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My Vanguard selection

January 23rd, 2018 at 04:09 pm

Hi all

Thanks for your advice. I picked VTSAX.. Vanguard Total Stock index admiral fund (lower costs) for my taxable funds.I am really happy to have my funds back at Vanguard!

No other news. 3 more payments on the 3 units. cabinets come Thursday for the 2 flat. countertop next week. Have a short punch list of items to do at the 2 flat that I will have the mgmt company do.

Hoping to have it ready to rent by first thing next week.I can show it without the countertops and w the punchlist done and then will have the city by for a final certificate of occupancy late the NEXT week (fingers crossed)


Funds arrived in my Vanguard account!

January 19th, 2018 at 02:24 pm

Hi all

vanguard funds finally arrived in my account (the funds from Schwab) I was planning on doing a target date fund for all. Most are taxable funds. some are rollover or IRA. Any things I should consider or am missing here. It will be fun to set up auto withdrawal to go into savings/investments again!

I am wondering if a target date fund is the way to go or if I shoudl just invest in the underlying funds target funds invest in. The reason is I can invest in the 'admiral' version of those underlying funds paying a .04 % cost vs .16% for the target funds. of course if I buy the underlying funds I have to manage the percentage in each fund over time. thoughts?

Cabinets go in Thursday at the 2 flat
Counters the week after Wednesday

Almost there

Low month w rentals. I am missing 1 house rent and have LOTS of costs w the pipes freezing. I also did not change my 401k soon enough and it was still set to 40% from last year so my check was halfed

I will somehow make it through but my 2 flat debt payoff goal for this month is unlikely to be hit

I will post 2 flat total debt numbers on the side once I have firm total.. still accruing at this point but ALMOST DONE

School is way more work than I had thought.. struggling but exciting and good

Glad work is slower..but more money is always welcome

3 more payments due on the 3 units. Those payments are over $5k a month. Once those drop I will put tjhat money towards the 2 flat debt and then in June reevaluate and maybe put it towards investments

Still trying to pay off all 2 flat fix up debt by end of June and have only $30k left owed on the 2 flat loans.


Net worth and results from 2017

January 10th, 2018 at 07:55 pm

Hi all

Networth attached from the end of last year and I met all goals except increasing my investments to $380k. I was almost $43k short. That was due to the excessive money put into the 2 flat. I want to have at least 50% of my networth be savings and investments. Right now i am at 22%

I also started school last year. Masters in Ministry leadership.

2 flat carpet and appliances go in today. so on the home stretch!

I will set new goals next shortly. Rentals are definitely stabilizing but w the income from those and this job I need to take some steps to save taxes. I am talking to my accountant on that.


1. $425k in Total Investments
2. Rental emergency fund $18k+
3. Personal emergency fund $15k+
4. Payoff 3 units
5. $20k left on 2 units or SOLD

Final 6 months of 5 year goal

January 9th, 2018 at 05:00 pm

Hi all

I will post 2017 #s shortly. I am 6 months from my original end goal timeframe.. end of June 2018 is the end of my 5 years.

My original goal was to pay off all original properties by then.. towards that I have the 3 units to pay off ($15k owed.. payoff end of March). I should reach that goal.I bought several other properties since and my other goal (new goal) is to have $30k left to pay on the 2 flat.. by June 2018.. Stretch challenging goal w all the overages. I have no other rental property debt I asked the broker to sell all my funds in preparation of again moving to Vanguard and setting up shop there. There fees are lower and it easier to send in small amounts. I will take a tax hit to do this which is why I waited until after the new year but better now then later. I feel my decision is a good one.

2 flat painting/misc is DONE. What is left is : cabinets, carpet, counter and final city inspection. I will have final quotes on all hopefully by tomorrow.

I will order carpets, appliances today. hope to have tthem brought yet this week. I will push for cabinets Friday or first thing next week. We can start to show after the cabinets are in but I can not have occupants until the city walks through (we fix any remaining items they find. hopefully nothing) and the counter tops are installed which will be 7 days after the cabinets

Home stretch!!

I will decide to sell it or not in March

Other homes going 'well' except major cold related issues.. 3 homes w pipes that burst..2 minor.. 1 not so minor and requires a plumber (hopefully coming tommorrow). others were fixed by the property mgmt firm. People did not keep heat high enough or run water in the pipes despite being warned and advised to do so.

I am feeling better today... like I am finally seeing the end of this BIG HARD TREADMILL like existence and goal I have been under

I plan to work this high dollar job all this year and will reevaluate next year

School starts TODAY.. Taking Old Testament, Intercultural ministry and Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

Hours are still VERY LOW at work.. hoping to catch a larger project in March.. no foreseeable hope for more hours until then. I barely have 10 hours of work as it is but can bill 40.