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Networth at end of year 2014-interesting results

December 23rd, 2014 at 10:14 pm

hi all

This is the first of probably a few posts as I go through the numbers

General results this year

1. $40,207 total savings (went to Roth, rentals, emergency fund and investment savings) .. still .. wow.. lot to save!
2. $249,882 increase in networth off of last year-mostly from primary home ownership and rentals
3. only $1099 OVER yearly budget for rentals for maintenance/repair and vacancy budget. BUT did lots of long term repair items this year.
4. $31,595 in long term improvement to rentals-includes 2 new roofs, fixing 2 roofs, water fix at that one house, and updating 2 homes and updating 2 3 units
5. $220 DECREASE in negative cash flow over last year on the rentals
6. ABOVE decrease is primarily in 6 homes. 3 units had INCREASED negative cash flow to budget

Will study some more and list accomplishments. trying to diary the journey. this was a big year..

Set some new financial goals to the left

I get my next free and clear house 2/2016

My main goals continue to be to smooth out the rentals, keep my job and have enough cash reserves. there is no leeway in 6 homes/3 units payments and the deal was signed assuming I would NOT have a primary mortgage payment until 2016 or later. That is why things are so much tighter than expected.

Need to rebuild rental emergency fund to $15k asap and considering increasing the personal (lose my job) fund to 4 months which would be $14780. 5 months is $18475

Need to sell this Tahoe

Rescue interested in the cage bank has not been in touch lately and I am thinking they are struggling to get the funds. I put in a call today.

3 unit update and other updates

December 19th, 2014 at 01:59 pm

Hi all

feeling better today.. almost Christmas too.

I have been wondering why I am so much 'shorter' this year. I took off time last year and felt good about it.. this year I need to impact savings to take off and am only taking off a few days.. but it is good for the soul to have rest and take off from thsi insanity

Anyway last year I had no mortgage and full income from the 2 flat.. so I must have been rolling in cash

I want THOSE days back. haha. Smile

3 unit update. Talking to the NEW property manager (that has the 6 units) felt very good with our talk. he is calling people next week w transition info and sending something out

No blips in 6 homes and I PAID off the roof and gutters so I have done an insane amount of upgrade/fix up work on those 6 homes and survived (and saved some)

Next year we may have to turn over a few of the 3 units which is fine.. if we can get them turned over quickly w good tenants and HIGHER rent.

I discussed the issues now w the 3 unit so this new guy is prepared

We are not going to be lenient like the other PM was..

My phrase (said partly in jest) 'nothing is up but the rent' (from an eddie murphy movie) and the old PM was very bad with collections and running a tight ship.

Anyway. goal is to markedly close the gap w those 3 units so i have little to no negative cash flow

and maybe turn over 1 more section 8 house to raise the rent by $300

We shall see what makes sense and how the 3 units go

In for 3 jobs but not expecting news until after the new year

One in Naperville. One in Warrenville and one at my old company (REMOTE!! or work in local office which is 5 minutes away)

Fingers crossed.

Hope everyone is having an exciting close to the year.. can not wait to calculate results and set new goals for the new year

Did not get job

December 17th, 2014 at 05:59 pm

HI all

I did NOT get the job.. they went with an engineer turned project manager instead (the mgr had sortof hinted at that BUT they said I am welcome to apply elsewhere in teh company and they will recommend me. I will! Large bank. lots of job always popping up) AND I heard on that other job (that was on hold) .. they are closing the role due to layoffs.


ON a high note. I am going for another job at a prior company.. Downers Grove location.. pays the same and 6 month contract to hire AND also going for a job at my last company (the one I left a few months ago). Job is based in Brown Deer Wisconsin (head of their network operations center) but it is routine for folks to w work at home. so I will explore that. I now have VERY good written references from my co workers to use too and their contacts.. Making calls today.

I am already in for job #1.. Downers Grove.. $65/hr contract to hire. would love to work there again. worked there for 4 years. got merged out then was called back to run their outsourcing contract. so from an IT perspective I know their technology AND the technology and staff where they outsourced.,I reached out to a coworker who just so happens to be a VP now and this role in in his organization. He says he will make sure I get 'due consideration'

They are not looking at resumes til after xmas though

For the other job. Brown Deer job at the comapny I just left. I am going to talk to the headhunter now and see if I can get a phone screen and sell myself for the work at home. . I have no problem driving out there every so often though.

that is contract to hire with a hire salary of $115-120k

Jobs will open up in the new year too but I am only looking super local right now. at home or near Naperville

Fingers crossed.

Got dealt a bad blow there yesterday but still fighting

I REALLY want to settle somewhere so I can stop this crazy job search every year or two so contract to hire is optimal.

Feeling I have until at least March at my job now.. it DOES pay well.. and I ccan get some overtime.. just the drive.. politics and lack of stability.

