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JOb update, 6 homes, main home refinance

July 26th, 2014 at 03:19 pm

Hi all.,
THANKS for the feedback and ideas for the commute. I will try to leave later next week (leave 7:45am and come home at 4:30 pm .. (get home at 6).. that way I can work out in the am and get stuff done and feel normal and not be so sleep deprived. Going to library today for books on tape.

Boss gets back Tuesday will ask him if I can work at home 2 days a week.. Friday's drive was EASY by the way and coincidentally that is the day I did both my interviews so that is why my estimates were so screwed up. Turns out FRiday everyone works at home. If I get 2 work at home days (and I will push for them.. others have them) I will take Mon, Wed work at home, Tues/Thurs office and Fridays drive was easy so office there too.

Got feelers out for jobs... per recruiters we are in a job lull right but expecting it to pick up in Aug/Sept w budgets. I want a work at home job.. even part work at home..
Loan appraisal ordered.. should happen early next week (will have to work at home or take day off).. need $525k value

6 homes.. fix up on that one house is done.. looking at it in 30 shoudl rerent fast (guy said he had people stopping by during rehab). House next door (rent situation) Lady asked for rent help for one month from the county and if she gets that she can catch up in full within a month. She wants to stay she says. I feel I do not have a handle on that at all. I am the ONLY ONE talkking to her. THe new PM is saying 'well I called her and left messages' and then she sends a letter. I need someone who can aggressively get a handle on things. I told her this last week I need her to go out there and figure out what is going on and 'assess' the situation and give me her opinion. Basically I feel I am running these homes myself and I do not have time for that. Some other miscommunications occurred too. I talk to new PM today but she does not appear to 'have the time' to get out to the homes and does not appear to want too (has complained several times about the time she is putting in). .Doing what???. You can not run these homes entirely from your office and phone. Sometimes you have to earn your money. Anyway frustarted in her unwilingness to 'get things done'.

That is a WHOLE POST which I will post later today.

Frustrated and strained w the 6 homes situation. I did a pros/cons of each property manager and went over it w some people and w the 'cons' I listed if they were 'fixable' or 'able to be mitigated;

I will share later for thoughts and I want thoughts.

Not giving up on mew Pm and she has some good points which I have learned from and can take elsewhere but her inability or unwillingness to jump in or lack of time is a BIG ISSUE. I can not run these homes by myself. Even w the 'rehab'. I am running it all on my own.. w Matt (other guy) he could meet contractors etc.. remind me of stuff I forget and 'get it done'

W this lady not paying.. (course I do not know the following) but I am fairly certain based on past experiences. He would have called until he reached her or stopped by until he reached her.. assessed the situation (yes she is going to pay. no she is not.. lets rerent it) and coordinated the move out or clearly established guidelines for the payments..I would not be sitting here in the dark.. calling her myself.. Crazy!

W this house (rehabbing) he woudl have had it up on the market by now (probably w it in such good shape had folks lined up to rent it or be investigating backgrounds already etc) and reminded me of stuff the contractor just did today and taken care of it. I do not ahve time to be hands on w these homes. I need someone who can be actively involved.. I told the new PM that I can make calls.. (and I have made calls and gotten through) I pay her to do more.

Frustrated and needs these homes smoothed out so I can move on to other stuff..

Too much energy spent being frustrated and less total energy available w this insane job.

I do not want to get off track and am off track now so need to get back ON. I am happier that way.

Updates,. job, main home refinance

July 24th, 2014 at 11:05 pm

HI all

At this point just diarying..

Not my usual (hopefully) upbeat self.

REALLY REALLY down and discouraged.

Both work at home jobs fell throough.. no word from my old boss but do not have super hope w that. Each day at work is worse and worse. It is unbelievable to me that I have to go back there tomorrow and next week and whatever

I hate it. Rush hour back.. no matter what time I leave is at least an hour and a half.

I am exhausted after work (not from work.. work is easy) from the drive.. feet hurt.. back hurts.. stressed out of my mind. ANGRY (at who. I do not know.. LIFE .. ME!!??)


