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3 unit update and other updates

December 19th, 2014 at 01:59 pm

Hi all

feeling better today.. almost Christmas too.

I have been wondering why I am so much 'shorter' this year. I took off time last year and felt good about it.. this year I need to impact savings to take off and am only taking off a few days.. but it is good for the soul to have rest and take off from thsi insanity

Anyway last year I had no mortgage and full income from the 2 flat.. so I must have been rolling in cash

I want THOSE days back. haha. Smile

3 unit update. Talking to the NEW property manager (that has the 6 units) felt very good with our talk. he is calling people next week w transition info and sending something out

No blips in 6 homes and I PAID off the roof and gutters so I have done an insane amount of upgrade/fix up work on those 6 homes and survived (and saved some)

Next year we may have to turn over a few of the 3 units which is fine.. if we can get them turned over quickly w good tenants and HIGHER rent.

I discussed the issues now w the 3 unit so this new guy is prepared

We are not going to be lenient like the other PM was..

My phrase (said partly in jest) 'nothing is up but the rent' (from an eddie murphy movie) and the old PM was very bad with collections and running a tight ship.

Anyway. goal is to markedly close the gap w those 3 units so i have little to no negative cash flow

and maybe turn over 1 more section 8 house to raise the rent by $300

We shall see what makes sense and how the 3 units go

In for 3 jobs but not expecting news until after the new year

One in Naperville. One in Warrenville and one at my old company (REMOTE!! or work in local office which is 5 minutes away)

Fingers crossed.

Hope everyone is having an exciting close to the year.. can not wait to calculate results and set new goals for the new year

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