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Soliciting ideas or thoughts-notice date

January 19th, 2015 at 02:37 am

Hi all

I have mixed feelings. I give notice tomorrow.

I can either give notice for 1 week or 2 or a week and some days. I start the new job 2/2.

If I give notice of one week I was going to take off one week for just ME.. no specific plans. just low stress.. have fun

or I can give notice to end sometime the week of 1/26-30.. taking either part of that week off or working for he entire week (which means I start my new job with no break between)

I work contract so have not really had a break as of late. I did take some days off for the holidays but I was doing family/holiday stuff so it was not necessarily a relaxing break

Can I afford it?

I am $500 short for February if I give 1 week notice and take off a week (I( can probably find $500 somewhere and not use up savings). remember I will not have a check until the end of February w the paycheck cycle.. so Feb will be very tight either way. But for some reason I seem to do well with 'making due in a crunch'. I will have very little savings this month with the job transition or next month with no paychecks coming in at all.

If I work the extra week I will save that towards a time off fund so will still be $500 short for next month but I still think I can find this $500 somewhere. I can also just use it towards costs and not be short. this $500 short assumes no savings at all in Jan or Feb and a certain amount from the not for profit.

Just mixed.. I so much want some time off to RELAX. Maybe I work til the 28th or 29th? I will not have an opportunity to have time off for at least a few months with a new job.

I am currently thinking of workig til the 1/28 so get 3 days in


4 Responses to “Soliciting ideas or thoughts-notice date”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think I would take some time off to give you a little break before you start in. Just make sure to buckle down and keep spending to a minimum and possibly find something to sell if you can!

  2. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I'd take a few days off. Not a whole week but enough to give you a good 4 days of time off at least including the weekend.

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Definitely a good idea to have a bit of a break, as because you will be new at the next job you don't know when you'll be able to have a break again (people who have been there longer get priority etc).. Of course you need to leave this job having done as much as you possibly can before you go, to leave a good impression. (Although I tried doing as much as I could once, above and beyond, and got told the first day I wasn't there was absolute chaos! I tried though.)

  4. Another Reader Says:

    The standard is two weeks and that's what I would do. Some organizations walk you out the door when you give notice. Have you observed what happens at this company?

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