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Updates school, Dad's estate, rentals, new job

March 23rd, 2018 at 07:52 pm

HI all


I have completed my first full week at work. I think I like work and it will work out. I am making friends and just SOCIAL contacts and am out of the house. I am so much more focused working out of the house. more exercise more energy .. lots of good benefits. have not received a full check yet but I will be making a much more. over $1200 a month more on 40 hours

I will start the 401k in July and prob do my first test of the rents then (3 units will be paid off by then).. with doing 100% in 401k for 2 months to get that maxed out and just relying on rents for normal expenses.

2 flat is up for rent and being shown. Hoping to get it fully filled by mid next month. Shows well

My current plan (unless something changes) is to sell it.. it just has bad vibes for me.. feels bad. everything I did with it turned to bills and nightmares. . I do not need the income but I can use the cash. It is like 90 years old. I just want to move on.

I do not expect to make much if at all on it.. maybe $5k . but I can expect to have approx $50k cash back from the sale due to the accelerated payoff on it..

That will go towards investments.

I can expect to receive $73 k ish from Dad's estate. I was planning to invest that all. all in Vanguard

So total $125k ish to Vanguard which dependent on the market may bring me up to $475k.. contribute $18k to the 401k this year and then other savings. Hoping to break $500k this year. I have $350k now.

I will be happy when all the work of Dad's estate and everything is done so I can relax, enjoy the memories and grieve.

3 unit payoff will happen whenever I get rents this month. I just talked to the property manager and I should have those rents mid next week.

Paying that off is the major item in my 5 year goal.

Almost there

I am breaking off all 'entanglements' .. ie guys I have been dating for a while and am not serious about so I can be open to finding someone else.It is scary to do so.. and upsetting and lonely.

I am working on making more girlfriends. everyone is busy and has their own lives. I will join some groups etc.. hobbies whatever. I DO have more people to call which is nice and associate with

Working out more. and trying things out at the church.. different volunteer assignments and meeting more people

I do want a long term relationship

School started .. New Testament. Love it!

I may take off from school for the summer. I prefer not too but may have to due to scheduling of classes

I am picking up information this weekend to be certified as a chaplain too. exciting stuff

Those who have been following a while may remember that I stutter. The national stuttering association annual convention is in Chicago this year. I will be presenting a job search workshop. neat stuff! Lots of people do not know that but inside I carry it and it comes out when I am tired or down

I will start escrowing a full months expenses starting in May and then tracking my net from the rentals. This way I will have a more accurate idea of what is really coming in that I can depend on. I expect that to average to a net between 7-9k a month

so far I feel I am winding up my 5 year goals and getting ready for something (not sure what) but just continuing to wind things up and move forward

If I ever get sick of the rentals I can sell them now that they are (will be next week) paid off.

Still want to build my investment positions. only have $350k and less w the market going down probably..

I want that up to $500k by end of the year.. we will see.

Hope everyone is doing good. I could not have gotten this far without the support of this group.


3 Responses to “Updates school, Dad's estate, rentals, new job”

  1. Dido Says:

    A post full of energy! Everything sounds good. You will get to the long-term relationship in due course.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Good things happening. I'm happy for you. I've been making an effort to make/deepen friendships in my mid-40s. It's different, but still fun and fulfilling, to focus on social ties at this age! It's something I didn't consciously cultivate for a couple years so when I noticed contacts gradually falling away (out of state moves etc.) I decided to build it back up.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sounds like you have a lot going on. I'm glad you're starting to like your job more.

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