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Updates, rentals, job, 401k, savings, school, and Dad

April 27th, 2017 at 08:29 pm

Hi all

Quick update. Been busy. Still have not done my tax speadsheet. It WILL be done this weekned and then I should have a refund in a few weeks. I have my taxes done by an accountant

This year he is doing Dad, the last year of the not for profit and ME.


As you recall my work contract is up 6/30. I am already making inquiries at work and pushing to get that extended another 6 months. There IS work but I was transferred under another VP and the work is under the VP I was with before. Things are in the works. I DO feel I will be extended but not certain. I need to be extended or find a job asap to not risk the 5 year plan. I average 60 hour weeks now but it is not as hard as it sounds as I can work at home 3 days a week. Every hour is paid which is great

I will be finished w contributing for the year after the 5/15 paycheck. I had a 80 hour week and put in 50% of that check. I am currently putting in 40% of my salary. After the 401k deduction drops off I will continue to live on this '60% amount and put the rest in savings/investments. I rushed the 401k contribution so I got it all in before my contract was up


Homes are plugging along. No big issues. I do have 2 long term homes turning over . one should be ready in a week. The other will vacate the end of May. I think they will rent fast. Others doing well. I DO have city inspections this year on the 2 flat and 3 units which will cost a few thousand each and may put in new windows on the 3 units.I am at $18k for the rental emergency fund (have not paid for windows if I do them). My goal is to have that at $25k by year end


Still at Silverado. 77 now. We have approx $400k left which is 5 years worth of funds. Dad is doing 'well' but Silverado predicts less than 2 years left. Hard to tell..Dad is not talking to much nowadays and needs help dressing, showering etc.


I want to go back to school for a masters. never mentioned this before. I want to go into more of a social services, healing teaching training or church field when I am 'financially free'. I have been looking at a Masters in something Christian related. I have looked at a few schools etc and currently thinking I am leaning towards Moody Bible. Masters in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship. If I get renewed I will start this in the Fall. They have a Timothy scholarship which works that if your church pays 1/3,. Moody kicks in 1/3 and you only have to pay 1/3. They also have limited merit based scholarships. Still working out money and switched churches so have not been that involved yet to ask them to put in 1/3

I am almost at the end of my 5 year plan
I am at risk of falling short on my home payoff and on the $475k total investments but doing all I can do to get there and have slightly over a year left

In terms of the property payoff... I will owe less than $40k across ALL by 1/2018. 3 units payoff will be done 3/2018 and the 2 unit pays off 6/2018


Tiring road but I think I see the end coming

I had a 'post apocolyptic dream' last night and looked up what it meant. apparently it means the end of a something and beginning of somethign new. it is seen as a GOOD sign

Maybe I will pay off these crazy properties, start in a new field, get my masters and meet someone and fall in love!!

thanks everyone for the support

2 Responses to “Updates, rentals, job, 401k, savings, school, and Dad”

  1. Carol Says:

    Good to hear from you again!

  2. livingalmostlarge Says:

    that is amazing. It's so great that you will almost accomplish the goals you set.

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