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updates, 6 homes, job, main house refinance

July 9th, 2014 at 12:37 am


Tired today. BUSY day

1. boss can not match salary or extend me. last day Friday. I got calls though from another work at home job ..100% work at home... supposedly paying $65+.. crazy!! this datacenter project management is all the rage now.. makes me think that joining this job I accepted. 45 minutes drive.. may put me at a disadvantage for later as the job is just 'regular project management, applications, infrastructure' but not dataqcenter migrations per se ...putting in for the $65 hour work at home job just in case..And I have the phone screen for the $60 work at home job Thursday. (jobs are at competing companies.. interesting.)
2. bank called broker again... now no news til Thursday. bank did not havve all forms. we resent ... prayers
3. 6 homes.. woke up at 5 and went out to that house (that was vacated) to look at it myself. i want to be more involved as we turn these over.. do it right. lower cost. I was IMPRESSED and felt renewed in my confidence that this deal (6 homes deal) was a good one. house did need fix up but will look really nice when done.. nice neighborhood.. just felt good. and money spent now will go towards improvements or long term fixes.. STILL afraid new project manager will be slow to rent this out/clean it up. I am communicating more and will get some quotes myself. Talked to my accountant. he suggestd an idea I thought of last week. that I find some contractors for common things (either hers .. after interviewed or mine) and just use them so I have folks *I* can communicate with and trust and know their rates . VERY good idea and will do. I told her I want it fixed up by the 15th and we start to market for a hopeful move in day of the 1st.

All rents in except that one house .. owes 50% due from last month and this month. Pm going over there tomorrow. upsetting. We will take aggressive action if not out or paid soon. Lots of costs w the transition but all good .. getting things fixed.. taken care of.. just stressful

3 years 9 months left to pay this 6 homes deal off
2 months to my first fully paid off house deed

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  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Things sound good. Smile

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