in a more lively neighborhood and when I get married again (assuming this) I can just pick up and go with out a fuss and rent out the unit I would live in (people just moved out of it apparently... but was rented at $2200)

I could move from this 'less friendly neighborhood'.. and start over and have MUCH less financial pressure.. more freedom.. more liveliness. and not feel pressured to keep up w the jones'.

I am scheduling to see the other unit (the occupied one) and the efficiency and rented commuter garage Wednesday. Will also get other info.. roof, mechanicals. etc.. but built in early 90s

Rooms were smaller and NOT all my furniture would fit but really seems warmer, cozier and I can move ON..and make a 'home'. Unit is in good shape (no immediate requirements). It does have grey carpet and light blue walls. I would want to make it my own with different colors..

Not sold totally just an intriguing thought right now.

thoughts people?

Asking for quick thoughts-changing investments

October 9th, 2017 at 04:33 pm

hi all

My investments are with an advisor charging 1%. I want to switch them back to save the advisor fee. I am up $19k in taxable investments and 2k in non taxable this year.

To sell everything for taxable would incur approx $4k in taxes. Anyway to avoid this that you see?

I would want to sell the funds that is in to simplify to a 3 fund or target date retirement fund model


After I get all these properties paid off I will be SAVING more. I want to have more investments... up to this point although I have managed to save a lot most of my focus has been on getting these properties paid off and up to speed.

I think I would feel real good if I had $700k... will take some time..

and I am really considering staying at this high dollar job through the end of next year... especially if I can get some hours.

We will see.


Stress testing-Scenario no job past 12/2017

October 6th, 2017 at 03:47 pm

Hi all

I work on contract as most folks know. Today I am stress testing my plan if I was NOT renewed and did not find work for 6 months, had no 2 flat rent and 30% vacancy across the rest with no 'other payments' coming in.

Enlightening!! Makes me feel grateful to have a job. I encourage all of you to do a similar exercise.


2 Flat finances

October 5th, 2017 at 02:45 pm


I paid $65,000 for the 2 flat
$25,000 from seller financing, 5%, amort/24 months
$40,000 I borrowed from myself from another account

In addition I am estimating incurring approx $40k for fix up.

$40,000 fix up
$4,500 already paid off
$5,500 incurred and not paid on a 0% credit card
$10,000incurred and not paid on a 2.9% equity line
$20,000 NOT incurred yet but estimated to be needed (will go on line of credit)


My plan to pay off involves the following chart and assumptions.

1. defer my $3500+ rental real estate tax escrow until January so I can use that 'escrow money' towards debt. Restart the escrow in Jan at a higher amount
2. assuming $2k/month from rental
3. assuming $1600/month savings from me
4. I get paid $300 a month from my brother
5. $8k tax refund estimate from accountant
6. birthday/christmas money
7. the 3 units pay themselves off March 2018, use that $5k mortgage money towards debt


if I can make this payoff I will have paid off all fix up costs and will only owe $30k total on the 2 flat by June 2018

Assumptions ARE aggressive and assume no further big snafus. They do assume 40 hours per week. I have been pulling regularly $2k from the rentals after costs.

See chart
Please note: chart has me bringing rental real estate fund back up to $18k by year end too

Investing question and 2 flat and other updates

October 4th, 2017 at 08:00 pm


Quick question.

I put my money with an advisor at a 1% rate . This was done last year but 'everyone' knows you can often do better than an advisor when you invest yourself in a few mutual funds. I generally use Vanguard. What mix do you guys suggest for mutual funds. I know there was a recommended 3 mutual fund mix by Bogle a while ago. What have you guys heard? thinking of closing w the advisor and sticking w a 3 fund mix and just thinking long term and leaving it. Also easier to send money in etc to invest more.

I got assigned at work so expect my hours to pick up as of next week. I am still working on the 2 flat .. inspections etc.. so will have to manage that but will be good to make more money

Speaking of inspections I had the final inspector out for his first inspection. I have had plumbing, electric and now building. Building guy was the final and his list was very short 3 easy items.

Still have not found an electrical contractor. 2 guys faded away. one guy hoping for a quote today. will make some more calls.

IF all goes well. electric will finish mid/late next week and then 'all the rest' can start.

Goal is to have it ready to rent by 10/27 or end of month.

Not a great time to rent but it is what it is .

I have considerd selling this but will see how fix up goes. may be 'all fixed up' so why sell? On the other hand I am putting extreme pressure on myself to essentially pay off all 'fix up costs' and the mortgage down to $30k by June 2018 which is essentially $70k at this point. If I sell. even if I only make $20k from my total cost assuming a April/May sale and renting it in the meantime I will have already paid off quite a bit so the sale will give me cash in hand that I can invest.

Current payoff 'plan' has me only owing approx $40k by May which would mean with a NET payoff of let's say $120k I have $80k to stick in investments.

We shall see.

School starts 10/17, I am trying to get syllabuses ahead so I can start early

Intro to Theological research
Old testament