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New job update

July 22nd, 2014 at 10:27 pm

HI all

New job update. REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD> I am so upset.. travel is WAY LONGER than I had thgouht.. WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!longer and MUCH MORE stressful.

I called my boss after the end of hte first day and asked if I could have my old job back and am recontacting that work at home job and am active on careerbuilder. I should hear on both tomorrow and Friday. I feel so bad I took this.

Drive in is an hour there and drive back seems 1 hour 15 or and 30.. all death defying stop and go.. rollover car accident today and passed 3 flat tires.. really it is only a mtter of time until I get into an accident or an incident

If the job was nearer it would be great but if the drive is like this now I can not imagine hitting an accident, snow, rain anything..

I left at 3:40 pm today and got home at 5:20 and this morning I left at 6:15 to get their early so I could leave early. I can hardly sleep at night I am so upset and worreid that i have to be up on time to leave on time. I have no time to do anything in the am and am too upset stressed from the stop and go drive to do anything after work and thsi is with flex time!

Work at home 1 day a week shoudl start in a month (some people say 3 months wait though). and only 1 day a week. I simply can not live like this...I am exhausted stressed and angry

I will actively search for another job and hope one of the two calls I made comes through (if I get my old job back it is short term so I will look for a work at home job or LOCAl job from there) ..

I made a MAJOR MISTAKE taking this job.


7 Responses to “New job update”

  1. Maranatha Says:

    I'm so sorry this is not working out for you. I'm sure you will find something else soon. Will be saying many prayers for your safety and sanity! I hope you can de-stress and get some sleep tonight~

  2. laura Says:

    (hugs) Aw, Rachael ... that sucks royally. Totally hate that saying, but it seems to be an accurate description. Drives can make/break the best of jobs. Hope that something else pops up soon. If I weren't poor, I'd say let's meet for drinks soon!

  3. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Keep cool, give it a few days.

  4. Rachael777 Says:

    Thanks all I am up at 5:30. going to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes and GO!!.. this is my earliest yet..t rying to beat traffic.. leaving the house at 6am this morning... get to work 7.. hope to leave work at 3 and be home by 4 (PRAYERS!!)I need a LIFE and some job search time.

    I hope to hear from my OLD job today (if they will take me back.. can look for future jobs from there as it will only be short term) and the work at home job. Refinance paperwork today! (how many days have I said that!)

  5. CB in the City Says:

    Gosh, I spend three hours per day in my commute (counting the walking, train ride and station time) -- if I drove, it would be at least two, depending on traffic. Is Metra a possibility for you?

    I would recommend that you do not make a snap judgment based on one day, if you really need this job. I've gotten used to it and fully intend to make this commute for one more year. Also, you may be able to negotiate some work-at-home time after you have settled in.

  6. Rachael777 Says:

    Understand otehrs have long commutes too...I spend over hours too and 100% is in rush hour. I understand that other people have that but I am not suited to it and am STRESSED OUT OF MY MIND 24 hours a day now. I am crying on the drive home, and afterwards and filled with anger and frustation. I need to find someway to calm down and relax and get a new job asap. I can only get 1 day a week work at home (unknown timeframe) and that is not going to work. every day is worse. today was 1:45 rush hour commute on the way back. some guy (works across the aisle) was the guy who got the tire thrown through hsi windsheidl on the news

  7. PatientSaver Says:

    Can't say I blame you at all. There are some major job centers by me, like Stamford/Greenwich area, where I simply won't even consider jobs, simply becus the commute is so bad. There are limited north/south highways and the traffic is bumper to bumper, every single day. The highways are clogged and people just crawl.

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