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2nd thoughts on new job and no loan news (cringing)

July 11th, 2014 at 11:18 am

Hi all,

Changing news.. a little stressful.

Last day of work for me is today. I am a senior project manager for datacenter migrations at the worlds largest banking services provider basically in the world. If you have a bank we deal with it. First day at at work at new job is the 21st. I took a week off. NEW job is a 50 minute drive either way, requires business casual dress (I can wear jeans now) and my role is basically 'additional staffing'. SO they need additional project managers for random stuff (server upgrades, software rollouts, whatever.. projects are 3 months to a year and I handle a few at a time.) and they anticipate this need for some 2+ years.. It is at a large well known company

I took this job because of the ones offered it paid hte most and had flex time and one work at home day and I liked the atmosphere and drive was not too bad

I am now having second thoughts because I have 2 calls from serious recruiters and am in the works at 2 large well known NETWORK companies for datacenter migration work Datacenter migration work appears to be the 'rage' now and the new trend. These are 90% work at home. one pays $60 (had interview yesterday and went well) and one pays $65+. I talked to my network engineer friend at work and he confirmed what I was thinking. datacenter migration/network related work is only going to grow as folks move stuff around, consolidate, move stuff to the 'cloud' etc... and it is a more sought after skill set. If I go back to 'average joe projects' (especially server and software upgrades) it may be seen as a step down/backwards and my datacenter migration experience will have 'age-ed out' as more and more OTHER people start doing the work. Also 100% remote work (if these jobs only go for 2 years) allows me to search for work at the relevant time and have minimal downtime. Hard to search for work at an office setting..

Also in doing some driving this week. I really do not like driving in traffic and realistically I am adding 2 hours more to my day with the new job.

I am hoping to get the interview at the other $65 hour job and if I get an offer at either remote job datacenter migration job will seriously consider swapping jobs.

You recall I wanted to leave this job I have now also because no one was at work and I had no peers ( no girlfriends or anyone etc at work or anyone to talk too, laugh, joke, or just warm bodies). I thought about that and with these 100% remote jobs. .. I will go into the office from time to time but also these are such large projects that I will be in a TEAM of project managers doing this work so will at least have PEERS I can talk too and maybe I should just start enjoying some hobbies and make friends outside of work anyway/nearer home.

NO FINAL LOAN NEWS. sending more docs and broker is submitting me at 2 other places just in case but with likely higher costs.. little discouraging. I really want this refinance.

3 Responses to “2nd thoughts on new job and no loan news (cringing)”

  1. SecretarySaving Says:

    You definitely have a lot going on and always keep things exciting! Good luck with the jobs. I hope that you land where you want to be. Happiness is key!

  2. Another Reader Says:

    Could you get a permanent full time job with the company that your current contract job is contracting with? Your line of work is based on contracting, but I would rather be in the position of hiring and managing the contractors rather than being a contractor.

    It looks like all these jobs pay $60-$65 an hour. Want to bet your current employer is going to have to pay that to replace you?

  3. Rachael777 Says:

    Good ideas...My current employer (that I am contracted too) did attempt to get me a raise and longer contract. he was not able too. they are not backfilling (tight this quarter etc) so explored that but no dice.. and there is often a MAJOR drop when you go full time. where I work is especially low.I WAS offered full time but at $80k. The contract house where I work with is based in Wisconsin (not out here)and had told me in the past I would not be able to get a raise or longer contract out of these folks.

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