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Today I paid off my last property

March 6th, 2019 at 04:37 am

Hi all

Today I paid off my last property... the infamous '2 flat'

Work still going well. rentals still going well .. I am now waiting to make a decision on the 2nd floor work on my house.

Once that is done I will revise my budget to see if I can get that paid off within a year.

yesterday was the anniversary of Dad's death.. feeling slightly melancholy, sad, sortof like I need to change my life and life is short.. do more of what I want to do..

Have a great day everyone

I DO feel good I made this last milestone and am upping my deposit into investments while I figure things out.


It would be easier if it was not SO COLD. I get tired after being cold all day and struggle to be productive or do much after work a I am workig out in the am now, trying to get to work earlier and do some physical activity after work to counter that.

I am back-Rachael Update

February 27th, 2019 at 05:15 pm

Hi all

I have been away awhile here.

LOTS happened since we last talked.

I went to Israel!! wow.. incredible amazing trip. There is SO MUCH archaeological support for what is in the Bible.

I bought a house in Downtown Naperville. 2300+ square feet.. $433k.. $182/sq foot. Average square foot cost is $240 but going up to $400/sq foot across my side of downtown over the past 2 years.. got a real good deal I think.. my house was the 2nd lowest in 2 years outside of a tear down

I did the following to the house and just got permits completed TODAY

Full repipe, upgraded electric, regraded yard (owner had 4 feet of dirt piled around the house with landscape stone retaining wall), drain tiles, new kitchen, remodeled basement and 1st floor full baths, repaint, refinish floors etc

I WAS going to extend the dormer roofs but that is a little complex (older home, newer codes, higher cost than you would think to retrofit) and really there is no way to make the 2ndfloor look as nice as the first floor so I am investigating removing the 2nd floor and building a new full height second story going out to the outside walls.

Rough bids were between $135 and $175k.I have drawings and am obtaining detailed bids from 3 firms. My goal is around $135k or LESS and I think I can do that.. I can bring my own contractors for some trades and will do so for HVAC, electric, plumbing and windows.. all of which worked on the 1st floor and give me contractor rates.

The 2nd floor will add 600 more square feet.

I got $153k from the sale of the old house and have $70k of that left. I will make the rest up with income from me or rentals. and short term line of credit (already open if necessary). I do not want to OWE anything of the remodeling after a year. I pulled $100k out of investments to put down on the new house.

I have a NEW job.. LOVE it.. pays well. in Naperville.. great.. awesome.. 18 month + contract.. low stress.. large bank.. program manager. I can wear jeans to work!

Here is my net worth now. You will see it did not go up that much as I am spending a lot on the house and will not show or realize any value add until it is done.

House is 6 blocks from the train and real nice sought after area so expect to get my money back w this rehab if done cost effectively but I am involving realtors and other advisers to keep costs in check and make sure the value is there for the work I am doing

Networth below.

I am RELIABLY pulling $7-8k out of the rentals a month for the past 3 months!!!

Setting a new goal, friend died suddenly

September 13th, 2018 at 05:36 am

HI all

This is more a journal entry.. My friend Lisa died suddenly this week. She was 59, had a heart attack Sunday PM, CPR for 40 minutes, went to the ICU. They cooled her down so her brain could 'recover'. It apparently never did or was too damaged. She had a 2nd heart attack, never woke up, they removed life support and died yesterday. Very sad. She was one of those people who was the light of the room. Makes you realize how short life is or can be and we never know when our time is. Reminds me of a quote from a movie .. goes something like this "Remember this moment this moment is your life" and 'don't waste my time I am dying"

Anyway.. I will help coordinate services and hope to speak but up to the kids who I do not know well (they always lived out of state. never met)

Anyway it is time to set NEW GOALS. Those who know me know I set a 5 year goal just about 5 years ago. I met and exceeded that goal. financially at least. I did not really set 'non financial goals'. This time around I want to set financial and non financial goals. I will use this group and others as sounding boards. I will change my headline too. Current headline is '5 years to freedom'. I am thinking I achieved monetary freedom but do not feel comfortable using it and really I just paid taxes this month so want to 'test it'.

