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Updates, gave notice, 6 homes, main home refinance

July 7th, 2014 at 11:48 pm

Hi all,

Diarying here.


LOTS of people reporting mid year net worth and LOTS of leaps in investment account value. I WISH I had more $ in my accounts so I could reap some of that benefit.


Gave notice today. start date 7/21.. current boss wanted to see if he could make it worth my while to stay. he is going to see if he can get me enough work (contract) for 2 years and raise me to $62/hr. news tomorrow


Loan guy called and said the bank called HIM and he should have 'paperwork tomorrow' and said 'not to worry'.. 'things look positive'. I am praying. My worry and anxious nature must show though

6 homes. lady moved out. current Property manager did the walk through.. not that bad (in terms of repairs due to her or cleanliness issues) but some updating needed etc. getting cost estimates. hoping to fix it up in a week and fill it by the first

House next door (you recall tenants Dad got sick blah blah and she now may want to move downtown to be nearer to him) no rent yet . she owes 50% of last month and this month. she HAS called though. Property manager is tracking her down tomorrow... if she is going to move I want her out now so I can turn that over.. I will ask for $100 more rent over there. Again that house will need updating.

At least I am feeling like my $ dollars are being used to update/improve or fix things correctly and for the long term vs wasted w the old property manager.

Anyway.. even with all the above... I am feeling things are smoothing out w the 6 homes and should be fairly well smoothed out in the next 2 months. fingers crossed. I NEED them smoothed out asap. too much uncertainty right now.

About it for now.

Hopefully news on loan TOMORROW

I will be so happy if this job works out, the 6 homes smooth out and I get the loan!!

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