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Job Search-Day 2

April 19th, 2018 at 06:17 pm

HI all

I am tracking my job search goals and progress. I DO NOT want to dip into Dad's money or my savings.

I have $3500 coming Friday. Unemployment is $458 per week..first check unemployment check.. 2 weeks??

I am still clarifying goals and my routine.
For now I want a senior program or project manager in the Western burbs or remote (not going downtown or NW burbs limits opportunities). I am trying to get a rate of $68/hr. less is ok dependent on circumstances. My last job full time remote was $57/hr

I DO not want to sacrifice working out at the gym or school

So far I have updated my Linked in profile, talked to 4 recruiters, sent some resumes, contacted my old company (before this bank fiasco)and filed for unemployment.

I will update my resume on job boards today, and adjust my settings on linked in and others to draw more calls

Really need to figure out my minimum requirements and what I am not willing to take.. ie it appears I would have a good shot at a job making $68/hr downtown.. but that would involve the train (drive to train, train downtown, cost of train, extra time needed to do all that ) not sure of dress code (formal dress? it is more formal downtown,.. have to buy clothes).. flex hours??. I will find out more but preferring suburbs or remote.

I am figuring I can always take a job short term and then when openings come up at my old company (where I worked for the last 6 years .. just switch back to them.. ) there I can work remote and part onsite. Maybe a thought to avoid the $$ drain and to meet people.. All as long as it does not impact school. gym etc

Need to figure stuff out.

talking to a life coach today.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    It sounds like you are very proactive which is very good! Hope you find your dream job!

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