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Quick question for everyone

January 21st, 2021 at 03:46 pm

Hi everyone.

Quick question. We all talk about networth on here.. and many of us have a very good networth. Much of my networth is tied up in income producing real estate and comparatively less in cash investments.  I feel 'less secure' with this model and am focusing now on quickly beefing up my investment/savings side. My goal is $750k. but if I set this goal I feel I am stepping back on the treadmill that I want so much to get off of.

Do other people feel the same?

What amount in savings/investments makes people feel financially secure.

I know it is technically related to how much our expected costs are, life expectancy. .but I am wondering if people on here struggle even when those appear to be covered?.. those who have used the FIRECALC and come up with no lines ending in zero.

How do you make that emotional decision that you are 'ok'?

I am rolling off my contract here 1/29 with no job lined up and honestly I want to take some time off and feel excited but also apprehensive to do so. 

Maybe not such a quick question but I welcome thoughts and opinions.



Job update

January 8th, 2021 at 05:14 pm

Hi everyone. My current contract is up 1/29.I did a few interviews before the Xmas break and found out yesterday that neither of those turned out. I am being put in for 2 more jobs today. Hope to hear if I am called for an interview next week. Both jobs are 'ok' and pay more than what I make now. All are contract jobs which pay per hour vs salary. In IT you can make more money that way as you always work at least 8 hours a day but some days you work more and if you are on contract you get paid for it. I am considering however going full time somewhere on salary and taking a lower stress, lower responsibility job. To do that would potentially offer me less stress, more freedom, better sense of community/belonging at work, health insurance through work and I could do something else on the side. I am going to start looking for that over the weekend. Looking for full time work requires more time and effort as application is not automatic or 1 click. but looking forward. My fastest job search cycle was 3 weeks. I am 3 weeks out from terming out at this job so I may not have a job when I term out but that is ok. I am looking forward to taking some time. Also the job I am at you can return to in 3 months (if they have work) So I am feeling excited about the possibilities of taking some time off for me and maybe taking a full time job with less stress and having a different focus in my life. My switch to the new property manager is going outstanding. Rents are solid and come in every month by the 10th like clockwork. I will fully depend on the rents as of next month but track them every month. This month I would have had over $8k for January taking out money for insurance, tax escrow and the limited # of bills I now pay