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Got a new credit card and investments are going up

December 6th, 2014 at 04:12 pm

HI all

a NON real estate post for once!

Closed my yearly fee credit card (only had 1.5 years in it so no big impact to my credit score) and swapped it for a no fee.. low rate.. 1.5% reward card . I am charging all my food, general stuff now so I can keep track and get rewards.

Switched my retirement investments to a health care fund.. hopefully long term and getting good returns..

I will be so happy when all my 3 accounts (roth, ira and personal investment) are over $10k. One just passed the $10k mark. Definitely starting small (after the big fall) but stabilizing and accelerating

Looking forward to another possibly wild ride next year and some more increased savings. Despite the craziness this year I really felt I came out well with still managing to save through it.

Have pretty much cut costs to the bone except food and misc which this 'put all on credit card' idea will help me track and cut that as I can.

Have a good day all.

talking to 6 homes guy for roof status today (warm enough now) and the 3 unit lady to talk on that transfer and see if her renter ever moved in


Got to get a job now.. layoffs and terminations are accelerating at work.. 5 gone last week... 2 of them on MY PROJECT TEAM.. and I was involved in the budgetting last week for my project.. main budget ends in March . I was budgetted for 45 hours but it goes to approval (I have to present it) Tuesday.

2 Responses to “Got a new credit card and investments are going up”

  1. Another Reader Says:

    Yep, you have to get a new job. Unlikely you would make it past March in that environment. Get that Tahoe sold and put the money aside until you have a more stable job. Cash is the key to surviving unharmed when you don't have a job.

  2. snafu Says:

    Would you find it helpful to prepare a traditional Net Worth Statement for yourself which shows Income/Expenses/Balances in your various categories? For example, what was the balance on Retirement Plan 1/1/2014, how much did you contribute, sum of employer contribution and the it's value 12/31/2014? Perhaps something similar listing all your RE units. Initial Cost, Expenses, Income and current Zwillow [or similar] valuation for clairity

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