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Updates-almost to $500k

August 26th, 2021 at 07:35 pm

Hi guys.I am $7,000 away from being at $500k investments!!!  Took a long time coming as I put so much towards the rentals. the rentals are paying off though. Average monthly for the year NET is $9800. I have not been hit by any major costs though. so no roofs or big window jobs. I will want to save up for those. I am up $3000/month  on the average more than with the old property mgr even though his rate was 5% of rents and the new guy is 6.5% of rents. BIG difference. I hardly think of the rentals now when before (as some of you know) it was an ongoing nightmare

Work is going well.. asked for and got a raise of $4/hr which is $8k a year if I stay. I also get overtime at time and a half which is very lucrative. I will work until at least end of year I think then go from there.

I want to switch my investments around

What do folks recommend for taxable and tax deferred accounts that I do not expect to draw from for 10 year or more?

My goal is to reach $550k investments by year end.

I DO want to buy a 2 flat or something but am waiting for nearer to year end as folks start to drop prices.

I am putting in most of my money into investments and would like to get to #750k-$1mm before I stop saving but dont want to wait years to do so.. my plan is still in flux. Thinking of diverting some funds to individual stocks vs safer S and P 500 mutual funds.

My house is still doing well and the area I live in is doing great. hopign prices continue to go up so I can sell, take this money and buy somewhere lower cost w no mortgage or very small.

Thoughts on investing welcomed.