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Lots of updates, me and personal and financial doings

July 15th, 2016 at 12:35 am

Hi all

I will do a separate post on Dr Amen and my brain scan but in short I was VERY IMPRESSED< AMAZED, SHOCKED and I think doing that test will be life changing. you can actually peer into the brain and figure out why you are the eway you are in some respects, personality wise, mental agility wise, very informative. I got some supplements from the clinic.. and immediately (like THAT DAY felt much better.. shockingly so).. more on that later. I did NOT have early signs or any signs of alzheimers. Whew!

Other news. I still have not heard from that guy. very sad.. lonely .. downer. angry. sad.. upset.. stressed.. (less so w taking care of me and my brain) but really a downer. I want to find and have a good relationship.

In the meantime it really brings up how little social activity I have. I had said that before.. but with him goone. wow! I am joining back up in church, went out to the movies w girlfriends (first in a long time) last weekend, joined some meetups and am considering taking some classes. I also want to go to work and see if I can work there and if people are there. Currently I work at home all the time which adds stress to home and makes me feel stir crazy.. I left working at work in part because EVVERYONE worked at home so I would come in but turn on and off the lights and sit in a huge room alone. Hopefuly more people work there now I miss work friends. church friends etc.. My boyfriend and I did not attend church regularly. Conflict w that.. or disinterest on his part and I let it slide. another thing

I REALLY like going to church.. leading small groups. being involved etc. main goal right now is to work on ME, my health , my brain health, stress level and level of social engagement.. ie build my own life before I find someone else and then not drop it.

I DO feel stronger with my personal situation but shocking that to have no contact at all. makes me feel stupid and undesirable

Anyway.. I am swamped at work so I asked for HELP to lower my stress level. I do not need 60 hours a week I want a LIFE too.

On the financial side

$450 left to fund the 401k in full for the year. It will fund tomorrow
Renewal at work for next year seems very likely
19 months to go to pay off the 3 units and and then 2 months after that the 2 flat will be paid off which will be everything! (except my personal house)
Networth OVER $1MM but w only $253k in investments. the rest in real estate
Biggest month so far in real estate coming up (or so I think) #s come out this weekend and I will report.. too good to share ahead of time

I looked into Mutual Fund Store adviser services, spoke w someone for a free report etc etc, then decided to go w them then half way through filling out forms I had doubts. so 1-2 weeks go by and I thought I had to fill out ALL the forms for this to start but turns out only key forms are needed so $50k was withdrawn from Vanguard and put w the Mutual Fund store at Schwab. Withdrawal happened to come at a high point and then was invested back at a low point so I made a quick $3k. Fee is 1.5%. I decided since it was already moved I will leave it there for 3-6 months and evaluate. I do like the Bogle Heads model so will do the rest like that.

I am busy cleaning up and doing deferred items around the house. This guy was ultra handy so intimidating to have to do things myself but so far doing and proud of it. and some items like 'yard work' are fun for me

I want to lose 20lbs and was going to go on a dating site in a few weeks . I want to build my independent life first

Considering taking courses.. yoga or something fun. .not sure if that is fun but just trying things out

If all works well (STILL have not worked out how to get out from under this personal home mortgage) but if all other stuff works well I will have replaced my income (actaully with MORE than I net now) at this high paying job in full by 4/2018 and will have options for what I want to do

I am raising my personal emergency fund to 5 months costs this month
I am raising my rental emergency fund to $25k by year end (that is my goal)

I really want a social physical job. giving tours outside or something or teaching stuff I enjoy sounds really exciting

We shall see.


6 Responses to “Lots of updates, me and personal and financial doings”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'd give yourself more than a few weeks before you start dating again, and I say that based on what you said about wanting to build your independent life first. The more firm you are in your activities and routines the stronger person you can be in the relationship.

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    I agree with CCfree. Build your own life. Love finds you when you are in your groove, doing your own thing, and happy. That's just the way it works. Who knows. Maybe you'd meet a nice fella at work or at church!

  3. AnotherReader Says:

    Someone wants to charge you 1.5 percent of your money to pick mutual funds??? No, just no. That's insane!! FIRE them now! What mutual funds did they buy? Do they have high fees as well??

    These people have a horrible reputation. Apparently they franchise the local operations. They sued one franchisee.

    This is a rip-off. Read the papers you signed carefully and get out ASAP!!

  4. livingalmostlarge Says:

    Congratulations on doing so well. I hope that you stay strong and healthy.

  5. Rachael777 Says:

    AR I was hesitant to switch to quickly but you are absolutely right. Let me look at my contract and see what my options are..Rachael

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    building back your social life before getting beck in the game is a great idea!

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