Currently thinking to include the following categories: financial, health, personal relationship, family, spiritual, career too. We will see how it breaks down when I actually set them.I will set 5 year goals at a high level then break them down to maybe 3-6 months.. easier to achieve and see progress

I have gotten a lot of support, feedback and motivation from this group and for that I am grateful

oh.I GOT APPROVED FOR THE LOAN and can hold both my current and new house short term!! Unless something major happens.. (the house not selling at all ever??) my new house is a GO. Israel.. Sept 28-Oct 12.. Close on new house Oct 17.I will hold both for 2 months (hopefully through mid Dec to allow for fix up) and then move in. Holding both loans is NET less then moving stuff into storage and finding someplace to live and less stressful.

Excited to set new goals.


2 flat cash flow analysis-prior to poss sale

September 8th, 2018 at 08:27 am

Hi all

Lookings like I can list the 2 flat around $134900.. sell between $125-130. I owe $11800 on it.

These are the #s (attached)

It will need a new roof at some point and it was a nightmare to fix up. I do not think I want it anymore and would prefer to invest the cash.

Below is my rental budget WITHOUT the 2 flat. With the 2 flat it goes up approx $1000

Back with lots of updates

September 3rd, 2018 at 10:00 am

Hi all

Some updates over the past few months. overall things are up and down.. still stressful.

1. Work. I am still at that company that wants me to work downtown. Since my last post they have been saying. "we will just work downtown through June", then thru July, then August and now it appears never ending. I am required to be onsite Tues-Wed and stay overnight. I really dislike 'traveling every week, packing up, staying over, working late'. I was only passively looking but I did apply for and interview somewhere else. I did really well but did not get the job. My Israel trip is Sept 28 so will stop really looking until after that. Company hired 12 other full timers since last post and I am the only contractor. I continue to have nothing to do, no official role, and feel my job is not stable and is at risk. The word is that the company is going back to the full timer model (vs contractor). I did switch to W2 so I could maybe find another house
2. I signed a contract on a house.. $433k. My house is expected to sell around $530k and is on the market as of Saturday. Close date Oct 17. I should find out this week if I can hold both homes at the same time (short term). The new house is in downtown Naperville (which I prefer better than my outside of downtown subdivision). It is older and needs some work but is selling at a price point of $182/sq foot. Average is $238/sw foot and based on my estimates and quotes I can raise the value easily to $238 or more like $250k. the improvements I have in mind are likely to bring it to $600k+ based on comps.

I am nervous about this house as I do not have the loan locked down yet (expect approval Tuesday though) and those who have read me a while knwo that my last loan attempt fell through at the last minute. I have until Sept 25 to secure loan approval and expect news Tuesday. If I can not hold both loans for a short while I may be in trouble trying to sell fast enough to do a dual close and may back out of the contract.

Really need prayers.

The reason I signed a contract on a house was because I really do not want to live here anymore, I have nothing in common w anyone, for some reason I live by all sorts of dogs who bark all the time and I want to lower my monthly payment and get unstuck. I have wanted to sell and move for a while.. a LOOONG while but never got the courage up and homes were too expensive. To find a $433k house in the heart of downtown Naperville with almost 2500 sq feet, large kitchen, good floor plan,basement w high ceilings that can be finished, and large rooms is an amazing find. AND the ability to get my money out immediately if need be.

I did not sign up for school as I can not really concentrate on school w the work situation and will be out of town part of the quarter w Israel.

I will likely restart school after the new year.

Rentals. I am thinking of sellign that new 2 flat. I will talk to realtors and my property manager Tuesday. I should net $100k

I pay all taxes today. This is my last big milestone. I have not really pulled much from the rentals as I have been 'catching up' on the tax escrow.

I put down $10k on the new house (from my personal emergency fund). I was able to pay that back in full from the rental proceeds this month which to me is huge.

After I close on this new house, do the 'bulk' of the work I want to do on it I want to re-evaluate jobs and what I want to do. Right now I need to keep this high dollar job for the loan.

I will update on the loan and house situation as it develops

I reached the end of my 5 year plan and need to set NEW goals..and a new plan

Some good, some bad news.. thoughts/support welcome

June 3rd, 2018 at 04:50 pm

Hi there.

Some good and bad news to share.. or potentially bad.. at the very least stressful

good news. I am paying my expenses this month totally from the rentals! (first time).. read below for why

bad/stressful news.

