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JOb update, 6 homes, main home refinance

July 26th, 2014 at 03:19 pm

Hi all.,
THANKS for the feedback and ideas for the commute. I will try to leave later next week (leave 7:45am and come home at 4:30 pm .. (get home at 6).. that way I can work out in the am and get stuff done and feel normal and not be so sleep deprived. Going to library today for books on tape.

Boss gets back Tuesday will ask him if I can work at home 2 days a week.. Friday's drive was EASY by the way and coincidentally that is the day I did both my interviews so that is why my estimates were so screwed up. Turns out FRiday everyone works at home. If I get 2 work at home days (and I will push for them.. others have them) I will take Mon, Wed work at home, Tues/Thurs office and Fridays drive was easy so office there too.

Got feelers out for jobs... per recruiters we are in a job lull right but expecting it to pick up in Aug/Sept w budgets. I want a work at home job.. even part work at home..
Loan appraisal ordered.. should happen early next week (will have to work at home or take day off).. need $525k value

6 homes.. fix up on that one house is done.. looking at it in 30 shoudl rerent fast (guy said he had people stopping by during rehab). House next door (rent situation) Lady asked for rent help for one month from the county and if she gets that she can catch up in full within a month. She wants to stay she says. I feel I do not have a handle on that at all. I am the ONLY ONE talkking to her. THe new PM is saying 'well I called her and left messages' and then she sends a letter. I need someone who can aggressively get a handle on things. I told her this last week I need her to go out there and figure out what is going on and 'assess' the situation and give me her opinion. Basically I feel I am running these homes myself and I do not have time for that. Some other miscommunications occurred too. I talk to new PM today but she does not appear to 'have the time' to get out to the homes and does not appear to want too (has complained several times about the time she is putting in). .Doing what???. You can not run these homes entirely from your office and phone. Sometimes you have to earn your money. Anyway frustarted in her unwilingness to 'get things done'.

That is a WHOLE POST which I will post later today.

Frustrated and strained w the 6 homes situation. I did a pros/cons of each property manager and went over it w some people and w the 'cons' I listed if they were 'fixable' or 'able to be mitigated;

I will share later for thoughts and I want thoughts.

Not giving up on mew Pm and she has some good points which I have learned from and can take elsewhere but her inability or unwillingness to jump in or lack of time is a BIG ISSUE. I can not run these homes by myself. Even w the 'rehab'. I am running it all on my own.. w Matt (other guy) he could meet contractors etc.. remind me of stuff I forget and 'get it done'

W this lady not paying.. (course I do not know the following) but I am fairly certain based on past experiences. He would have called until he reached her or stopped by until he reached her.. assessed the situation (yes she is going to pay. no she is not.. lets rerent it) and coordinated the move out or clearly established guidelines for the payments..I would not be sitting here in the dark.. calling her myself.. Crazy!

W this house (rehabbing) he woudl have had it up on the market by now (probably w it in such good shape had folks lined up to rent it or be investigating backgrounds already etc) and reminded me of stuff the contractor just did today and taken care of it. I do not ahve time to be hands on w these homes. I need someone who can be actively involved.. I told the new PM that I can make calls.. (and I have made calls and gotten through) I pay her to do more.

Frustrated and needs these homes smoothed out so I can move on to other stuff..

Too much energy spent being frustrated and less total energy available w this insane job.

I do not want to get off track and am off track now so need to get back ON. I am happier that way.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Recognizing you are off and track and wanting to get back on is a good sign. Hope things work out for you.

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