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the likely SUV outcome

April 2nd, 2016 at 03:52 pm

HI all

I did more research, talked to some folks, went for estimates outside of the town I live in etc.. and got referrals. Looks like the rust is not too gone to fix (at all). So I am likely for $825 going to have the areas repaired by welding in new metal and on one area just grinding down, treat and paint. No one appears to warranty rust but they say the spots are not bad at all and should last a few years... they are also not near wheel wells or ongoing wet areas.. if it reoccurs they will fix for 50% of the cost

So I will drop the car off Sunday and go ffrom there

Still thinking of going down to 1 car at some point

Spoke to my accountant too who mentioned my contract ending in July and the possibility of gas prices going up.. he actually thought I should keep the Genesis as it runs well, very good car and too much is in flux right now so avoid making big decisions

The rust guy fixing this is his 20 year customer and gave me a special price.

Also my refund is WAY down. we are at $5-6k right now.. accountant is working #s seeing what more he can do if anything

I just signed up for all these large repairs/fixes so for the next 3 months likely will just be getting the rental emergency fund up to the normal of $15k

SO happy I got my cash back card limits up.. they are at $9k (still want them higher) but it is enabling me to get some $300 off the work with cash back credit and delay payment until May on some of it to allow me to earn some more money. The rain is delaying some work too so that is good. I get rents on the 15th.

MY FENCE IS UP (love it)

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  1. AnotherReader Says:

    Your accountant is giving you good advice. ;-)

  2. Rachael777 Says:


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