Onward. Smile

3 unit update and job update

December 16th, 2014 at 12:50 am

HI all

No interview results yet. Tomorrow am they say. Got a lead on what looks like an awesome job. infrastructure project manager at a company I used to work full time for in 2004. Pays more than the 'interview job'.. I know people .. fun atmosphere, close to home and contrct to HIRE! I am being submitted for it

3 units news. been quiet about that as I am getting so frustrated. 3 units turn over at the end of this month. That vacant unit. STILL NOT filled.. well sortof filled.. Property manager said it was filled and move in date was 12/1..that date came and went.. Pm says he can not come in due to work . then each week he was going to pay something.. and move in 'that weekend'.. today I call PM (he was going to pay thsi weekend and move in). did NOT pay in full..I told her the unit should not have been taken off the market if rent was not inn hand and security deposit.. she says she knows this guy etc.. and this is a one time case.. a large expense last month...child support mix up.. I asked her to send me his application in the am, lease and proof of income. She gets huffy and asks if I want to rerent it > I said I would let her know in the am and if so I will transition immediately. I said I do not care what issues he has or that she knows him I care that he is going to pay the rent on time on the first for the next year. She says she knows what is going on and that is why she feels comfortable. I said I do not and it is your job to convey what is going on so I do understand and feel comfortable if it makes sense to do so. Someone else is paying $100 late too and I asked when that was coming in and she says 'it was either that or the electric bill.. it will be in next week'

I said I wish I could solve everyone issues but I can not .. I have bills too and I need the rent.


The issues with her if you recall have been RENT COLLECTION and filling of units quickly! I can not stress how easy these should be to rent.. and to thikn she held it without a dime after saying it was filled. lease signeed.

Only possible good thing is the she SAYS (we will see what she sends) but she SAYS lease is signed for Dec 1 and so he is paying in full for this month. (or so she says)

Hopefully job news tomorrow..and get this 3 unit straightened out.

I am expecting some turnover at the 3 units next year.


Interview update

December 13th, 2014 at 07:38 pm

HI all.

Thanks for the well wishes..

interview update..mixed.

I was supposed to meet with 3 people.. 2 semi-peers and the director of the group.

One peer was not there. his Mom had some emergency

Met with the first guy for an HOUR.. crazy.. speech held up (remember I stutter.. its get worse if I am tired, stressed or sick and unfortunately I focus on it when nervous and focusing makes it worse).. Anyway interview went WELL.

30 minutes left or so I though.. Boss comes in and we talk for an HOUR (this is 'hard speech situation so to talk for 2 hours straight in a stressful situation really wiped me out).. anyway not the friendly expressive type.. (at all). shot me some rapid fire questions..said he lets the other two screen people so he said he 'was sure I can do the job'.. he said he more interviews for personality and FIT.. Said 3 times that folks from an 'engineering background' do best in this role.. I am not from an engineering background. He gave no 'buy signals' and wished me well.. said 'if I talk to you next it will be in that room (where the group sits) .. if not. have a Happy Holiday'

So.. I do not have the super positive/sure thing feeling I had with the last job but I do not feel negative. I DO think the peers have the MOST influence and my sense was they really liked me.

My written references from their client partner were a HUGE HIT and hoping the rest was.. 3 people were interviewed. I was last. They talk Monday or Tuesday (whenever that guy with his sick Mom gets back) and will make a decision. I am the ONLY one who did not meet with all 3 . though I did talk to that 3rd guy on the phone and he seemed impressed them obviously.

I was LESS interested in the job after meeting w the boss.. (did not click with him) but after thinking about it .. talking to my references friends whoever. I still want it and REALLY want it and this is a MEGA bank that is GROWING so I can get in.. work 12-18 months on contract and switch groups or get hired or whatrever and EVEN if I do not like it .. .I can find a job MUCH easier with a part work at home job then this insane 3 hour a day commute job I have now.

So FINGERS crossed but more Scared Nervous than normal as the boss interview was not overtly positive (though it was not overtly negative either)

I DID call on the Oak Brook job. I am still first in line.. they laid off 100 people last week but say that role is still funded, open and needed.. Maybe that will turn out.

Just need OUT of this crazy job I am at before I get let go.

CEO stepped down last week .. to give the job to someone on the merging company..reorgs and layoffs are rampant.


Interview day-wish me well.

December 12th, 2014 at 02:17 pm

HI all

interview day.. 1pm to 2:30.. got my suit.. studied.. a little nervous.. going in with 2 written references (from the similar company that is a partner of this company) and already sent call references.

I am one of 3 ..

Fingers crossed and prayers. I will apparently find out right away like Monday/Tuesday next week.

Got the face to face interview!

December 9th, 2014 at 11:23 pm

HI all

I got the face to face interview at that place.. Friday at 1pm.. 1 1/2 hours long.

I am calling all my references tomorrow.. studying.. RELAXING and praying

I will work at home that day and then do the interview. 3 were called back and this job is pretty competitive

Prayers. This might just work out.

To make what I make now I have to work 46 hours a week at this other job (equivalent to 40 at my old job but does not take into cost savings of working so close to home and less time per day)... overtime is frequent at this other job and since it is either at home or 5 minutes a way that is not a big deal.

when I work 40 hours a week at this job I have now .. I am actually gone 55+ hours with the 3 hour commute each day.

Gas savings potential $350 a month!

