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HI all!! Year end goals and end of year net worth

January 12th, 2017 at 06:31 pm

Hi all

Year end goal updates and networth at year end below

VERY busy at work but did get renewed thru 6/30 and woudl think they will renew me again after that. VERY BUSY.. Working lots of hours which of course means more $ as I am paid per hour. I am still on but it is expiring 1/16 and will take a break for now. I am dating some guys. two of them. not sure if they are a match but figuring that out as we go along.. but need a break

I DID close my rescue.. bittersweet..emotional. sad.. but DRAMATIC change in stress level.. loss of $30k income on top of $1750 month loss when my ex moved out. VERY TIGHT year for 2017 and need to find additional ways to make more money to meet savings goals.

2017 is the last full year of the real estate payoff. real estate will be paid off in full 6/2018

Currently dealing with 2 vacancies and 1 unexpected turnover. Upsetting and expensive. I am not as 'on it' as normal with work stuff and also hurt my knee badly

I am dropping HSA funding this year and will not do a ROTH or regular IRA this year. Does not make sense to do so. Doing just investments and fully funding 401k and beefing up emergency funds (for rentals)

Anyway will post new goals shortly. just saying HI.. miss you guys and talk to you soon. Smile ..rachael

GOALS FOR End of Year 2016 RESULTS
1. Maintain emergency funds at correct levels-DONE
2. Increase total savings and investments to $310k-$41k short, only had $270+
3. Increase rents across all units by $600-increased $305
5. Raise rent or sell 411 house-DONE, + $50
6. Buy 2 more homes-bought 2 flat and 2 homes
7. Fully fund HSA accounts-DONE
8. Fully fund 401k account-DONE

4 Responses to “HI all!! Year end goals and end of year net worth”

  1. AnotherReader Says:

    Amazing turnaround!

    I would reconsider the HSA and the IRA because of the tax free growth. Squeeze the money from your spending if possible.

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    I make too much to make a deductible contribution to the IRA or Roth and it seemed to make more sense to invest $3400 in a taxable account that I can access sooner if need be than a HSA . My HSA has a $45 fee and .625 per quarter. Not sure. I DO have the funds now to do the HSA but what do you see the benefit is? I am currently holding $5000 that I want to invest/allocate to emergency funds this week.

  3. AnotherReader Says:

    Look up "back door Roth" for the IRA contribution. Move the HSA to a lower cost custodian because those fees are outrageous. The HSA is like another IRA.

  4. livingalmostlarge Says:

    Amazing turnaround. It's looking like you'll make 6/2018

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