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I opened a Sharebuilder account

April 11th, 2014 at 01:04 am

Hi all.

I opened a Sharebuilder account so I can start investing w small amounts. I am just trying not to lose momentum here but my main goal is to STABILIZE these rentals, get 2 roofs and save up $30k for the rental emergency fund. I only am $8650 away from my $30k fund.

I figure my part time consulting income will offset the investmnet and force me to get that going.

Got recruited for a $115/hr job .. WOW..

Far.. 60 minute drive but maybe work at home. I sent my resume. you never know. That would represent DOUBLING my income and where I work now I have an hours cap.. (40 hours).. no hours cap at this job.

Roth IRA-suggestions as to where to open or invest?

October 23rd, 2013 at 07:30 pm

Hi all,

Continuing to get motivated by this forum.

I am considering opening a ROth IRA.. Any suggestions as to where to open it (online preferred,, low fees.. good options) and investment options. I believe these can go 'self directed' as well. I use to have Sharebuilder account.

Limit is $5500 for the year but I can contribute up til 4/15/2014.. so I may wait until I hear back from my accountant friend or year end so I can determine if I have any income phase out.

So fun to read other peoples successes and results. Smile

Anyone here invest in tax deeds??