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Attacking food costs, need ideas

June 12th, 2014 at 10:17 pm

HI all

I am attacking food/monthly household costs (toilet paper, soap and FOOD etc)

Any ideas.. and am I doing poorly now?

Per, I spend an average of $330-350 per month on food and household.. and have (this is bad) an average of a $100 of that eating out. primarily fast food (sodas and lunch)

Trying to cut back and be healthy

I never had a role model at home as to how to shop or cook or anything like that and I am not a big cooker but still thinking there has to be ways to reduce.. even if I just attack the fast food budget (primarily fountain sodas and lunch)

I had thought of doing the cash envelope route.. taking out $150 every 2 weeks .. does that seem low/average/high?


Musings and starting to budget

October 9th, 2013 at 02:20 pm

Hi all.I have been motivated (and shamed) by reading all the other blogs here.. lots of people hard at work!. I am going to start tracking money and forming a budget. I have a budget (sortof) except I do not track specifically to it.. but if the house refinance (short refinance goes through) I really need to get tighter and everyone else is escalating their goals.I may as well too.I will start to track as of today and then maybe 'enter' some of the challenges other have posted.. snowflakes (need to get a handle on what those are), 365 day thing and then No Spend Days and Low Spend Days.

This is the current budget including the 2 flat and is a 'rough budget'. I do not include the 6 homes here but will share that as well as how the deal came together for folks who want to know.