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I may be on the upswing.. main home refinance news

August 20th, 2014 at 12:50 pm

HI all

I am TRYING not to get too excited but it really appears my loan is going to be approved for the main home refinance.. which will basically take me out of the this 12% hard money loan and allow me to comfortably live in this house and settle (even if I sell it later).. house is worth $500k+.. maybe at some point I can downsize to have a lesser house (and yard) and get my front porch..I can get a home downtown (older, hardwood floors w front porch for less).. and lesser yard. I like the older homes w charm and lots are in real good shape for $400k.. so shave $100k off the mortgage up front. I will have about $180-200k equity to put down. Of course I am thinking WAY too far ahead but it is neat just to contemplate options.. I really want things to smooth out w the homes and my LIFE

I suddenly feel I have options and HOPE.

HOPE this loan works out and the 6 homes smooth out and I find work nearer to home more questions (easy ones though) and forms to fill out and docs to send but loan company (per the broker) is already setting up escrow accounts and asked Me for the contact information to get the payoff

Hoping for full approval this week (subject to appraisal)

Prayers please..

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  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Most promising mortgage update so far! Fingers crossed it continues to go through without a hitch.

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