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Some good, some bad news.. thoughts/support welcome

June 3rd, 2018 at 11:50 pm

Hi there.

Some good and bad news to share.. or potentially bad.. at the very least stressful

good news. I am paying my expenses this month totally from the rentals! (first time).. read below for why

bad/stressful news.

I am not happy w the job.. those who read earlier post know that I specifically took this job dependent on a Winfield or Elk Grove location (nearer to the house) and specifically said I can not and do not want to work downtown... location is not off the train and even if it was I do not live near the train anymore.. I was told that is fine and I would only have to work downtown for 1 week etc etc by the CONTRACT FIRM. I get to the job and the client I am working for appears to not have been told this at all. I work downtown 3 days the first week. then Elk Grove the second week and then we are told we are engaging in team building and everyone has to work downtown for the next 4-6 weeks. I remind the client of what I said and it is suggested I work downtown 1 week (they pay for hotel etc) and then 2 days a week thereafter for the next 2 weeks. I do not like but if there is an end in sight it is fine. Turns out there is no end in sight. I have been working downtown ever since and we are supposed to work downtown for the next SIX weeks and then every other week thereafter. There is no work location in ELk Grove or Winfield. Those are client sites with really no sitting places.. just datacenters. Everyone else is flying in and staying Mon_Thurs so folks are working late, setting team or client dinners after work.

I feel stressed and really this is not what I signed up for at all. It is like a lifestyle change.

On top of that I find out FRIDAY that because I am 1099 I am not paid anything .. ANYTHING... until end of June.. and expenses incurred in May are not paid until June 15.. so I am fronting all these expenses on my card.. and accruing costs like crazy w these hotel stays downtown Chicago.

The 'work' is ok but really nothing i am super skilled at (LOTS of advanced excel work consolidating datacenter inventory lists and I am getting no direction as to what to consolidate.. ie.. what fields).. and the team leader I am assigned to was a program manager and does not know the 'tech work' either so is irritated that I am new and does not know how to teach me what to do.. and they do not want me to ask anyone else (because we are working with 'just our team'.. I HAD been asking other teams for direction just to figure out what to do.).. She has complained to the program manager 3 times about me already

I am still holding out some hope that this can work out and will find out more next week. Program manager says team leader may be taking her frustrations out on me (but wants to 'sit in on some of our meetings anyway') and promises more resources.. crazy.

When I do not work in downtown Chicago I work at home which is nice but would be dramatically better if I was not so stressed from staying downtown for 2 days and had work to do that I feel capable of. I sortof feel set up to fail here.

I said I was open to switching teams.. everyone else has good things to say. how I learn fast etc.. but as of yet the request has been refused..

Very unhappy and scrambling to make bills .. (glad I have the rentals that paid for this month but irritating fronting all these hotel charges.. not to mention parking overnight)

I am passively exploring other opportunities near Naperville and submit 3 resumes today

My main criteria was to have a job I could continue to work out, have a life and go to school. there is no way to I can go to school or do homework w this crazy downtown schedule and working late and being tired and stressed.. if a new job has to pay less than this exorbitant amount I paid (or WILL BE end of June) that is fine.. but I need a life too and less stress.

I will work on sending out those resumes now.
and will try to get more info next week

Why am I not insisting they (contract company or client) honor what they said about not working downtown?? ANSWER- i can see there is no other option and I would rather have a job while I look for one