I am not happy w the job.. those who read earlier post know that I specifically took this job dependent on a Winfield or Elk Grove location (nearer to the house) and specifically said I can not and do not want to work downtown... location is not off the train and even if it was I do not live near the train anymore.. I was told that is fine and I would only have to work downtown for 1 week etc etc by the CONTRACT FIRM. I get to the job and the client I am working for appears to not have been told this at all. I work downtown 3 days the first week. then Elk Grove the second week and then we are told we are engaging in team building and everyone has to work downtown for the next 4-6 weeks. I remind the client of what I said and it is suggested I work downtown 1 week (they pay for hotel etc) and then 2 days a week thereafter for the next 2 weeks. I do not like but if there is an end in sight it is fine. Turns out there is no end in sight. I have been working downtown ever since and we are supposed to work downtown for the next SIX weeks and then every other week thereafter. There is no work location in ELk Grove or Winfield. Those are client sites with really no sitting places.. just datacenters. Everyone else is flying in and staying Mon_Thurs so folks are working late, setting team or client dinners after work.

I feel stressed and really this is not what I signed up for at all. It is like a lifestyle change.

On top of that I find out FRIDAY that because I am 1099 I am not paid anything .. ANYTHING... until end of June.. and expenses incurred in May are not paid until June 15.. so I am fronting all these expenses on my card.. and accruing costs like crazy w these hotel stays downtown Chicago.

The 'work' is ok but really nothing i am super skilled at (LOTS of advanced excel work consolidating datacenter inventory lists and I am getting no direction as to what to consolidate.. ie.. what fields).. and the team leader I am assigned to was a program manager and does not know the 'tech work' either so is irritated that I am new and does not know how to teach me what to do.. and they do not want me to ask anyone else (because we are working with 'just our team'.. I HAD been asking other teams for direction just to figure out what to do.).. She has complained to the program manager 3 times about me already

I am still holding out some hope that this can work out and will find out more next week. Program manager says team leader may be taking her frustrations out on me (but wants to 'sit in on some of our meetings anyway') and promises more resources.. crazy.

When I do not work in downtown Chicago I work at home which is nice but would be dramatically better if I was not so stressed from staying downtown for 2 days and had work to do that I feel capable of. I sortof feel set up to fail here.

I said I was open to switching teams.. everyone else has good things to say. how I learn fast etc.. but as of yet the request has been refused..

Very unhappy and scrambling to make bills .. (glad I have the rentals that paid for this month but irritating fronting all these hotel charges.. not to mention parking overnight)

I am passively exploring other opportunities near Naperville and submit 3 resumes today

My main criteria was to have a job I could continue to work out, have a life and go to school. there is no way to I can go to school or do homework w this crazy downtown schedule and working late and being tired and stressed.. if a new job has to pay less than this exorbitant amount I paid (or WILL BE end of June) that is fine.. but I need a life too and less stress.

I will work on sending out those resumes now.
and will try to get more info next week

Why am I not insisting they (contract company or client) honor what they said about not working downtown?? ANSWER- i can see there is no other option and I would rather have a job while I look for one


Update on the new job

May 5th, 2018 at 07:31 am

Hi all

Update on the new job.

So far love the work, love the people..do not like location. and feel a little unsettled. If I can get an idea more of what I am doing and WHERE and the # of hours worked I would be much happier.

My final location is not defined yet (only worked 1.5 days last week) and worked downtown...$16 to park and 3.5 hour roundtrip commute. NOT FUN. Project is just starting so a little chaotic.,. new program manager. folks flying in and out. figuring out scope and what is going on (THEY are figuring that out too). When everyone left Thursday noon I was so new there was nothing for me to do so I took off Thursday afternoon and Friday. I expect to get full hours in the future. Total work over 3 days was 13 hours.

They are saying I will work in the suburbs (Elk Grove or Winfield with occasional trips downtown) I will feel better when confirmed.

My peer who I tag teamed with last week is flying in Monday late (vs Monday am) so not sure what I am doing Monday. I have a note out to the program manager to see if I can tag team off someone else for the day at Elk Grove or Winfield. I DO have a few calls to attend (which can be done virtually). One of the choatic things is the program manager is switching too so leadership is a little unclear on some things.

No laptop or ID yet (hopefully next week)..

I am throwing out a bunch of fears here mostly because things are not locked down but really all signs are the location will be suburbs and hours will bump up to full time and maybe as I am the ONLY local resource.. maybe more hours some weeks and maybe since I am local I can take more of a leader role as things go along. I am probably still shaken up by my last job too.

