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Updates, rental and 401k

February 29th, 2016 at 04:26 pm

HI all

Quick updates

ALMOST done w gathering all info from taxes. Hoping to get LOTs back but not sure this year as I have the '6 homes payoff' and more income and other stuff. Hopefully my accountant can give me a rough idea in a few days

I decided NOT to sell the Victorian house. at least not right now. It is rented, does well and I have done so much large fix up (new roof, soffits, gutters etc) that I do not think it makes sense right now PLUS I found a way to ask Section 8 for a rent increase even with the tenant in there

We have a potential tenant for that one vacant house.. we will hope to firm that up early this week. Fingers crossed that works out. She want to move in right away. 1 lady, 7 year old kid, very good references

My net rents are SUBSTANTIALLY higher w this new management company. hope that continues.. be interesting to compare last year to this year

exactly 2 years left on the 3 units.. payoff 3/2018

My 401k is matched 3% a year but deposited all at once. so interested to see what that deposit is for last year (I carry the expected match to the left). I should have that match in the next 2 weeks



Rental update and general life stuff

February 15th, 2016 at 03:34 pm

Hi all

ALL rents in this month, have an application on that one vacant house (hope it turns out) and lots of showings set up. 2 of the 3 units coming up for renewals in 75 days (the point the system throws alerts) so either will turn them over or renew. I can expect to get $50 more if turned over but as I look at my list of larger things I want to do I want to spend less on general turnover. In either case, my turn over cost are MUCH less than last year.

I feel so much better controlling and reviewing the 'fix up work' between tenants. I get to know the homes more and feel in general less stressed.

I have a list of items I want to do this year (improvement type things) to the homes .. but really all improvements should last a number of years so once I get this final round done should be just repair/cosmetic

I do my big excel sheet today (on the rental costs from last year). it was supposed to be systemized and easy and it will be this year but from last year I have the old property manager who gave me no reports for the past however long and then just one long excel sheet at the end

Anyway. still on target to pay off these 3 units march, 2018. if I buy this 2 flat I will set that up to pay off by then too

Feeling better in general about my health/future ( I got sortof thrown for a loop with Dad getting sick so fast) but looking forward to doing other new things, jobs, volunteering and incorporating that into life now

Still have no concrete plan to get this main house mortgage down. I want it to be under $100k by 6/2018.. that is my only goal with no clear path

I DID hear loan rules changed and may be able to switch to a 15 year if that is the case and keep the same ppayment but just 1/2 the term which wil help quite a bit

We shall see

VERY GLAD I switched property managers. one of my better MORE IMPACTFUL decisions in a long time.

Investments are WAY DOWN but just putting in more each month. and have the 401k at 25% . that is the amount I need to do to get to $18k by July1 (current contract end date). It will be fun to see the big change in investment value when things go the other way but for right now with things going down it is sortof scary.

Got some interest in that house. We have a call today. So will see on that. I will share later.

I Do still want to upgrade neighborhoods but do not want to give the house away either but sometimes it is better to cut your losses.

Update on house for sale and maybe buying a 2 flat

February 9th, 2016 at 03:16 am

HI all

Still trying to make my $8000/month goal

ALL rents in and some with late fees
House we fixed up and are renting looks great.. LOTS of showings... hope it rents soon

House for sale. got 2 serious calls. hoping they turn into something

Looking into buying a 2 flat

B area, good shape, rents easily and fully occuped, rents total $1800, cost $74k. with $30k down and can do a seller financing contract for the rest $44k. NET profit if paid off now would be $900.. Payment at 5% over 4 years is $1013. Seller already agreed to a contract and 5%, inspecting it and getting more details Wednesday. House will pay for ITSELF on a 4 year term.

I am keeping track monthly this year of what my NET profit would be after all expenses and tracking that so I have true #s..

So far this has been the net

I still owe $125k on the 2 3-units which will be paid off 3/2018. NET is the true net (if 3 units paid off at current rents). Laundry $ is extra and is cash. tha t is on top of the NET figure. This reflects since the new company took over. #s are not full occupancy. November was down 2 rents and legal costs.

NET Laundry
NOV $4,603.00
DEC $6,018.00 180
JAN $5,517.00 323

Listing a house on Craigs List

February 4th, 2016 at 06:21 pm

Hi all

Today I am listing that Victorian house on Craigs List. I figured it was worth a whirl. It is a good solid house but not in the best area and is a HUGE victorian which has not been updated in some time.. so possible large costs to rehab it when the long term tenant moves out. She has lived there 13 years.

I will let you all know how it goes. I plan to write the ad to appeal to investors only and sell it for cash.

Other homes are going well. no major issues and working on improvements as I go along.

Work on the house that was just vacated will complete today and apparently we are getting lots of calls already

Still VERY happy I switched property managers.