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Quick check in, rentals, new job, financials

July 5th, 2021 at 05:02 pm

Hi everyone. 

That job that I thought was so awesome was not. They switched my reporting structure between the interview and first day and I was 'semi' reporting to a micromanaging sortof toxic lady. Those who have read my blog for a while remember the last time that happened. Anyway. after lots of stress and indecision I decided life was too short and I quit after a week. Turns out my contract company knew this lady (she once worked for them) and totally understood. Anyway they found me a contract at that first higher paying company.. and I started May 10 (asked for a late start). I work at a very large energy company and make $14 more than I made before at my last job at that bank.. that is a $28k per year raise if I stay a year. This company also has no term limits so in theory I do well, and I have gotten lots of good feedback so far, then I can stay forever. They even brought up last week about me coming on time (do not think I want too right now). I also get time and a half for overtime and basically my norm is50 hours a week since I am in the midwest and everyone else is on the East Coast. I normally start at 6:30 for early east coast calls and run til 4:30.. I LOVE the job. love the people and have gotten lots of good feedback. Really a God send. never had such a great start to a job. Anyway I am back.. and want to clarify with myself about ‘financial freedom’.

I have been tracking my rentals since Jan (new property manager) and my average Net is $9300 a month. This does not include possible income taxes. I talk to my accountant tomorrow on that. His original forecast was $1500 taxes a month if I do not have a job.

My monthly  expenses are $4700..

I have only worked for 8 weeks so far so have been catching up on the real estate escrow (for the rentals, $40k) etc. I did not self-escrow last year as I was paying off house debt from the house fixup.

I just signed up for the 401k though and will put 100% of my salary in that for the next 6 weeks and after I escrow the rest of my real estate taxes (also next month).  I will be in the position to save over $10k+ a month.  I currently save $1500 a month.  I currently have $450k of investments and my goal this year is to get to $550k and overall to get to $750k. $550k may be a stretch for this year but we shall see.


I am starting to really see the fruits of my labor during the ‘paying off 6 homes in 5 years’ era.


I am seeing someone and it can turn into marriage. He wants too. I am unsure but I DO know I want to get married and it is a very fun idea to find someone to do things with, road trips, walks, exploring and enjoy life with trips and family/ friends.


I have been reading about people who retire early and their concerns and struggles and one guy I read clarify my fear.  I do not have a ‘cash fund’ for large extras…. like a car or whatever. My plan is to save $25k into such a fund just keep it at Barclays or somewhere (recommendations ) for each access. This will be in addition to my 3 month emergency fund. I am really adverse to debt.

My house continues to do well. I live in Naperville and we were hit by that tornado. I was not but not 5 minutes away homes were destroyed or heavily damaged. Naperville is in the middle of a big growth spurt. Lots of building.. homes and retail.. lots of people moving out here from Chicago. My house should appreciate nicely and give me enough to buy a house for cash somewhere else. They are building 1.1 MM (starting price) townhomes like a block away.  I do want to move either South or North West.  I am SO GRATEFUL I finished my house before Covid hit

I am going to be looking at my investments.. (currently all in either target funds w vanguard or S and P total market vanguard funds) to see if I want to re-allocate. Also looking the Motley Fool stock advisor. Any one try that?


Have a good day everyone. I am OFF today.