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October 24th, 2021 at 09:38 pm

Hi guys

I am at $535k right now with investments. Goal is hit $1mm by Oct 2024. Alot depends on the market and my savings rate. I will hit $560k by year end just with contributions. Hitttig $1MM, unless I hit a real good stock, is dependent on a high savings rate.i am going into more mid caps lately.

I just turned 51.. I am feeling like I am entering phase 2 of my life and want to move and do somethign else and more so be 'coupled'.. not fun to plan for the future single. I am dating but have not found 'the one'.yet.  I hang on to those who are 'not the one' too long.

How much money is enough?

I have $535k an investments that I do not need to touch and approx $9k a month coming in from the rentals. Monthly budget is approx $4700. I will try to reduce that even further but I also have 600+k in the house in terms of equity.  if I were to sell I could easily buy something else somewhere else for less.. and have no mortgage and maybe money left over from the sale and more money each month on top of it

I think I hang on partly due to fear, partly due to a 'purpose'and partly because I feel stalled in planning.

I may be subject to the vaccine mandate and may lose my job.. not known yet so am just working and saving everything I can. I live fuly off the rentals and save/invest 70% of what I  make between the rentals and my w2 income

We may have to evict 2 people.. they lifted the eviction moratorium .. the 2 homes where that may occur I may sell and reinvest in a different house or 2 flat that I feel is more solid and more desiraable. This may cut cash flow short term but I think may the better long term move

Hope everyone is doing well. These were just some random thoughts.

I really like goals and they motivate me. Being stalled in terms of goals brings me down


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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    You have always struck me as someone very driven and I have no doubt you will make your goals. You've done admirably since you started blogging here.

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