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3 unit management contract cancelled, job, year end progress

December 4th, 2014 at 12:06 am

HI all

I cancelled the 3 unit property management contrct today in writing. Cancel date the end of the month. I expect to talk to her tomorrow. Contract calls for 60 days notice but betting she will not hold me to it. No word on if the new renter moved in. Last I talked to her which was Monday pm. she had the lease signed and almost all monies and he was going to move in this week

This is a REALLY long time.. to wait to turn it over and cost to turn over. $1400.. crazy!!

One of my goals for 2015 is to raise ALL rents there to at least $630..$650 each will Completely close my negative gap.

Trying to wind up the year strong .. trying to get that Tahoe sold.. and wind up some other stuff.

Roofs WILL be done this year and PAID for and I expect to be able to get the real estate emergency fund back up to at least $13k by year end (goal is $15k). I have already remmoved the roof funds from the #s to the left by the way.

IF I have to turn over multiple apartments out of the 3 units that will be a cost but I think a well worth it one with high benefits

Also may turn over one more house.. current rent $ $1050-1150.. section 8. That person has lived there 8-10 years and no longer qualifies for a 3 bedroom (only a 1 bedroom) so her portion went way up and she is not able to pay it long term. in fact right now.. she gets a $100 personal discount because I did not want to turn it over during the "property manager switch over-2homes vacant-esclating costs fiasco in July-August" so a few thousand there to turn that over.. but after this main updating in the homes is done (and 3 units) any future near term turnover should be less.. also will start to request 1.5 months security from now on on the 3 units. Section 8 rents are frozen due to the sequester on existing tenants so I can only get rent increases if I turn the units over.

Semi-word on that one job. they ARE going through a re-organization and the recruiter is still trying to find out info.. Meanwhile I got a phone screen for a network project manager job at a hgue Naperville company.. $56 an hour but part at home. and 5-10 minutes away when I am at work.. long term contract. I make $65/hr now.

That is Monday at 2pm. I will study up before hand.

Excited for the new year.

Have a great day everyone.


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