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Car update, 6 homes, job, and main home refinance

August 9th, 2014 at 07:49 pm

Hi all,

Car update. I can get a 2013 Camry Le (30-40k miles) for $15500 OR LESS (plus tax etc) and can get a 2009 (80k miles) for approx 11k. can do a 2007-2008b w near 100 miles for $8-10k

I owe $18k on the Genesis (2011) front wheel drive.. that has $33k miles now..

Next step is to actually drive a Camry. I drove one before and liked it but want to drive again.

expecting 20-25k from Tahoe and genesis should be worth $21k..


Main home refinance. Slogging away.. SO glad I have an accountant friend. I would; not get through these loans without. We hit a possible snag.. lender is wanting all info on 6 homes, 2 3 units.. submitting on Monday then news in 72 hours

I have to assemble all leases, and taxes to submit. Tiring. stressful but this loan is good.

The 8% I saw was the QUALIFYING rate. the loan is still being offered at 6% which would be awesome.

Just hanging in there and trying to stay on task. Will be so happy once it is submitted (though they may have more questions) the bulk w ill be done by Monday.

Stressed by 6 homes transition. not going super well. speaking to new PM and giving her a chance etc but researching others in the meantime. including the last guy I was with.

New property manager has some good points. but 'If I do not get rent, nothing else really matters' and she has been real ineffectual w that and does not like to go out to the homes. which is anohter thing I need.. upsettting. but working through it. I understand that there will be issues w rent from time to time which is fine but they need to be handled.. and they are not being handled..and disappointed w her method to rent out the vacant house out .. sign out front is cheap/home made and her 'Craiglist' add has pulled noone so far.

Still believe in homes but upset and stressed w this insanity..

I want t hings to smooth out so I can be moving forward again.

I have $1800 of the $3913 I need to catch up on the 6 homes from last month.. should; ahve the rest in a week or so.. that means I get a home next month.

I have NEVER had such an issue w these homes and so much stress as w this new PM

talked to my accountant I can NOt raise my exemptions any more than I have.. estimated tax return next year between $5-10k based on his forecast..

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  1. scfr Says:

    Our 1999 Camry CE just passed 160K miles and is still going strong. The last "big" maintenance we did on it was in 2008 at 120K miles and I paid $377 for that.

    Good luck with your decision! Do the Camrys you are looking at have maintenance records?

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