I jhave moments of calm where I am tryign to think of ways to immprove things/not focus on it/be positive/get productive.. whatever.. whatever.... today I listened to 'Oprah' on xm (get my mind off it) but really that can only last so long.. I am in the carfor an hour and half stop and go.. Friday is coming up.I can not imagine what that traffic will be like..and there is NO WAY OUT. I have to drive home and no matter when I do.. it is the same rush hour trafic..leaving at 3pm is just as bad..

I am feeeling sortof like the life and enjoyoment is being sucked out of me. I am so tired all the time.

Main home refinance.. still ongoing. my frustration w that is probably because I am so angry and stressed and TIRED all the time

Anyway.. they raised the points to 2.. so 4 points total.. 2 to broker, 2 to bank, 6%, 30 years, 5 year arm. they raised hte loan to $315k to cover all costs. I do not want to add debt w this so was trying to pay it all myself. (I did not know they need taxes paid in full thsi uyear. was hoping to use that towards costs).. SSTILL FAXING in endless docs.. They think house will appraise at $525k. I am SO DISCOURAGED AND UPSET..can not think anymore.

Just VERY DISCOURAGED and impacting everything

Loan payment would be over $1100 less than what it is now..

I was thinking of selling my car today (truck) just so I could take some time off and search for a job that way. I seriously can NOT imagine showing up again day after day after day. I need to maintain working w a paychedck while this loan goes through..

I am also thinking (and you can think I am insane and post comments ) of getting a doctors note that I injured my foot, broke my leg whatever, totalled my car.. ANYTHING so I can work at home for a week or two to get my head on straight and get hopefully a good start on job searching. Absent htat I will ask my boss if I can work at home starting next week for 2 days (norm is 1 day after 3 months) I can not last that long.

In the contracct world.. jobs come fast. so really from the time I get contacted to 'hearing if hired or not' is generally 2- 3 weeks and just having that RESOLVED will lower my stress and discouragemnet 10 million fold. .. even if I start 2 weeks after that

That and having this loan CLOSE and the 6 homes smoothed out

I do not have energy to deal w 6 homes right now.

New job update

July 22nd, 2014 at 10:27 pm

HI all

New job update. REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD> I am so upset.. travel is WAY LONGER than I had thgouht.. WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!longer and MUCH MORE stressful.

I called my boss after the end of hte first day and asked if I could have my old job back and am recontacting that work at home job and am active on careerbuilder. I should hear on both tomorrow and Friday. I feel so bad I took this.

Drive in is an hour there and drive back seems 1 hour 15 or and 30.. all death defying stop and go.. rollover car accident today and passed 3 flat tires.. really it is only a mtter of time until I get into an accident or an incident

If the job was nearer it would be great but if the drive is like this now I can not imagine hitting an accident, snow, rain anything..

I left at 3:40 pm today and got home at 5:20 and this morning I left at 6:15 to get their early so I could leave early. I can hardly sleep at night I am so upset and worreid that i have to be up on time to leave on time. I have no time to do anything in the am and am too upset stressed from the stop and go drive to do anything after work and thsi is with flex time!

Work at home 1 day a week shoudl start in a month (some people say 3 months wait though). and only 1 day a week. I simply can not live like this...I am exhausted stressed and angry

I will actively search for another job and hope one of the two calls I made comes through (if I get my old job back it is short term so I will look for a work at home job or LOCAl job from there) ..

I made a MAJOR MISTAKE taking this job.


New job jitters

July 21st, 2014 at 02:02 am

HI all,

New job jitters. I start tomorrow.I should know 3 people there already.. none were super great friends but 'work friends' (all guys. I want some girl friends! to laugh and joke with ).. I have to dress dressy business casual for this job and drive (just looked it up).. FORTY miles each way.

REALLY wishing those work at home job worked out and wondering if I should have held out for one.. having regrets.. second thoughts based on the drive and dressing up. I have not had to do either in possibly 6 years..

So NEW change.

