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Got a job. That was quick!

February 21st, 2021 at 06:18 pm

Hi guys. I got a job.. this is a another contract.. no term limit. .. pays $4 more than my last job. total raise $8000 a year. Capped at 40 hours a week and their entire IT department outsourced so I am managing the vendors who are doing the projects. Managing vendors has always seemed to be lower stress than being in charge of the project and ultimately responsible for the outcome and also handling those last minute issues. problems, deadlines. Now the vendors can do that. I can set expectations, follow up, help them handle problems if needed but otherwise they do the work. I guess if you work more than 40 hours for some reason you take time off the next week to balance it.  the $10 increase job by the way disappeared and went out to government bid. They expect the rate to drastically decrease

FINGERS CROSSED the job I got is lower stress like I am thinking.

I took this job in part because I thought it was lower stress and in part to get the job search monkey off my back. Also it is with one of the largest staffing firms so if things do not work out they can move me (if I stay on good terms which I will). I can MAX out the 401k here too. My prior job limited me to only 3% of my salary. No match here but as I just turned 50 I can put in $26k and another $7k to the IRA.  Huge. I will save outside of that too.

On another front I am moving full force into my blog set up, will buy  a wholesaling course tomorrow and may resume class at Moodys (zoom). I have made contact w the church and will join a small group and talk to someone next week about how I can help the church.

I start March 15. I want to clarify all of the above other activities in these next 3 weeks so I can go into this new job with a routine and boundaries and can 'timeblock' this job up front (time to workout, time to go to class if I do that and the foundations of the blog etc set up). My eventual plan is to switch off into one of those.

This job has an office building downtown but is currently work at home. My recruiter does not see downtown Chicago returning to work until next year and I was upfront to her that I am not returning to work downtown Chicago or really at all.  She says if/when it becomes an issues we will figure it out then and maybe switch me or maybe I will move or quit. LOTS of people are moving out of Illinois and really I would not mind moving. My work (IT program mgmt) is more and more remote so I can get a job at Chicago rates maybe and live in the South.

Anyway regardless of what happens I  do not want to to go back to an all encompassing job or bad situation so if for some  crazy reason this turns into that I will leave.

This month was my first month living off the rentals.. everything else was saved. SO GLAD I switched management companies. The increase is monthly percentage I pay them is more than paid with the increased rent collection, decreased costs and lower stress and time.





Job search update #2

February 12th, 2021 at 07:25 pm

Hi there. Quick update here. I did more research and asked more questons and that $10/hr increase job is definately what I want. I am NOT in charge, assisting on one large project for the entire time. not multiple... 40 hour cap... just sounds so much less stressful. The other job is handling multiple projects and part of a high performing team. Anyway.. it turns out they want a 2nd interview on the $10 hr job.  It will be set up Monday. The person I interviewed w was the program manager.. and he was told  he could pick but apparently when he ran it by him the upper mgr , upper mgmt wanted to talk to me as well. No word yet if they are calling in  more than 1 person for 2nd interviews. I also have 2nd interview on the $2 increase job Tuesday.. If the first job comes through I will likely cancel that.

I so hoped to be 'one and done' but  to meet upper mgmt is reasonable . I wish I did not want the job so much as it makes me nervous. Do not put the cart before the horse!!




Job search update

February 11th, 2021 at 03:04 pm

Hi all.

Job search update. I was set up for 3 interviews. One I did not like and subsequently did not get the job. The other two look very positive. I may get an offer today at $10 more an hour than what I made which is $20k more a year. the other one has a second interview next week and I am the top candidate... there are 2 spots and 3 people called back. That jobs pays $2 more than I was making per hour. The $10/hr job appears to be a project manager (vs program manager) where I am not the boss (hopefully?) and if that is the case may be less stress. The $2/hr job appears to be a high energy fast moving team.. may be stressful.. everyone is very engaged with everyone else and on to deadlines. so much so the onsite person who works for the same contract company was not even able to meet w me at all.. the $10/hr job is a big huge program but I am not the program manager and will be working w this guy that I seem to ahve a good repoire with... and in contrast to the other company he was able to do an almost 90 minute laid back interview.. so hard to tell on interviews.

I feel GOOD and validated that I got good feedback and did well on the job interviews and it appears I may get two offers... one at an incredible raise.

On the other hand I am hesitant about going back  to work right away. I guess I thought the job search process would take longer.. or that I would not open myself up to interviews right away.

The company these are through (contract company) is the same one I would go thru to return to my old job in 3 months so I want to remain on good terms to keep that option open

Some of my random thoughts. diary form. 

I DO want to save up an additional $150k+. I want to do that Quickly not over years.  I need income to do that.

I also want to increase my rental emergency fund quickly to $20k. . I need income to do that.

