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3 unit update and job update

December 16th, 2014 at 12:50 am

HI all

No interview results yet. Tomorrow am they say. Got a lead on what looks like an awesome job. infrastructure project manager at a company I used to work full time for in 2004. Pays more than the 'interview job'.. I know people .. fun atmosphere, close to home and contrct to HIRE! I am being submitted for it

3 units news. been quiet about that as I am getting so frustrated. 3 units turn over at the end of this month. That vacant unit. STILL NOT filled.. well sortof filled.. Property manager said it was filled and move in date was 12/1..that date came and went.. Pm says he can not come in due to work . then each week he was going to pay something.. and move in 'that weekend'.. today I call PM (he was going to pay thsi weekend and move in). did NOT pay in full..I told her the unit should not have been taken off the market if rent was not inn hand and security deposit.. she says she knows this guy etc.. and this is a one time case.. a large expense last month...child support mix up.. I asked her to send me his application in the am, lease and proof of income. She gets huffy and asks if I want to rerent it > I said I would let her know in the am and if so I will transition immediately. I said I do not care what issues he has or that she knows him I care that he is going to pay the rent on time on the first for the next year. She says she knows what is going on and that is why she feels comfortable. I said I do not and it is your job to convey what is going on so I do understand and feel comfortable if it makes sense to do so. Someone else is paying $100 late too and I asked when that was coming in and she says 'it was either that or the electric bill.. it will be in next week'

I said I wish I could solve everyone issues but I can not .. I have bills too and I need the rent.


The issues with her if you recall have been RENT COLLECTION and filling of units quickly! I can not stress how easy these should be to rent.. and to thikn she held it without a dime after saying it was filled. lease signeed.

Only possible good thing is the she SAYS (we will see what she sends) but she SAYS lease is signed for Dec 1 and so he is paying in full for this month. (or so she says)

Hopefully job news tomorrow..and get this 3 unit straightened out.

I am expecting some turnover at the 3 units next year.


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