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Movement! for better or worse, hopefully BETTER

August 15th, 2014 at 12:41 am

HI guys.

Been really struggling as of late.. but finally getting some progress and movement.

1. Loan submittal IN.. now we wait 72 hours for approval (hopefully).. 6% rate, 30 year am, 5 year term. PERFECT.. any approval will be contingent on the appraisal.. final loan package was over 120 pages long of forms and documents.. insane!!! SO thankful I had my accountant help and he is savvy. Lot of my stress went away w just "sending this off'. Please send prayers..

2. Job.. I am submmitted for 2 jobs in Naperville and going to be in for one in Westchester.. getting lots of clls for jobs downtown and far North burbs (where I am at) .. turning them all current job is crazy.. 85% of the workforce are contractors and they let people go at 2 years (no matter whwat they are in the middle of) ... my boss is a contractor and he is 'outahere' in 3 months... hard to listen to him. Folks talk about this all the time.. 'oh how much time do you have left?" Still looking full force.. gas costs insane and driving WAS better but today was an hour forty comnig home..the head of the program I am on is at the end of her 2 years and leaves next week (in the middle of the program)... it then gets passed to my boss who leaves 3 months after. hey maybe then I will run the program.. (insane)... how do they run things like that.. morale is not super high..

3. 6 homes.. I will write a longer post on this but I switched the 6 homes back to the old Property Manager today. new one was ineffective in renting, slow, ddi not want to go out to the homes and was not able to deal creatively w non paying tenants. This guy is going to make filling that house and getting that non rent payign situation clarified. Old Pm had no showings set for this weekend, nothing in the works and I just found out this week that all the time she said she had ads in the paper/craigs list .. she did not..

very bad

Anyway the rest of my stress went away w the 6 homes transition (back)

It reminds me of Eddie Murphy Raw (I think that is the movie) w that real funny line.. he asked his girlfriend what is up and she says in an angry voice 'Ain't nothing up but the rent.."

That is the truth!! I can fix and work w a lot of things but I can not work with anything without rent coming in

Whether the old pm is my lifelong PM. I do not know. but guaranteed he will get the rent flowing again. he said he just rented another 3 bedroom and had folks left out who wanted to rent..

I will work w him on higher standards for the homes, follow up receipts.. all of which we talked about tday... my involvement in evaluating homes for rehab will help too and my contractors I trust.

these homes need someone who can Be there, has an interest and is down to earth enough to work w tenants or cut your losses and has more tools in their tool box then court (with an attorney she insists). Old PM was and is good w the 2 3 units but those are side by side.. smaller. simpler and take much less time..

Stay tuned

I am SUPER tired lately (all the stress.) but feel good with getting this loan stuff and 6 homes switch (I left her the 3 units) and job stuff in the works

thanks for the support

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