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Reimbursed emergency fund, getting back on track

November 19th, 2017 at 04:04 pm

Short post here. But I finally got the rental emergency fund back up to $18k. Everything from now on goes towards: 2 flat payoff (fix up and payoff) and 3 unit mortgage which is paid off in March 2018

Work has capped my hours firmly now at 40 hours a week.. I will ask for renewal the week after Thanksgiving.

Lots of drama on the 2 flat (still not done) had to switch contractors again mid way through

Learning lots but definately ready to move on from it or get it rented

Working on tightening up the rentals even further

and finishing up week 5 of school and about to enter week 6

I am taking core courses in 8 weeks 'sprints' vs full semesters. VERY challenging.. but learning which is fun.. My next two are Old Testament and Spiritual Formation and Discipleship. They start in January


I want to put more $ towards investments and do better with investments. All these people are making a killing off of bitcoin. I want to learn more about that and put my $ in the 3 fund vanguard model but then reserve some $ for higher risk investments as I go along.

Currently all focus is getting out of debt

I will put my 2 flat fix up debt on the left once it is totally fixed up and I have all #s. Currently forecasting approx $35k left to pay off (of incurred and not yet incurred costs. I am utilizing a 0% card for $6k and the rest is on the equity line of credit)

It bothers me I am not saving and putting more towards that..

and I will have to figure how I can fund the 401k next year. I was doing 40% last year to knock it off in 6 months but this year being capped at 40 hours and having all this debt it will have to be slower

I am thinking of worknig through the end of next year before considering any changes though.. not sure..

4 Responses to “Reimbursed emergency fund, getting back on track”

  1. AnotherReader Says:

    All the numbers point to an end of 2018 exit at the earliest. Maybe June of 2019 if you keep the two unit? Not good you are capped at 40 hours - is the business slowing down? Bitcoin is like tulips in Holland - don't get caught when the mania ends.

    If you keep and pay off the two unit, what will your net real estate income be? Would you have enough income to divert some to taxable investments?

  2. Amber Says:

    Way to go on the rental EF

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Maybe you will have more time to study investments when you aren't study for classes.

  4. rachael Says:

    My average NET income for the past 6 months has been $8700 a month (IF all properties paid off). I am currently using all of that towards the 2 flat payoff and of course the mortgages.

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