HOPE it is not as bad as i am working it up to be in my mind. JHearing about those (seemingly GOLDEN) work at homes jobs really changed my perspective... sortof like when a salesman shows you something you fall in love with and then find out you can not afford.

Anyway.. onward.. I will leave an hour and half early tomorrow but normal drive should take 45-50 minutes.. some guy I know lives out here too so I will ask him his route.

Hoping to start flex time asap so I can get their early and leave early.

I CAN NOT WAIT until I am not so tied into making as much money as I can .. just want these 6 homes to smooth out and then eventually get paid off and everything else to smooth out too. It did not appear difficult to make $100k or $50 hr with work at home or Naperville jobs.. just do not want to take that drop right now.

Should hear on loan tommorrow (in writing)and possibly the 2nd chance $60/work at home job..

Afraid I will ahve much less freedom and flexibility and time with this job I took.

MAJOR pre job second guessing happening over here.

I am starting either Atkins or hte Wheat Belly diet tomorrow to drop 10 lbs and resuming working out. I drop weight easily but have not been working out at all. Working out MAJORLY helps my stress and confidence.. I never did gain the weight back I lost on Atkins (4 lbs) but want to have these slacks fit looser again.

Prayers that the loan and 6 homes work out quikly this week.. TOO MUCH going on!!

I am still actively looking for work trying to mail down a work at home job.. if I suddenly fall in love w this job I have I will stay but until them seeking nearer and work at home

Will start looking at cars.. Honda, Toyota or Nissan Altima to start figuring out the car decision. (used)

Updates -6 homes (positive)

July 19th, 2014 at 10:16 pm

6 homes update.

The house section 8 lady vacated and we are turning non section 8 for a big rent increase.. -Clean up and fix up in the works!! (new paint, light fixtures, faucets, appliances.. *she took hers*, carpet and general fix up and clean out). will increase rent at least $300. trying for $400. To be done Thursday and then start showing immediately!! THIS will be the house I take deed too first (September)

Other house (next door) where lady was late w rent. I talked to her myself and her reduced income situation appears short term. She wants to stay, wants to pay, house is clean inside. I got some $ from her today and expecting the rest next week. She is aware if she does not come up with it we need her to leave asap. I think that will smooth out. I said I want to do some fix up there too.. this will be the 2nd home I take deed too.

Excited to see how these homes turn out and to SMOOTH things out.

Doing a LOT of fix up in the 6 homes.. in past 3 months (3 water heaters, 4 sump pumps, 1 roof and now this whole house fix up, several leaks, lingering issues fixed too). Also completing an outdoor drain system for these 2 homes next to each other (above) and fixed the foundations on them.. (last years posts)

So ALOT.. THANKFUL you guys encouraged me to get a larger emergency fund. thankful I found some good people to do the work (still finding people) and potentially thankful for this new property manager (still evaluating her) and thankful for my accountants support and encouragement

IF (when this works out) I will have 6 fully paid off easy to rent homes in 3 years 10 month time. I am not kidding myself I need to do 2 more roofs (in the near future) and probably will uncover some more mid-large fixes next month (property manager going through each house and making a punch list per house) but if I can survive this year I think it will drastically reduce and improve. I will likely reduce my savings this year to do this.. Budget though with FULL RENT is $750 a month for repairs.. so basically once the large things are taken care of I have $ to nip away at these punch list and rebuild my funds.

THANKFUl I am have a good job too and a fairly easily marketable skill set.

I can not afford a job loss or job break right now so closely watching contract end dates etc from now on..

The 2 3 units continue to plod along (they have no delayed maintenance items) and we will raise rents in the fall. they are paid off in 2019.

I anticipate reducing my rental emergency fund by $5k more in the next month or so to pay for all this and potentialy another roof and the drains (not in yet) but hoping for the motorcycle guy (owes me $6 k.. talked to him Friday) to come through soon and just saving as much as I can each month.. also have the possible sale of car(s) and got $1500 more stuff to sell on Craigs list... ALso next year should be getting a $10k tax refund.

Surviving (crunching numbers right now big time) and looking forward.

Prayers for main home refinance and 6 homes to settle down.

