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Updates (positive), new job, main home refinance, 6 homes

July 19th, 2014 at 09:59 pm

Hi all,

Whirlwind week (seems longer). My boyfriend took me on an impromptu 4 day trip to Gatlinburg, TN,, nice ...stayed in a cabin, did the zipline, hiking and other stuff.. We took the Genesis and it got over 30 mph.. still figuring out the cars.. now thinking to either sell Tahoe/keep Genesis or sell both and get something like a Camry or Accord (used). Figuring that out

JOBS.. NEITHER of the 100% remote jobs worked out yet. First one at $60.. I responded incorrectly to a VOIP question (saying I did not use it that much) and later found out the job was mostly project managing VOIP.. WHOOPS!. MAJOR error in prep by the recruiting house. Anyway they have other PM jobs and are considering me for those (hopefully). $65/hr job. no response but they have hired 2 people.. recruiter concerned job is filled and I got in too late. We shall see. I start my NEW job Monday.. $65/hr.. large company.. 50 minutes from home but flex time and 1 work at home day a week (after a month on the job). I WILL STILL LOOK for a 100% remote job in the 60-65/hr range. Got a few new blouses and am approx 10lb overweight for several outfits.. my incentive to lose.

MAIN HOME REFINANCE.. exhausting but we 'appear' to have good news. I say 'appear' because I do not have paperwork yet.. Approved through 'pre underwriting' at 6%, 5 year term, 30 year amortization, 1 point to the bank, 1 or 2 to the broker .. HOWEVER they will only do 60% loan to value (loan I have now is 65% LTV)..appraisal soon.. house must appraise at $495k or better. Broker is NOT concerned w the appraisal coming in based on what he looked up online etc. I AM concerned based on the fiasco last time. They asked for my title company from last time and have contacted them for a quote on a 'updated title' and hten will get me the Good faith estimate and term sheet. PRAYERS and fingers crossed. They want to close by the FIRST.. (9 days .. insane. .) This will use up much of my emergency fund to do this but will be worth while big time

Post is getting long will update 6 homes on next post..

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