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Updates, homes, Me, Dad, finances, LIFE

November 11th, 2016 at 01:39 pm

HI all

Still struggling a bit here as I am sure my absence shows.. but even struggling I have been keeping busy which is good and helpful

I just turned 46 (october 15). Happy Birthday to me. Feeling a bit like I am going through a midlife crisis, learning curve with this break up and feeling I should have just broken things off YEARS ago. feel sortof bad about that but actually I decided to go to counseling and fix whatever it was that let me let it go on so long (look at prior posts obviously to catch up) but I was looking for a long term committed relationship and basically glommed (is that a word?) to someone who did not fit my criteria, was somewhat abusive and just not a good match and then sortof road it down to its death vs just leaving myself with my head held high

Worse than that I went to church last week and guess who is there?! this ex! I am church shopping (pastor left our church and a # of people left ) but was just going back to try it out again. I am thinking I will talk to the few remaining friends who are there. sit with them and see if I want to go back there or other churches I am looking into

I need a church home!

Anyway (onward)

I stayed busy which was good

Still believe Dr Amen visit and brain scan was the one of the best thing I ever did. very well worth it

Bought 2 homes, fixed them up and they both rent this week.. Minimal savings these past few months.

No more buying homes after this . I feel very out of money and short

I also made the momentous long time coming decision to turn over my rescue (largest cat rescue in Dupage!) to another larger rescue/shelter. They will keep the name, the paid staff, the cats and want to LEARN From us, our systems, policies etc.. and they will take any returns. Thsi is a large dog group trying to expand into cats. All volunteers are saying they will stay. Sad, scary, exciting I am SO HAPPY they will keep the name even short term so I can see what I built live on. Transition date is 11/20. I use the word transition the rescue vs Close as they are keeping it open as is but I will close down my 501c3 etc.. turnover all assets etc

I actually got income from this and it paid for some items so financially that $ is going away..e

I am actually feeling very short lately losing the rescue, obviously buying these homes and losing other income..

My goals I want to reach are building my personal emergency fund to $15k and building my rental fund to $30k

Can not be more impressed with my rental management company.. another one of my great decisions.. lower csts, homes rented faster, increased rents each year, lower stress

Lost 10-12# and look great..been working out and eating well (except these last 2 weeks when I was thrown for a loop by seeing the ex at church)..wearing size 6-8 and feels good to do so..

Also making friends, girlfriends.. ( I was isolating w this guy).. anyway making friends having my own interests is nice and also on and meeting people. no matches yet but helping me crystallize what I want and determined never again to invest in time wasters! I am worth more and need to act like it.

Oh refinanced the house to a 15 year loan, 3.15 rate
My payment went down slightly from what it was before and truly no cost which was nice.

Work is 'ok.. just got removed from my lead role.. new administration sortof came in, took over ownership of this big program I was running and wanted their guy put in .I am still very involved just am not as responsible for its success. sortof a deflation but talking to people it is less stress. people still respect me turn to me and I am paid the same and can still work extra hours.

Working 50 hours a week still but not hard (esp now) and it is good income. Contract goes through end of year, project goes through June. (as of now) I expect to be extended thru June and will look for other projects after that. I am pretty valuable there so I am sure I can find something. still wanting to work at this company for 1.5 more years..

I will set up my 401k again next year to fully fund in 6 months

I may look into other FUN income opportunities (dog, cat behavior consulting. I used to do that. still get calls) to make up some loss from the rescue to keep my momentum going..trying to make up $2k but my main goal is to have FUN and get balance back in my life. no more treadmill of work.

Also investigating and having fun with thinking about what I will do AFTER June 2018 when the homes etc are paid off. I CAN take a lower paying job, do what I want and I want to explore that now. been looking at maybe going back to school for a Masters in Theology or Biblical Studies. not sure. just looking at stuff

I will have options if I run this right

Dad is still hanging in there but the best metaphor I can give is like when a top is spun it gets erratic towards the end before it falls down. that is sortof how Dad is.. signficant issues with balance, uncontrolled movements, sleeps ALOT, just feels he is winding down. SO HAPPY he is at Silverado and I see him every week. He does recognize me etc but does not talk much, more responds and watches. still walking well (very fast erratic walk)

I am happy for the blessings I have and hope to continue to be blessed.

have fun guys!

Bank holiday today which is why I can write a big post (I work for the worlds largest banking services and solutions provider so when banks are off we sloooow down at work!)


7 Responses to “Updates, homes, Me, Dad, finances, LIFE”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Wow, you are going through a lot, but sounds like you have your priorities straight!

  2. AnotherReader Says:

    "Oh refinanced the house to a 15 year loan, 3.15 rate
    My payment went down slightly from what it was before and truly no cost which was nice."

    This is HUGE. Congratulations!

    More about the new houses, please.

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Happy Birthday Belatedly. You sound super busy. Good luck.

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Sounds like you are continually moving forward and doing great things, keep on keeping busy and congratulations with the weight loss!

  5. Carol Says:

    It was good to hear from you. Happy birthday!

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Happy birthday! If you were in my area, I'd have you over in a heartbeat to get our cats to get along!

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Happy belated birthday!

    Hope you can find a new church home. It's difficult, especially if you had some place you liked and then have to find somewhere else to worship because of whatever reason.

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