Updates (positive), new job, main home refinance, 6 homes

July 19th, 2014 at 09:59 pm

Hi all,

Whirlwind week (seems longer). My boyfriend took me on an impromptu 4 day trip to Gatlinburg, TN,, nice ...stayed in a cabin, did the zipline, hiking and other stuff.. We took the Genesis and it got over 30 mph.. still figuring out the cars.. now thinking to either sell Tahoe/keep Genesis or sell both and get something like a Camry or Accord (used). Figuring that out

JOBS.. NEITHER of the 100% remote jobs worked out yet. First one at $60.. I responded incorrectly to a VOIP question (saying I did not use it that much) and later found out the job was mostly project managing VOIP.. WHOOPS!. MAJOR error in prep by the recruiting house. Anyway they have other PM jobs and are considering me for those (hopefully). $65/hr job. no response but they have hired 2 people.. recruiter concerned job is filled and I got in too late. We shall see. I start my NEW job Monday.. $65/hr.. large company.. 50 minutes from home but flex time and 1 work at home day a week (after a month on the job). I WILL STILL LOOK for a 100% remote job in the 60-65/hr range. Got a few new blouses and am approx 10lb overweight for several outfits.. my incentive to lose.

MAIN HOME REFINANCE.. exhausting but we 'appear' to have good news. I say 'appear' because I do not have paperwork yet.. Approved through 'pre underwriting' at 6%, 5 year term, 30 year amortization, 1 point to the bank, 1 or 2 to the broker .. HOWEVER they will only do 60% loan to value (loan I have now is 65% LTV)..appraisal soon.. house must appraise at $495k or better. Broker is NOT concerned w the appraisal coming in based on what he looked up online etc. I AM concerned based on the fiasco last time. They asked for my title company from last time and have contacted them for a quote on a 'updated title' and hten will get me the Good faith estimate and term sheet. PRAYERS and fingers crossed. They want to close by the FIRST.. (9 days .. insane. .) This will use up much of my emergency fund to do this but will be worth while big time

Post is getting long will update 6 homes on next post..

2nd thoughts on new job and no loan news (cringing)

July 11th, 2014 at 11:18 am

Hi all,

Changing news.. a little stressful.

Last day of work for me is today. I am a senior project manager for datacenter migrations at the worlds largest banking services provider basically in the world. If you have a bank we deal with it. First day at at work at new job is the 21st. I took a week off. NEW job is a 50 minute drive either way, requires business casual dress (I can wear jeans now) and my role is basically 'additional staffing'. SO they need additional project managers for random stuff (server upgrades, software rollouts, whatever.. projects are 3 months to a year and I handle a few at a time.) and they anticipate this need for some 2+ years.. It is at a large well known company

I took this job because of the ones offered it paid hte most and had flex time and one work at home day and I liked the atmosphere and drive was not too bad

I am now having second thoughts because I have 2 calls from serious recruiters and am in the works at 2 large well known NETWORK companies for datacenter migration work Datacenter migration work appears to be the 'rage' now and the new trend. These are 90% work at home. one pays $60 (had interview yesterday and went well) and one pays $65+. I talked to my network engineer friend at work and he confirmed what I was thinking. datacenter migration/network related work is only going to grow as folks move stuff around, consolidate, move stuff to the 'cloud' etc... and it is a more sought after skill set. If I go back to 'average joe projects' (especially server and software upgrades) it may be seen as a step down/backwards and my datacenter migration experience will have 'age-ed out' as more and more OTHER people start doing the work. Also 100% remote work (if these jobs only go for 2 years) allows me to search for work at the relevant time and have minimal downtime. Hard to search for work at an office setting..

Also in doing some driving this week. I really do not like driving in traffic and realistically I am adding 2 hours more to my day with the new job.

I am hoping to get the interview at the other $65 hour job and if I get an offer at either remote job datacenter migration job will seriously consider swapping jobs.

