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Checking in to keep on trackp-General updates on all

January 6th, 2015 at 02:56 am

Checking in.. Clarifying goals for the 'not for profit, personal goals and financial goals tomorrow. I work at home tomorrow.

Still at that job but kicking up job search again thsi week. I am in for 2 jobs. fingers crossed. Got word on another work at home last week.. called.. submitted and then put on hold. Crazy!

6 homes property manager officially took over the 3 units on the 1st. VERY excited w him and encouraged but Very disappointed with old 3 unit manager.. apathetic towards rents, costs way overbudget, dishonesty.. etcv


She put in a problem tenant that she gave $20 off too (without asking) and that tenant is now not paying rent and owes $746 + late fees + this month rent. We are doing a 5 day notice tomorrow am and my guy has dropped by 3x. Upsetting but 'part of the business' and 'part of smoothing' things out. I forecasted turniing over 3 of the 6 units this year due to raising rents so this is not 'out of the budget' totally.. .though the back rent is.

I find out tomorrow which rents are inm at the 6 homes and 3 units. One thing I like w this guy is that I have certainty w rents and information.

I am also thrilled that I am managing him and the costs better.. Feeling very good.

Work is 'ok'.. my speech has taken a major hit w the stress at work. tyring to get it back. If I was not so threatened at work I could stand it a few more months. even the 2 year term (but likely only have work thru June) just every day is SUCH a nightmare right now w layoffs, and so high stress and hostility.

I will petition to work 5 extra hours a week again starting next week.

Not for profit cat rescue is coming together too.. setting goals and managing people and finances better. Tough 'health' month.. Lost 3 kittens..FIP, lost 1 adult..liver/anemia issues .. and 2 kittens have ringworm. Crazy days but nothing we have not seen before. BIG #s this year and lots of volunteer engagement. I have our annual party this Sunday with all (most) of the volunteers.

Other rescue who wants our cage bank (we have 3) says they will have the $ in 3 weeks. Fingers crossed.

Have not sold the Tahoe or really tried too. Hard for me to list the Tahoe when a snow storm (like today) could crop up any second and my job depends on driving 100+ miles a day.

I will either hold off on selling until March or see if I can figure otu another 4 wheel drive option for snow days.. I can get an older SUV for $7k.. still in good shape...and the rescue is primarily who needs it so can kick in something. I WIll be selling that Tahoe at some point soon.

My boyfriend grew up on a farm and is one of those crazy handy types and an engineer. He is also 'more practical' then warm(?) with his gifts.. He got me that snow blower for Christmas but then what was super nice. I am Christian. he got me this super nice house thing from a Christian store and (drum roll please). I had just lost that adult cat (very sad upsetting case.. I only foster the tough cases so I lose more than most) and he built me a kitchen in my 'back-back room' in the basement. I have a 3/4 finished basement and 1/4 unfinished.. The unfinished side is 30x 17 space unfinished (its own room). he carved out 10 x 17 of that. installed cabinets, sink, mini fridge, microwave, lights, counter top.. very nice. I am going to paint that tomorrow or something. This will make it much easier for the next hard case so I do not have to run up and down the steps to the fridge, microwave, blender. I can just hang the sub q fluids. Easier to clean, isolate all sorts of stuff.

Made the first payment on the new home mortgage!

Onward. I so enjoy reading everyone else's info and updates.

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