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Quick notes-health insurance, savings, rentals

February 23rd, 2017 at 08:06 am

Hi all

Quick notes

Not sure about others but I am single 46 and in good health and pay $498 a month for health insurance thru the exchange. that comes with a $6000 deductible which this year I have to pay for a knee injury. That is A LOT of money. I am hoping and betting insurance will improve and costs will go down

Many friends are in the same boat or worse

Anyway.. I put $1800 towards my rental emergency fund this month. My goal is to have that built up to $25k. The rentals if no big unforeseen expenses should give me approx $2k extra each month or more which will go the the rental emergency fund for these next few months to get that to $25k and then will go towards accelerating even further the payoff

I also am saving 25% towards the 401k and $1200 outside of that per month from salary etc

Really trying to beef up savings

I am looking at cutting costs and adding whatever I cut to savings

I have 12 months until my 3 unit (over $5000) monthly payment drops off.. so just hanging in there. 3 months after that the 2 flat payment drops off.

Work still going well. and feeling better and 'looser' and mmore positive

I will set aside time today to get the final #s on the rentals from last year but this months Net was better than ever.. so despite the tight situation now I think I am on the right track with this new property manager and with the properties as a whole. Things are artificially tight as I am insisting on the 25% 401k and I 'pay myself first' the $1200+ to savings every month and then 'make do' on the rest..

I will update true rental net from last year after I have final figures. For the past 4 years I have put quite a bit into acquiring and fixing up the rentals to a solid state.. hoping that dramatically drops off and I think it will