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Building vacation fund

January 26th, 2015 at 09:59 pm

Hi all

I work on contract so get no paid vacation through work. This will change if I go full time with this new job. In any case, I decided to build a vaation fund with this extra week of work so put $1900 in this fund today. This is enough income to take off approx a week and a half of work but does not pay for travel vacation expenses. I can afford onesies twosies day offs just on watching my budget each month. Either way it is nice to have as I never had this fund before AND it really helps me see how much 'paid vacation' is worth.

Here is to hoping the new job works out,that they have full time openings and that those full time openings pay at least $110k salary so I can officially end hte job search.

If the new job works out I will discontinue the need (goal) of 4 months emergency fund and instead settle at 3 months which I have already.

Still expecting $500-700 shortfall next month (4 weeks without a paycheck). That assumes not pulling from any current funds I have listed on the side. I am going to still try to cover that by 'pulling something out of a hat'


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  1. scfr Says:

    Good for you. Onward!

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