Clothing savings.. eating out for lunch savings and general lower stress and MORE time to explore other income opportunities or whatever.. just live life!

Fingers crossed.

Job interview went well!

December 9th, 2014 at 04:01 am

HI all

Job interview. phone interview.. hour and a half..crazy but WENT WELL!!

$56/ hr (I make $65/hr now).. but THREE (count them.. THREE OR MORE) work at home days.. and the rest is LOCAL Naperville.. similar job to my last job (not the one I have the one BEFORE it).. network project manager for banks.

18 month contract or contract to hire. apparently LOTS of work.. and overtime (at straight rate). average 45-50 hrs a week .

Really want it..

I hear on if they want me in for a face to face in the next few days or by early nexxt week.

FINGERS crossed.. This is with a BIG BANK.. (people in Naperville must know which one) but super excited and hopeful..

Fingers doubly crossed.

I have to have 2 things happen now.. (1) asked back for face to face (2) I will be 1 of 3 if asked back and then get through that and get an offer.

So mch want anohter job

The other Oakbrook job is NOT dead yet (pays $65/hr but in Oakbrook) so I may hear on that in a week or so but they are going through a reorg.


Got a new credit card and investments are going up

December 6th, 2014 at 04:12 pm

HI all

a NON real estate post for once!

Closed my yearly fee credit card (only had 1.5 years in it so no big impact to my credit score) and swapped it for a no fee.. low rate.. 1.5% reward card . I am charging all my food, general stuff now so I can keep track and get rewards.

Switched my retirement investments to a health care fund.. hopefully long term and getting good returns..

I will be so happy when all my 3 accounts (roth, ira and personal investment) are over $10k. One just passed the $10k mark. Definitely starting small (after the big fall) but stabilizing and accelerating

Looking forward to another possibly wild ride next year and some more increased savings. Despite the craziness this year I really felt I came out well with still managing to save through it.

Have pretty much cut costs to the bone except food and misc which this 'put all on credit card' idea will help me track and cut that as I can.

Have a good day all.

talking to 6 homes guy for roof status today (warm enough now) and the 3 unit lady to talk on that transfer and see if her renter ever moved in


Got to get a job now.. layoffs and terminations are accelerating at work.. 5 gone last week... 2 of them on MY PROJECT TEAM.. and I was involved in the budgetting last week for my project.. main budget ends in March . I was budgetted for 45 hours but it goes to approval (I have to present it) Tuesday.

Projections-5 year goal

December 4th, 2014 at 09:48 pm

Hi all

Diarying.. got into a crazy car situation today. hit something in the road . got an instant flat in the LEFT lane on 290.. where there is no shoulder.. had to cross 4 lanes with one tire flat and cars whizzing by to get to the right shoulder. Anyway. I am ok (working at home) and new tire and tire fix are free.

Projections. Diarying this so I can see how they change.

5 year goals are to the left.. I am looking LOW for savings and main house payoff. NOt sure if I will push to pay the house off but I think I WIll push the payoff on the 3 units early by 5/2019 . then all rentals are paid for.Savings will be hard to increase from my rate now unless I make more somehow. Estimates in the below are high for savings but like to set goals high vs low.

3 unit management contract cancelled, job, year end progress

December 4th, 2014 at 12:06 am

HI all

I cancelled the 3 unit property management contrct today in writing. Cancel date the end of the month. I expect to talk to her tomorrow. Contract calls for 60 days notice but betting she will not hold me to it. No word on if the new renter moved in. Last I talked to her which was Monday pm. she had the lease signed and almost all monies and he was going to move in this week

This is a REALLY long time.. to wait to turn it over and cost to turn over. $1400.. crazy!!

One of my goals for 2015 is to raise ALL rents there to at least $630..$650 each will Completely close my negative gap.

Trying to wind up the year strong .. trying to get that Tahoe sold.. and wind up some other stuff.

Roofs WILL be done this year and PAID for and I expect to be able to get the real estate emergency fund back up to at least $13k by year end (goal is $15k). I have already remmoved the roof funds from the #s to the left by the way.

IF I have to turn over multiple apartments out of the 3 units that will be a cost but I think a well worth it one with high benefits

Also may turn over one more house.. current rent $ $1050-1150.. section 8. That person has lived there 8-10 years and no longer qualifies for a 3 bedroom (only a 1 bedroom) so her portion went way up and she is not able to pay it long term. in fact right now.. she gets a $100 personal discount because I did not want to turn it over during the "property manager switch over-2homes vacant-esclating costs fiasco in July-August" so a few thousand there to turn that over.. but after this main updating in the homes is done (and 3 units) any future near term turnover should be less.. also will start to request 1.5 months security from now on on the 3 units. Section 8 rents are frozen due to the sequester on existing tenants so I can only get rent increases if I turn the units over.

Semi-word on that one job. they ARE going through a re-organization and the recruiter is still trying to find out info.. Meanwhile I got a phone screen for a network project manager job at a hgue Naperville company.. $56 an hour but part at home. and 5-10 minutes away when I am at work.. long term contract. I make $65/hr now.

That is Monday at 2pm. I will study up before hand.

Excited for the new year.

Have a great day everyone.