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Decision on car and 6 homes updates.

August 19th, 2014 at 11:45 am

Hi guys.. still feeling good w Matt the property manager.. showings today.

Anyway. I think I made a decision on the car. I will sell the tahoe.. keep the genesis and get winter performance tires ($1300 for tire wheel package). I expect to hear on the loan so will hold off to sell and payoff Genesis until then.

I DID drive the 2011 Camry and though it was very nice the saving was not enough for me to want to switch. $17500 for a Camry Le.. without sunroof, bluetooth, heated seats.. all the stuff I like and my car works, is in good shape and is large.. so staying. I did not like the leather look in the XLE and really alot of the things I wanted were extra or not avail.I think I got spoiled w this Genesis.

I will find out this week what I owe on the Genesis but likely also selling back the warranties etc.. so if I do that it may be $15k..

talked to a performance driving instructor I know and he said winter tires will be fine and that actually rear wheel drive cars steer and brake better.. so he says weight in back and winter tires on all 4. He will show me when there is snow out how to drive (so months away)

Good to MAKE a decision.

Praying for continued movement from the 6 homes.

Matt, Pm, said his maintenance guy saw 2 of the tenants 2-3 weeks ago and they were out LOOKING for another place to live because they did not like the property manager I just switched from. (would have been nice if he told me then!) Wow. Crazy. They were his first call telling tenants about the transition and apparently are not looking anymore. My homes are sortof in 'groups' except for 1 outlyer. so these two people represents TWO homes.. really maybe dodged a bullet there..

REALLY need to get these 6 homes back under control and rented.. If we save everyone else from leaving (not sure anyone is thinking of leaving!).. fill this vacant house (expect to soon) get rid of this non paying person and fill that. I should at least be getting major increase in rent but at this point i just need ANY RENT and to stop the hemorrhaging.

I meet with Matt , property manager, tomorrow to go over things, givve him keys to the rest of the homes, set NEW expectations etc..

Excited to move it forward.

My accountant says I should think of switching the 3 units at some point....3 units run smoothly now.. I will not transfer..too much volatility already.

"nothing is up but the rent' at this point. Smile

Onward..praying for calmer seas soon.

3 years 9 months of this accelerated payoff left for the 6 homes..

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  1. scfr Says:

    Congratulations on making a decision on the car.

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