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Made a mistake, asking for some quick advice

March 28th, 2016 at 10:45 pm

HI all

You recall I got a 2008 Suburban LTZ a few months ago part for the not for profit, part for me. I paid some of it and pay ongoing costs. I bought this out of state from a reputable dealer.. got a good deal etc etc. Love it. drives great. clean car fax... Anyway I did not ask if it had rust.. probably should have. I did not notice any rust however when it first came in but recently noticed rust. (maybe it just grows that fast.. see below for why I think that) Anyway, I figured I would just 'have it fixed'. Turns out it rusts from the inside out and 3 guys (one a trusted local friend of a friend) say that the it is not worth while to fix rust and some of the areas it is are not readily fixable and they will not guarantee any work and it may last from a month to 2 years. never know.. they say the rust will starting eating holes as soon as NEXT WINTER.. Maybe there WAS no super visible rust when I got it and it grew that fast. Two people suggested I clean it up (looks new except for this rust.. guys were surprised it was a 2008) and sell now vs waiting for the rust to eat all the way through. Thsi assumes I do not want to drive it til it dies (I did but not with rust holes). They also said this this type of car is more prone to rust etc etc but that the design of the panels etc has improved and maybe whoever had it did not wash it after driving thru salt etc. they also said where two rust areas are make them think the bumper was replaced or damaged at one time.. they suggest I buy a newer version OR if I get a 2008 to buy from down South or West.

ANYWAY. this is horrifying shocking news.

I stil have my 2011 Genesis which I love and I have this truck. I DO want a truck. DO I need a car? not sure but I love my car. Looking online it appears the only suburban I can get for the money I have in this current one is a similar one with over 100k miles and simmilar year.. actually all the ones avail seem to be MORE than what I paid .

I am weighing the following
1. buy a newer Suburban 2013-2014 with approx 55-65k miles for approx $30-35k AND SELL THE CAR to help pay for it
2. sell ths suburban and buy a similar one and try to search for one in a 'no salt area.. or downsizing to a tahoe. which is almost the same price

2008 Suburbans are going for approx $20k

I paid for rain guards, mud flaps and weather tech floor mats for the Suburban...and a conversion unit for ONSTAR to BLUETOoTh module that will fit the 2013-2014 suburban but is unclear if it will fit the tahoe. the back mat for sure will not..

I do not drive as much with work and do not anticipate leaving where I work in the near term (I think if my contract ends I can just go full time and in 2-3 years I want to explore other options)

If I only have a car I WILL LIKELY feel I need to get an suv for the not for profit and snow

Thoughts? things I need to think on or do?

My plan is to talk to a one more person on the rust, and research what my car is worth and what the suburban might sell for and figure out exactly how much money was paid for the suburban again

7 Responses to “Made a mistake, asking for some quick advice”

  1. AnotherReader Says:

    For the rescue, you do not need an SUV. You need a van. Vans are much less expensive used than are SUV's. You need to buy the van in a state that does nor get snow and ice and does not salt the roads and you need to verify the registration and ownership history as being in that state. Cars from flood areas and cars with rust often make their way across the country and are re-sold to unwary buyers.

    Did you put winter tires on the Genesis? Ask friends that drive only cars, and they should tell you they are just fine with winter tires. Winter tires even with a set of rims should be a lot cheaper than an SUV.

  2. klarose Says:

    Agreed. A van would be a better idea.

  3. Rachael777 Says:

    I understand the sentiment with the van but I do not want to have 2 cars anymore and I do not want a van parked outside in the driveway... .so I think I will sell the hyundai and just get an SUV.. the rescue is not so transport intensive that we need a van..we have other transport means and people but it allows me to help occcasionally with pick ups and shows.. anyway.. appears the suv still has a lot of value left in it and may sell for more than what I paid. I will clean it up and look around and gather some information first.. I DO like the idea to look through the entire history for only 'no salt' areas. thanks

  4. AnotherReader Says:

    What I hear is a lot of rationalizing. What is really going on here is you want a newer luxury SUV. Every rescue here uses vans. The larger entities own them, the volunteers at the smaller ones usually have them.

    A newer Tahoe or Suburban is just going to slow down your progress to FIRE. Gas prices will soon be over $4.00 a gallon. Your contract only goes to July. Too much risk for me. Dump the Tahoe if you are "sure" it is rusting to the point it is dangerous, but put the sale proceeds toward the payoff of your income-producing properties or in the emergency fund. Rethink this idea in six months, when your job situation is resolved and gas prices are a lot higher.

  5. Rachael777 Says:

    why are you thinking gas prices will go up. curious. thanks

  6. AnotherReader Says:

    The price of oil is going up. Crude oil prices are rising because production agreements seem to be holding. Gas prices have gone up 50 cents in the SF Bay Area in the last month or so. Another 50 cents is projected before the summer driving season starts. Look at the prices of oil stocks like Exxon and Chevron. The projected price of oil is built in.

  7. PatientSaver Says:

    I personally would not buy such a gas guzzler but i understand you have a need for space. I agree with AnotherReader that low gas prices are NOT here to stay and you really shouldn't be buying this much vehicle for a contract that only goes to summer.

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