You recall I wanted to leave this job I have now also because no one was at work and I had no peers ( no girlfriends or anyone etc at work or anyone to talk too, laugh, joke, or just warm bodies). I thought about that and with these 100% remote jobs. .. I will go into the office from time to time but also these are such large projects that I will be in a TEAM of project managers doing this work so will at least have PEERS I can talk too and maybe I should just start enjoying some hobbies and make friends outside of work anyway/nearer home.

NO FINAL LOAN NEWS. sending more docs and broker is submitting me at 2 other places just in case but with likely higher costs.. little discouraging. I really want this refinance.

updates, 6 homes, job, main house refinance

July 9th, 2014 at 12:37 am


Tired today. BUSY day

1. boss can not match salary or extend me. last day Friday. I got calls though from another work at home job ..100% work at home... supposedly paying $65+.. crazy!! this datacenter project management is all the rage now.. makes me think that joining this job I accepted. 45 minutes drive.. may put me at a disadvantage for later as the job is just 'regular project management, applications, infrastructure' but not dataqcenter migrations per se ...putting in for the $65 hour work at home job just in case..And I have the phone screen for the $60 work at home job Thursday. (jobs are at competing companies.. interesting.)
2. bank called broker again... now no news til Thursday. bank did not havve all forms. we resent ... prayers
3. 6 homes.. woke up at 5 and went out to that house (that was vacated) to look at it myself. i want to be more involved as we turn these over.. do it right. lower cost. I was IMPRESSED and felt renewed in my confidence that this deal (6 homes deal) was a good one. house did need fix up but will look really nice when done.. nice neighborhood.. just felt good. and money spent now will go towards improvements or long term fixes.. STILL afraid new project manager will be slow to rent this out/clean it up. I am communicating more and will get some quotes myself. Talked to my accountant. he suggestd an idea I thought of last week. that I find some contractors for common things (either hers .. after interviewed or mine) and just use them so I have folks *I* can communicate with and trust and know their rates . VERY good idea and will do. I told her I want it fixed up by the 15th and we start to market for a hopeful move in day of the 1st.

All rents in except that one house .. owes 50% due from last month and this month. Pm going over there tomorrow. upsetting. We will take aggressive action if not out or paid soon. Lots of costs w the transition but all good .. getting things fixed.. taken care of.. just stressful

3 years 9 months left to pay this 6 homes deal off
2 months to my first fully paid off house deed

Updates, gave notice, 6 homes, main home refinance

July 7th, 2014 at 11:48 pm

Hi all,

Diarying here.


LOTS of people reporting mid year net worth and LOTS of leaps in investment account value. I WISH I had more $ in my accounts so I could reap some of that benefit.


Gave notice today. start date 7/21.. current boss wanted to see if he could make it worth my while to stay. he is going to see if he can get me enough work (contract) for 2 years and raise me to $62/hr. news tomorrow


Loan guy called and said the bank called HIM and he should have 'paperwork tomorrow' and said 'not to worry'.. 'things look positive'. I am praying. My worry and anxious nature must show though

6 homes. lady moved out. current Property manager did the walk through.. not that bad (in terms of repairs due to her or cleanliness issues) but some updating needed etc. getting cost estimates. hoping to fix it up in a week and fill it by the first

House next door (you recall tenants Dad got sick blah blah and she now may want to move downtown to be nearer to him) no rent yet . she owes 50% of last month and this month. she HAS called though. Property manager is tracking her down tomorrow... if she is going to move I want her out now so I can turn that over.. I will ask for $100 more rent over there. Again that house will need updating.

At least I am feeling like my $ dollars are being used to update/improve or fix things correctly and for the long term vs wasted w the old property manager.

Anyway.. even with all the above... I am feeling things are smoothing out w the 6 homes and should be fairly well smoothed out in the next 2 months. fingers crossed. I NEED them smoothed out asap. too much uncertainty right now.

About it for now.

Hopefully news on loan TOMORROW

I will be so happy if this job works out, the 6 homes smooth out and I get the loan!!

