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Interview update

December 13th, 2014 at 07:38 pm

HI all.

Thanks for the well wishes..

interview update..mixed.

I was supposed to meet with 3 people.. 2 semi-peers and the director of the group.

One peer was not there. his Mom had some emergency

Met with the first guy for an HOUR.. crazy.. speech held up (remember I stutter.. its get worse if I am tired, stressed or sick and unfortunately I focus on it when nervous and focusing makes it worse).. Anyway interview went WELL.

30 minutes left or so I though.. Boss comes in and we talk for an HOUR (this is 'hard speech situation so to talk for 2 hours straight in a stressful situation really wiped me out).. anyway not the friendly expressive type.. (at all). shot me some rapid fire questions..said he lets the other two screen people so he said he 'was sure I can do the job'.. he said he more interviews for personality and FIT.. Said 3 times that folks from an 'engineering background' do best in this role.. I am not from an engineering background. He gave no 'buy signals' and wished me well.. said 'if I talk to you next it will be in that room (where the group sits) .. if not. have a Happy Holiday'

So.. I do not have the super positive/sure thing feeling I had with the last job but I do not feel negative. I DO think the peers have the MOST influence and my sense was they really liked me.

My written references from their client partner were a HUGE HIT and hoping the rest was.. 3 people were interviewed. I was last. They talk Monday or Tuesday (whenever that guy with his sick Mom gets back) and will make a decision. I am the ONLY one who did not meet with all 3 . though I did talk to that 3rd guy on the phone and he seemed impressed them obviously.

I was LESS interested in the job after meeting w the boss.. (did not click with him) but after thinking about it .. talking to my references friends whoever. I still want it and REALLY want it and this is a MEGA bank that is GROWING so I can get in.. work 12-18 months on contract and switch groups or get hired or whatrever and EVEN if I do not like it .. .I can find a job MUCH easier with a part work at home job then this insane 3 hour a day commute job I have now.

So FINGERS crossed but more Scared Nervous than normal as the boss interview was not overtly positive (though it was not overtly negative either)

I DID call on the Oak Brook job. I am still first in line.. they laid off 100 people last week but say that role is still funded, open and needed.. Maybe that will turn out.

Just need OUT of this crazy job I am at before I get let go.

CEO stepped down last week .. to give the job to someone on the merging company..reorgs and layoffs are rampant.


2 Responses to “Interview update”

  1. Another Reader Says:

    Um, get that Tahoe sold! And step up the job search. Looks like the economy is starting to soften.

    Wouldn't hurt to start working on the consulting side business as you have time for it. If you are laid off, you can hustle a few small assignments to tide you over.

    Fingers crossed that you get something good and that it lasts.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you get a new job before the old one goes. Best wishes!

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