I DO find myself hesitant to spend larger sums as I have no 'job income'.. and the pay off will be longer. I do not have 'sinking funds' for the items I want to buy.. ie blog start up costs, wholesaling course and costs up front... these are only a few thousand  (lets call it $5k) so I can come up with it and pay it off at 0%.  Rentals appear to pay for all costs and I also should get unemployment of $3200 a month,.

My rentals have remained solid and look to stay that way. Wow what a change.

I DO NOT want my life to be turned over to a job.. no free time, stressed, not working out.. no life.,. 

I really DO NOt care if I am in charge at work.

I DO want to work at the church or some sort of discipleship. I have a call w the church this week on this.

I DO NOT want to 'offend' or get on bad terms w this contract company. I  am concerned suddenly bowing out of a job without a reason  may reflect poorly on me

A friend of mine suggested exploring the companies/opportunities more (how flexible it is, stressful, can I timebox it, easy to take vacation etc) and then figure out what I really want in detail .. at a highlevel it is income and flexibility. see if these jobs can do that or at least do it MORE than my last job to allow me time to accumulate some money quickly and still take vacations and build on the side the other stuff I want to do and gradually pick that up maybe vs a total stop of job income and than start something new. I was not able to multitask well  w my last job. Part of why my last job was so stressful was I allowed it to be that way (big part maybe?)  and I was in charge. I also did not really take vacations or plan balance in my life as I was so focused on paying off that house debt.  Items for sure I want are vacations and ability to fit in working out and flexibility for appts or whatever else... CALMNESS  Based on that maybe accept one of them or reject both if I feel I can not do what I want. I am only 50.. most people are working in something. I did not plan to quit work and sit at home. My thought was to find something else and eventually do very well. I am wondering if I can find a low stress job to do while I work on the other stuff.

I have been off work for a week and basically have just relaxed and thought about things..and enjoyed.. I have not made significant progress on church, blog or wholesaling. 

I will work on getting clear with what I really want to today and a question list for those jobs. If I get it I expect to hear by noon. It is 9am here now.  It is amazing how sometimes the pay is not commersurate with the stress level.. (if I am correct it appears the $2 hr raise would be more stressful then the $10/hr )

Going to work out!





I rolled off my contract! (joyful apprehensive look)

February 4th, 2021 at 05:28 pm

Hi everyone. I am caught between apprehension and JOY.. I rolled off my contract.. no job.. free time.. lots of thinking.

Contract ended Friday.I left on good terms so can go back in 3 months. Also have 2 job interviews lined up this week Friday. Not sure if I want to go back right away though. I want to see 'how it feels' to be off and rely on the rentals and get to know me and what is out there again. Interviews range from $2 to $10 more per hour per job ($4000 to $20000 increase per year). I am so blessed I got into the field I am in... seems like rates just keep going up. All are work at home. As you recall my goal was to increase my investments over $100 k this year. I need a job to do that. 

I am currently saving $850 a month. I will increase that with rental overage and when I get a job or other income. 

Signed up for unemployment.. $505 + $300 .. so $805 a week.. that is a LOT! I thought it was in the 400's.

True to my word.. I will only pay my bills from the rentals and all the above will go towards savings, investments, fun or costs as well as any rental overage. I am starting 'sinking' funds for windows on two of my rental properties ($$)

Rentals are 100% full. This new manager is AMAZING!!! my stress level is way down with the homes. I feel more in control.

Today was cost savings/ look at money day . I was in the Obamacare Bronze plan $550/mth.  I switched to an offmarket plan for a $200 savings, set up an auto pay to fund my IRA for this year and cut cable by $40.. every little bit helps. I have some rugs etc to sell to clear out house and other stuff to give away. Now that I am at home I want to get a handle on my eating.. less eating out (not as healthy! and I feel less energetic), Also moved my HSA to Fidelity which is no cost. $100 saving a year.

I was looking and my real large cost is this crazy big house. taxes are over $12k a year. so that means over $1000 of my monthly mortgage is taxes.. I will sell this at some point but the building and development here is out of this world so figuring to stay a few years to cash in on any price appreciation

I have a 2008 chevy suburban with 176k miles. still looks good.. runs like a champ .. new engine at 125k.. a newer suburban would be nice but want to wait and see on gas prices and the getting a newer one and the associated huge cost does not seem exciting to me right now. I am still thinking mine will sell for $10k.

I am starting a financial blog and getting into wholesaling. Steps for the blog are 1. get pictures, 2. contract to build the site and structure 3. start!! 

Wholesaling. steps.. .investigate courses.. looking at Alex Martinez or Blair Halver course, buy one, learn and act.

Onward. Hope everyone is doing well out there. Keep moving forward.