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The Dad update (and other things)

June 22nd, 2015 at 01:36 pm

Hi all

the Dad update. Folks reading my blog know things have gone very bad for Dad, anyway. we just moved Dad to Memory care here in town. the assisted living place was requiring a 'sitter/home health care worker' with him 24 hours a day (over $600 a day) or he would have to move up to THEIR memory care which is a small section of the 3rd floor and like a locked ward. I moved him to Silverado. expert in memory care and ALL they deal with . They have young/old, all types.. and NO locked ward!!! he can go in and out (gated community) they have live music, activities (FUN ones) offsite,just great.. in TWO DAYS Dad is more alert, engaged, happier!!, eating more. just great. WOW

Hope it continues

Costs.. he has approx $900k (once we get the money for the house, closing mid next month).. Costs approx $7k a month and then probably $400/monthly for misc (medicare supplement whatever else). SS check is only $1450 so loss of $6000 a month

I am still consolidating accounts but was going to keep $100k out and invest the rest .. will be seeking help as to what to invest in but my plan is to put it all in Vanguard (as main investment place) and US Bank for main checking.

LOTS of responsibility being a POA...anyway hoping to offset some of that loss.

Sold his car. He does not know

I have been LOSING hours at work with all this time spent but hoping we made the right choice and move and I can get my time and life back and so does HE!

No time to update on the rest right now(got to get those work hours in!)


I am still trying to retire early and got to get my ducks in a row and back on track here.

vacant house being fixed up will be done tomorrow and property manager is already showing it. We want another long term S8 tenant.. Other one has not rented yet!! hoping for good news this week on both.

The Dad update-Alzheimers, week 5 in assisted living

June 12th, 2015 at 01:34 pm

Hi all

(always have to have a rental update!) All rents are in but have 2 properties vacant and trying to rent or engaged in fix up.

Dad update. We are in week FIVE. Feels like it has been several years. Week 5 of his move in to assisted living near my house.

Week one, fell, hurt his shoulder
Week 2, got lost for 5 hours, took away the car. Car is sitting in my driveway
Week 3, calling 911 every day reporting me for theft
Week 4, shoved a nurse and was admitted per procedure to the ER and then to the psych hospital near by

Week 5. as the POA specifically prohibits me from signing him in to a mental health facility, I was not able to sign him in. Dad refused to do so. Dad stayed there 10 days so far and is scheduled to be released back today. However assisted living says that as he was never voluntarily admitted they can not take mental health care place's word that he is not a danger to himself or anyone else and are requiring me to get a 'sitter' to be with him 24 hours a day for 5 days up to 14 days while they evaluate. This is paid for out of pocket. $600 a day. If he is felt to be not a danger to himself or others. he will be allowed to stay. otherwise he will be 'immediately discharged'. I explained I have no where for him to go and they did not appear to care and said I should work on a backup plan. Anyway. health care worker set up... $23 hour and they will re-eval Tuesday.

Cost is crazy and whole situation is crazy.

Since Dad moved down here I hsve been getting calls on or for Dad every day through the day and it is very hard to concentrate and get things done. I have had to leave work several times, take off work..Just crazy. Exhausting and unclear. I HOPE he can stay at this place and makes me angry they would discharge him. they are supposed to have an Alzheimer floor and they said they did but there was no room on it. I am feeling overwhelmed, angry and stressed.

Dad's house should close soon. I will go up to the closing myself and sign for him., Not bringing Dad.

I will sell his car this week (list it and then if not sold, sell to Carmax) and trying to get a handle on his finances

Dad is not the Dad I knew even 4 weeks ago.. he is progressing VERY fast downhill

Sad, upsetting stressful

Have a senior law attorney friend. called him and he helped me through all the above but he says it sounds like Dad has frontal lobe alzheimers .. the aggressive kind?

6 homes update

June 8th, 2015 at 01:57 pm

HI all

6 homes update.. 2 years 9 months to go until paid off in full.

Having inspections of homes done thsi week to uncover any major repairs needed so I can take care of those all this year and be done with it or at least save for them.

short term insurance lady moved out. House looks immaculate. No work needed. Already showing it and getting positive reviews. Trying to rent for $1200 ($235 less than her rent but she had a short term lease)

Section 8 (long term lady) moved out Friday. Section 8 paid rent already for the month. Unless they ask for it back which they normally do not, I can keep it. this house needs a rehab (tenant lived there for 8 years or more). So anticipating, paint, flooring, will udpate light fixtures, faucets as needed etc. Few thousand. Property manager looking at it today. Extra rent will help float me for the few weeks it will take to rehab

Another section 8 lady (lived there 20 years) may move out.. fingers crossed she does not but may because house is getting too big for her. If she does we can anticipate the same as above.. fully rehab/update.

I am complete trimming ALL trees among all the homes and 3 units. Trying to do long term maintenance type things and keep these in good shape.

Just diarying