New job, 6 homes

July 3rd, 2014 at 06:44 pm

HI all,

I just heard I get paid WEEKLY on my new job. I will have almost a $2000 overlap between between can go towards rental emer fund, the points for this new loan, investing. exciting to have an 'extra' possible #2k

selling sharebuilder. putting into Vanguard.. whatever you guys do . do not buy Sharebulder unless you plan to hold it a longer time. I am wasting money on fees to buy and sell. it was a good thought at the time.

6 homes. I am stressing on this house turnover way too much I am going to give my new property manager a list of what I expect and let her do it before stressing anymore. in fact off for a walk now (this is my work at home day)

Everyone have a great 4th. I am doing a parade and then some fest thing.. with a band.. and then Friday I want to lay out in the sun. have not done that in a while..and going out to a celebration dinner Friday pm. and then just whatever.. want to rest and relax.. stress eats you up!

Early release today at work. 3 pm.. trying to get stuff done.

PRAYING for this main home refinance to come thruogh and good news on the 6 homes turnover. still a good time to rent.. just want it done (NOW) haha

6 homes update, job, loan (some good news)

July 2nd, 2014 at 08:43 pm

Hi all,

Documenting the journey


1. accepted the $65 hour job.. NO 401k for first year confirmed. I mapped out what I should be getting and should be able to save $3k a month.. already funded Roth so that will be all taxable accounts
2. Naperville job did NOt turn out. not enough E commerce experience.. oh well. this however helps me see that when I stop chasing money so hard I can get a good paying job near home without too much of an issue at $100-110k
2. still in for 100% remote job but wondering if I want it. I want to be out and social. the job (I accepted) has flex time and one day a week at home and 4 days at the office (social) so best of both worlds?

1. no news this week. now I should news mid next week. PRAYERS!! this is for the main house refinance. if this job, the lloan and the 6 homes smooth out ... WOW!!

6 homes

1. s8 lady is moving TOMORROW.. Property manager is going over there tomorrow to do a walk through and see what we need to do.. will let me know after.. plan is to fix it up asap and rerent it for $2-300 more a month.
2. roof on one of the homes goes in this weekend... also did 2 sump pumps and water heater (replacements).. going to do a french drain and one more roof likely this year.. comprising hopefully MOST or all of the larger fix up areas w the rest of work being minor repairs etc..or small improvements tothe hoomes .. particularly the ones we are turning over..also will look at tree trimming etc away from the roof.. I can hold off on the 2nd roof if I want too..
3. most important thing is to get these new renters in and stabilize..I have 1.5 months of vacancy built into my budget #s
4. hoping new PM is aggressive and good with rerenting and turning things over fast..

s8 must not have known about the move out ... they paid for the whole month. after we have confirmed move out I will see if they want me to refund that or take it out of my next check

About it..hopefully good updates to follow. I wish I did not have so much up in the air.. loan and turning over this house.


6 homes transition update (not good), and other misc updates

July 1st, 2014 at 03:31 pm

Hi all,

Too many updates!

$65/hr job proposed start date is 7/21.. will give notice once I have the contract.. today?? but no 401k for a year!! will have to save in taxable accounts

Got a call for a $65 contract to perm job in NAPERVILLE.. put in for it.

Also I have an interview for $60 work at home job..


Loan submittal sent today.. hoping for good news by Thursday (prayers).6.25%.. 2 points.. need to exit this loan asap.


6 homes transition..rocky .. I am pulling out $10k from the emergency fund today for roofs etc.. s8 lady has not moved yet.. but still getting rent but upsetting.. have a call into s8 and property manager is going over there today to see what is up.. house next door did NOT pay second half of last months rent 565 missing and concerned for this month.. property manager is going over there today.. when it rains it pours. putting in new sump pumps in both homes and a french drain.. $$$$$$$...I have never seen so much rain in a year!! but all fixes from now on are long term..and done well. just lots of MONEY and rental uncertainty which I do not like... just feels very up in the air right now and a rough transition. upsetting. news hopefully today on rents and status. Property manager is meeting w ALL tenants in this next week or two.. walk thru homes. form a list of things needed.. money out the door but it will be good to get these back in order and running smoothly..

PRAYERS for money and some resolution (good resolution on the above)