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Update on the new job

May 5th, 2018 at 02:31 pm

Hi all

Update on the new job.

So far love the work, love the not like location. and feel a little unsettled. If I can get an idea more of what I am doing and WHERE and the # of hours worked I would be much happier.

My final location is not defined yet (only worked 1.5 days last week) and worked downtown...$16 to park and 3.5 hour roundtrip commute. NOT FUN. Project is just starting so a little chaotic.,. new program manager. folks flying in and out. figuring out scope and what is going on (THEY are figuring that out too). When everyone left Thursday noon I was so new there was nothing for me to do so I took off Thursday afternoon and Friday. I expect to get full hours in the future. Total work over 3 days was 13 hours.

They are saying I will work in the suburbs (Elk Grove or Winfield with occasional trips downtown) I will feel better when confirmed.

My peer who I tag teamed with last week is flying in Monday late (vs Monday am) so not sure what I am doing Monday. I have a note out to the program manager to see if I can tag team off someone else for the day at Elk Grove or Winfield. I DO have a few calls to attend (which can be done virtually). One of the choatic things is the program manager is switching too so leadership is a little unclear on some things.

No laptop or ID yet (hopefully next week)..

I am throwing out a bunch of fears here mostly because things are not locked down but really all signs are the location will be suburbs and hours will bump up to full time and maybe as I am the ONLY local resource.. maybe more hours some weeks and maybe since I am local I can take more of a leader role as things go along. I am probably still shaken up by my last job too.

Fingers crossed. Wish it was more locked down but IF the above 2 things work themselves out this job will be FANTASTIC. like it much more than my last 3 week gig. Love working as part of the vendor team onsite and people are great. real high performing team. feel proud to maybe be a part of it

and the money if hours bump up will be fantastic!!

I will set up my solo 401k once the above 2 concerns crystallize and I feel more secure in my role


1 Responses to “Update on the new job”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Sounds like location issues and hours worked will be ironed out in short order. I would find that unsettling too. And there's nothing like a fat paycheck to give you a good attitude about things. Smile

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