Fingers crossed. Wish it was more locked down but IF the above 2 things work themselves out this job will be FANTASTIC. like it much more than my last 3 week gig. Love working as part of the vendor team onsite and people are great. real high performing team. feel proud to maybe be a part of it

and the money if hours bump up will be fantastic!!

I will set up my solo 401k once the above 2 concerns crystallize and I feel more secure in my role


The new job appears to be a GO!!!!

April 27th, 2018 at 06:56 am

HI all

All signs are this job is a go.. large company.. 1 week downtown Chicago for training and then onsite in WINFIELD (10-15 minutes from the house).. my gym is on the way there and on the way home. It still allows for school. business casual. I am working with a vendor team onsite at their client which is a much more fun model than the one I just left (at the bank) and much more closely aligned with how I used to work at my large long term client . much more pay... $79/hr

Excited. nervous .. WOw

I talked to my accountant and w the tax laws and the rental income and the fact that the contractor firm
does not pay benefits. it makes sense for me to go 1099 vs w2 so I am goign to do that. He even thinks I will save at least $10k a year doing that. AND they don't offer a 401k either so I will set up a solo 401k and contribute the max to that and then the company can pay in 25% of my total comp. If I work there through year end that is over $40k thousand this year to the 401k!

I will research solo 401k companies.. and my accountant may have thoughts.

Losing weight finally!!! and gettign in shape .. feels great..

I gained 9 lbs between July-Dec last year likely due to the 2 flat nightmare but I am toning up and going to lose that

So still hoping to finish my 5 year goal strong (5 year goals ends 6/30/18) and then this entire year strong in terms of saving as much as I can

I am SO EXCITED that maybe I have a high paying fun job that still allows me flexibility to work out, go to school and have a life.

Fingers crossed it goes well.

My start date will be either Wed/Thurs or Friday next week. Still pending drug test and background check (I should have no issues)


Job updates.. possible job??!!

April 25th, 2018 at 07:48 am

Hi all

Quick job update here..

First of all I am still struggling.. my mood is going up and down.. I am realizing how much of my self worth or mood is tied up with earning money and having something to do.. good to realize this now. Even though I have money saved I feel 'restricted' and anxious and less happy not having a regular source of income.

For those who are saying 'what about the rentals!!"

I do have rentals but this month is the first month I will be able to track them without loans etc.. (except for the 2 flat) so I do not feel totally secure in them.. actually I am feeling insecure in general and stressed lately.

I DID set up to meet w the property manager tomorrow to discuss things. get clarity. refine some stuff.. but all and all property management is going well


I was OFFERED A JOB (already!!??) seems too good to be true as it sortof hits all my criteria..or seems too. I am hesitant as I am anxious about being let down and scared about returning to work and having it 'not work out again'

Job is a contract job (which I want).. pays NINE DOLLARS more than my last job (which ended in 3 weeks) which will make my total increase over my last long term job $19/hr.. $38000 a year increase at 40 hours a week.


Work is local.I would be working for a large well known company (#2 on best places to work) for THEIR end client who they are doing a migration for..location is Winfield (10 minutes) or Elk Grove Village (30 minutes)..I find out location next week.. those are the locations of the two datacenters.. business casual and working on a vendor team. The large vendor is flying in 2 full time people each week to be primary. My role is to be part of the local team working w the vendors and help with the discovery and planning process.. working with the application owners, users, tech people etc..

I start with a week of training on the vendors proprietary delivery and migration process AND (wait for it). since the full time people are flying in each week. they are only onsite Mon-Thurs so I get to follow the same schedule and work at home Fridays!!

Initial contract is short.. end of August but that is because they only sign milestone based contracts.. first client milestone is end of August. total project is expect to be a year or more.

The vendor sold this contract without ramping up staff so they need people to start asap. I have already filled out background checks forms and will do my drug test shortly.

Fingers crossed I get the job and fingers crossed it goes past end of August (again recruiter and vendor said it will unless something drastic happens that the client or vendor do not like me or the client cancels the contract.. unlikely)and fingers crossed it is the location they say and the work is what they say.. nervous!!

even if it only goes til August maybe I can get back to my old company then (the work at home one that I worked at for the past 6 years) or somethign else. having this name on my resume will be very good and experience.

I should have start date today or tomorrow.. and something in writing to sign shortly thereafter.

I have an unemployment comp interview in 45 minutes. my application was flagged due to going to school and they could not pull up the 3 week employer payroll in their system. I have proof of both.