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got news on the Section 8 rent increase

April 28th, 2016 at 09:50 pm

Hi all

Got news on the section 8 rent increase on that house I was going to sell. I got $50 a month increase but they say to apply again next year. I was hoping for a $100. I would get more if I had a new tenant but my current tenant .. her kids all moved out so she is on a 'smaller voucher' .. she has a 2 bedroom voucher vs a 3 bedroom so section 8 is limited. The house is a large 3 bedroom.

Still a good increase..especially for no work and got $50 more. We will try next year and hopefully she stays but if not I can repaint, do fix up and expect to rent it for probably $1200 or more.. current rent WITH INCREASE is $1075.

Rent increases so far this year are $110/month

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